Weekly Photo Challenge: Background



This week’s photo challenge was to take a picture with yourself in the background. This was totally by accident but when I saw it I decided to use it.  We were voted the #1 place to go for lunch by the readers of our local newspaper (The Douglas County Sentinel) and although the official list of winners won’t be announced until Sunday’s edition they gave us our banner to go ahead and put up now!  I am so proud that we won this the first year of business!  Thanks to all our loyal customers and to Douglas County!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

butterfly on football

This butterfly landed on the football and stayed there for a long time while we took pictures at a charity golf tournament.

Canon 1598

I thought the way the full moon peaked through the fog and the trees looked very ethereal. Almost haunting.

Canon 1965

We found this Marilyn statue in a little plaza between some shops while we were in Savannah.

Chamber gold tournament

This was our first charity golf tournament we got to take part of after we opened our restaurant.

cheesy chorizo

Our little Chorizo acting cheesy. He sneezed and got his lip stuck like that.


Dwight getting to feel like a little boy in the “Edif Ann” chair at The Secret Bed and Breakfast on our first visit in September.


I took this one from the sidewalk outside our restaurant I think in August.


This is our mission statement chalkboard. I tried to turn it so you could read it but it didn’t work. Oh, well. You can go to http://vimeo.com/52072531 and view the whole show about our restaurant!


This is the bar that belonged to my brother Monte. His widow, Ana, called me in September and told me if I had a way to come and get it it was mine. I rented a truck in late September and made the trek to VA to retrieve it. This was taken after we restained it and spiffed it up for the tv show.


Dwight’s new toy that our daughter brought down from Nashville for us. He really did need a truck for the restaurant and we love it!


In December Erinn decided she wanted to give back so she decided to do Toys for Tots. As you can see it was a success! She got all these in just two weeks from our amazing guests!


This was at a friend’s birthday party at a local Mexican restaurant in March. Much needed down time!


Dwight was SO excited when we got our sign! He bothered the poor guy to death but he had to be part of putting his name in lights! This was in April I believe…. or late March.


This just tells how we feel about how we got started. Nothing would have been possible without the help of our wonderful friends (and family).


This was from our pre-opening party the week before we opened. We fed about 200 people in just a couple hours time and we were EXHAUSTED!


We were toasting a successful pre-opening party!


Our ribbon cutting on May 4 (also Sara’s birthday)!


Dwight doing what he does best. That’s our open faced roast beef sandwich on the left and Double D cheeseburger on the right (full pound of meat and a pound of fries).


This is the Acorn Hill Spa and Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at in Forest, VA when we visited in July (after that El Derecho storm).


We took a night off in August to go see the American Idols live tour. It was awesome!


This is another amazing sunset taken from the sidewalk of our restaurant in October I think.

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Today is a regular menu day. We do however have fried catfish and corn chowder today. It’s a chilly day so come on in for a nice steaming bowl of corn chowder paired with a half a sandwich or side salad.
Our seafood selections today (besides the catfish) are tilapia (which can be fried, grilled, blackened or lemon peppered) and salmon (which can be blackened or grilled). We also have shrimp creole and shrimp and grits.

The rest of our menu can be accessed under our notes tab above. Don’t forget to order dessert!
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections



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Moonlight Through The Pines

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Today is Sunday and we close at 3 p.m. Just so you know I just sampled the chicken and dumplings and they are AWESOME today! Better come early if you want any because I don’t think they will be here long today!

Other than chicken and dumplings we have the regular menu offerings. We do have tilapia (can be fried, grilled, blackened and lemon pepper) and wild caught Alaskan salmon (can be grilled or blackened) as the daily catches.

Come and see us!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

We spent last weekend at a wonderful little B&B called The Secret in Leesburg, AL.  I took lots of pics that I think personify near and far

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