A Kia Full of Surprises

The last time I posted in my blog was a couple of weeks before my dad passed away. I had written a poem about him (it should be the previous posting to this one) while he was sick and then when he died, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to write anymore. I have felt stifled. Today, I had a little experience that brightened an otherwise dreary day for me.
Mama and daddy May 2010
After driving my Daddy’s Kia Sportage for over a year now, I FINALLY was able to access the back through the hatch thanks to Mr. Clark at Clark’s Transmissions! THANK YOU! Anyway it was way too hard to thoroughly go through or try to in any way organize the back end while leaning over the back seat and the back has only been opened once since I had for a very brief time which is when I found the “treat” I like to think my daddy left me, a bottle of his homemade wine in a paper grocery bag with a little stack of those 2 oz Dixie cups which I’m sure he used to give people a sample of his “recipe”. Thank you Daddy, it was delicious and like you, I shared!

Dad - Shine

Kia broken latch

Kia open

I’ve always known my daddy was an amazing man, I just never realized quite how prepared he was at all times for anything that might happen. This is a list of things I have found thus far in said Kia: The quart Miller High Life bottle filled with his homemade wine, stack of 2 oz Dixie cups, 2 pairs of sunglasses, disposable (picnic style) salt and pepper shakers (I am sure for his beer, which he liked to “spike” with tomato or Clamato juice), a fork (probably for those little Vienna sausages he loved to eat and would stop at Russell’s store and pick up to eat while he was out at the garden or out in the woods), numerous packets of seeds (flower and vegetable), a brown paper bag containing sinkers and fishing lures, 2 pocket knives, a koozie (for said Miller that he liked to drink), 4 different sets of gardening gloves, 3 different lengths of towing chains complete with the towing hooks, a can of motor oil, a can of brake fluid, a can of WD-40 (cause you NEVER know when you might need that), a can of Rustoleum (that one I couldn’t figure out), a buttload of plastic grocery bags (buttload is an official measuring unit measuring between a pound and a ton) which he used to fill with his home grown veggies and distribute to his friends and neighbors who were no longer able to garden or who he felt needed a little fresh home grown love, 2 umbrellas – one folding and one large golf type umbrella, an untold number of tools (wrenches, pliers, vice grips, screwdrivers, and metric wrenches), a spool of wire, twine, a rope, battery cables, a windshield wiper (pretty sure it probably went to the back window because it didn’t have one when I started driving it, which I didn’t notice until I went to use it one day… oops), a fitted sheet(?), garbage bags, a mini trowel and a mini hoe, and I think most ingenious (and maybe most disturbing, lol) not one, but TWO different sized hatchets! My daddy should have been a boy scout leader!

Kia bucket of treasures

There was also a little yellow tackle box in the back of it when I first got in it but my husband made me leave it at my moms and now no one knows what happened to it. I never got to go through it because we were getting ready to leave to head back to GA when my husband told me to leave it on the porch since neither of us fishes and he thought maybe one of the relative might need it to go fishing at the quarry when they visit. It is the one BIG regret I have about my dad’s stuff. A seemingly innocuous little tackle box that could have been so important. I would not have given it another thought except for the fact that the last time we stayed in Savannah I just happened to have breakfast with this lady (who just happened to be a medium, not that I have ever believed in that kind of stuff before) who asked me if I had a little yellow box that used to belong to my dad. I automatically replied no and then after a few seconds the sight of that little yellow tackle box sprang into my brain. I told her that I DID have it but had left it in VA. She told me that my dad told her there was something in that box that was for me, that I was MEANT to see, that I NEEDED to see. When I went back to VA, the box has disappeared. I have NO IDEA where it is because my cousins, brother in law and nephews have thoroughly cleaned and reorganized everything about that porch and shed. I really wish I had that tackle box. There may not have been anything in it, but, there MAY have been. OH, the possibilities!

My beautiful picture

Thank you, Daddy, for all the “presents” I got to go through this morning. Every item I picked up and touched, I could see him using and I could see why he had it with him. It (the Kia’s back end) was like his ”purse”. He went everywhere in that Kia. He used it for gardening, visiting, shopping, going to church, going out in the woods. He was a little pack rat BUT… you never know when you MIGHT need some of that stuff! I miss my daddy so much. What an incredible man he was!

carter family - relay 1

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4 Responses to A Kia Full of Surprises

  1. suzicate says:

    This made me smile!

  2. Hey Peg, It sounds like he had everything anyone could ever need in back of that KIA, he was a good man for sure.

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