Milktruck and Kitty Bob

So sorry I’ve been so lax about posting but running a restaurant has taken ALL my spare time and time that wasn’t spare so it’s catch as catch can.  So much has happened over the last year but I don’t really have time to write about that right now.  I just wanted to recap on the last few weeks with our kitties.


The last six months or so we’ve had this stray little bob tailed cat hanging out around the house and I’ve been feeding him and even named him Kitty Bob.  I know I am VERY original.  Anyway,   it got to the point where I think the whole neighborhood was feeding him and he’d come by just to get a cuddle.  He would jump up and sit in my lap before he’d even eat. We’d only see him maybe once or twice a week and sometimes only once every two weeks as he made his rounds in the neighborhood.  He looked just like our Hellboy except with no tail and a little smaller.

Kitty Bob

Kitty Bob


Unfortunately, he got hit by a car a couple of weeks ago right outside our neighborhood.  It broke my heart.  Then, I think it was Monday morning, or maybe Tuesday, Dwight called me on his way to work and asked me if Milktruck was home and I told him no and he said he thought she had been hit by a car going out the subdivision the other way.  He asked me to go by and check so I threw on my clothes and jumped in the car and drove over and the car was definitely dead but it didn’t really look like Milktruck.  This cat looked like it had a small spot of orange at the base of it’s tail but other than that it looked just like her.  I called him and told him I didn’t think it was her.


What further made me think it wasn’t was that last week one day on the way home to check on Chorizo I saw a cat that looked just like Milktruck at the front of the subdivision (at the entrance) and I stopped the car and rolled down the window and yelled at her to get her butt home, she was too far away from home, as the cat turned at looked at me and then ran off in the other direction away from our house and it looked like it had a little orange spot on the base of it’s tail.  When I got home, Milktruck was at the house and there was no way she could have beaten me home.  So, when I saw this cat I reminded Dwight about that cat.  He was still convinced it was her.


Well, all that day she didn’t come home and all the next day she didn’t come home so when Dwight got home from the restaurant on Wednesday night he got a shovel and went and scraped what was left of the kitty off the road and buried it on the hill behind our house.  He said Milktruck was a great mommy cat and she deserved a proper burial.  He even started to convince me that it WAS Milktruck!




Last night our area got BLASTED with horrible storms.  Dwight went home a couple of hours before me and I closed up and had to take one of our employees home.  I pulled in the driveway and through the pouring rain I see this little gray soaking wet kitty huddled under the edge of Dwight’s truck…. It was Milktruck!  I’ve never been so happy to grab up a soaking wet mass of fur in my life.  Poor baby was soaked and starving.  I ran inside with her and called to Dwight to come in the kitchen I had a surprise for him.   He was beside himself!  He looked shocked at first (like he’d seen a ghost!) then he said  “She’s back from the dead?”   Had to laugh at that one.


So… the GREAT news is that Milktruck is home safe and sound…. The bad/weird news is that we have some random stray kitty buried on the hill behind our house.  I guess that is good news that it got a proper burial even if we don’t know who the cat was.


We also have a new kitty we are “fostering” for the Humane Society for the next few weeks.  The only problem is… I don’t know how we are gonna give her back when it’s time…. Meet Jetta:

Jetta Kitty

Jetta Kitty

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2 Responses to Milktruck and Kitty Bob

  1. Ron says:

    So happy to see that you posted today, Peg!

    “I pulled in the driveway and through the pouring rain I see this little gray soaking wet kitty huddled under the edge of Dwight’s truck…. It was Milktruck! I’ve never been so happy to grab up a soaking wet mass of fur in my life. ”

    Yaaaaaaaaay…I am so happy to hear that it WASN’T Milktruck.

    And OMG…Jetta Kitty is GORGEOUS!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    X to you and Dwight!

    P.S. yes, we got storms here last night as well. what’s up with this weird weather?!?!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Ron! I miss y’all so much! Jetta is such a cutie and I know it’s gonna be so hard to give her back when her new adoptive parents come to get her. They live in PA and couldn’t come down until school’s out so we’re keeping her for them. I already don’t want to give her back! And we told Milktruck she is GROUNDED!

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