One Year Ago

This week for Mama Kat’s Almost World Famous Writer’s Workshop I chose prompt #1.) Share what you were blogging about last year at this time…what has changed?

Let’s see… last year in this week I was writing about a wedding I’d been to in the North Georgia Mountains where there was a runaway bride due to the torrential downpour right as her wedding started.  Of course they did get married with a little slight delay and change of venue and I am happy to say that Kelly ad Greg just celebrated their one year anniversary! Congrats!!

I also wrote about a trip we had taken to Nashville to see our daughter and her husband and how we had gone to McKay’s used bookstore while we were there.  Well, the McKay’s we went to has since shut down but not due to lack of business.  They built a brand new location right on my daughter’s exit and they just opened it a couple of months ago but we have yet to be able to take a couple of days to go to check it out.  We are hoping to be able to take a few days soon to do that.  This one is a two story deal and all nice and modern.  Can’t wait to see it.

Last year at this time I was also writing about having just gotten Chorizo and how he had gotten so sick and had pneumonia.  Well, Chorizo just recently turned a year old and unfortunately he’s still eating everything he shouldn’t!  He is at the vet’s office as I type this most likely due to something else he ingested.  We don’t know what it was and neither does the vet at this moment.  He’s not doing well though.

Last night he was violently shaking and wheezing so I force fed him some pedialyte since he won’t eat or drink.  They did blood work and xrays and so far can’t find out what is wrong.  He started with diarrhea and vomiting on Saturday evening and seemed to be better on Sunday and then took a turn for the worse yesterday.  Unfortunately he eats anything and everything usually before you can even catch him doing it.  One thing I didn’t know is that gum can be toxic to dogs and can kill them in 24 hours.  The vet said to be especially mindful of candies and gum that contains sorbitol because it’s very toxic to dogs.  I think Chorizo got into some gum in Erinn’s purse the other night so I’m hoping whatever it is, they can save him.

She also said his spleen is enlarged but she said that can be due to the stress of him being sick.  I just hope they find whatever is hurting him.  Please say a little prayer for him and send positive thoughts his way.  I guess some things don’t change much do they?

On a personal note…. Last year at this time I was enjoying a leisurely life of semi retirement with nothing but time to read and write and enjoy life to fill my days.  Now we have opened our own restaurant and rarely get a moment to breathe.  We are hoping to take next week off to go to Virginia and check on my parents since we haven’t had a real day off since we opened on May 1.  I, for one, am tired and can use a few days to de-stress and relax.

So, how has YOUR life changed since a year ago?


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6 Responses to One Year Ago

  1. Angelia Sims says:

    I can’t believe he is a year old! He was a just a puppy….like yesterday, wasn’t he? And I HATE to hear he is sick. Poor baby. Saying prayers and hope whatever it is gets out of his system. Crazy little fella.

  2. Ron says:

    “The vet said to be especially mindful of candies and gum that contains sorbitol because it’s very toxic to dogs.”

    It’s ironic you mentioned sorbitol because I can’t go anywhere NEAR the stuff myself. Even if I have ONE piece of candy or gum with sorbitol in it, my stomach goes insane.

    So sorry to hear about Chorizo 🙂 Yes, I’ll be sure to say some prayers and send some Reiki his way…

    (((((( Chorizo )))))))

    I’m so glad to hear that you might be taking next week off for some R&R, because I know how hard you and hubby have been working these past months. You both deserve it!

    Well, LOTS has changed in my life this year, and I sorta felt they would happen when the new year came. And so far they’ve all been positive changes that I’ve grown from, therefore I’m happy for them.

    Hope you had a super day, Peg!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Ron. He’s a little better today. He’s been so pitiful. The vet who has been practicing for over 30 years says he has him stumped. They can’t figure out what is making him act like that unless it’s something he ingested…. 😦

  3. Well… I moved to a different place, with much better A/C than the last one. Going to need it, because the ten-day forecast has nothing but triple digits. Also was still in my probie period at my new job, so pretty much flat broke after the essentials were paid for. As far as blogging goes, I was sparring with another blogger on who could post the bawdiest tunes.

    Sorry to hear about the pup, hope he gets better.

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