Picture Perfect


A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say.  In this case, a series of pictures is worth a thousand words….of explanation.  First the pictures:

These two lovely gentlemen are Poe and Chorizo.  Poe is the cat and Chorizo is the dog.  They are both boys and have both been neutered….THANK GOD!  They have a very special relationship.  I describe it as an “interspecies, interracial, homosexual relationship”.  They definitely put the romance in BROMANCE!  They are hilarious to watch.

I think it’s because they both think that I belong to them and they have both come to understand that if either of them is going to get my attention, they will have to put up with the other one.

We have had Poe since he was born and he was here first.  He has always considered me his possession.  He lays on my arm and sleeps with his little head poking over my shoulder and will pat my face to wake me up.  THEN we adopted Chorizo last year from the pound and he was just a little baby and needed coddling so Poe kind of lost his spot for a minute or two but then realized he was bigger than Chorizo and could reclaim his spot.

Chorizo was not so easily willing to relinquish his spot ON me, therefore I had to make room for both.  Then the relationship evolved from one of mutual disdain but putting up with to curiosity for what this other creature was, to fascination to adoration.  Sometimes I think Chorizo thinks he’s a cat and sometimes I think Poe thinks he’s a dog.  Neither of them act towards the other animals like they do to each other.

When Poe comes in from outside Chorizo will fairly shove his nose in Poe’s behind (I guess to see if he can figure out where he’s been?) and then when Poe turns around like he’s going to smack him he leans way back and opens his eyes REALLY wide like “Holy Crapolly…he’s gonna deck me!”  But… he usually doesn’t.  He just looks at him and then rubs against him like cats will usually do against your leg but he does it to Chorizo’s body.  He doesn’t do that to the other cats….only to Chorizo.

And when the other cat’s come in from outside Chorizo doesn’t got shoving his nose up their bum…. he might sniff at them but he keeps his distance.  With Poe he will literally run over and grab Poe’s leg in his mouth and try to drag him!  AND POE LETS HIM!

If they are both laying on the bed, if I go over and start rubbing on Poe and loving on him, so will Chorizo.  I’m sure it’s because he wants in on the action and wants me to pay attention to him but he doesn’t do that with the other cats.  And vice versa.  If I make over Chorizo, Poe will come running over and want in on the action.  I can rub either of them on the head and the other will start licking them on the head!

If Chorizo tunnels underneath the covers as he is wont to do, Poe will go and lay right on top of him on top of the covers.  I can even pull down the covers to where their bodies are separated by the covers but their heads are uncovered and they will kind of “kiss” each other.  SO WEIRD!  I’m not sure what to make of it but I am a progressive parent.  I guess whatever floats their boat and makes them happy makes me happy!

This post was brought to you by way of the Spin Cycle and Gretchen over at Second Blooming!


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16 Responses to Picture Perfect

  1. Carol says:

    Cute pictures! I think it’s fascinating how animals pick and choose their friends. Shasta does the same routine with Lily when she comes in and they will follow each other around outside.

  2. Ron says:

    Peg, what a wonderful post and photos!

    “They have a very special relationship. I describe it as an “interspecies, interracial, homosexual relationship”. They definitely put the romance in BROMANCE! ”

    Bwhahahahhahhaaha! OMG…how HILARIOUS!

    Isn’t it something how well a cat and dog get along so much better than two cats? When I was still living at home, my parents had a dog and a cat who would not only cuddle with one another, but also CLEAN one another with their tongues!

    Happy Tuesday, dear friend…..X

  3. Alaina says:

    Oh my gosh, I love the name Chorizo! So cute! And those pictures are nothing short of absolutely adorable!

  4. gretchen says:

    Hysterical!! A true bromance. I’m so happy for them.

    You are linked!

  5. Michele says:

    That is so cute. Our cat sort of tolerates our dog.

  6. Ginny Marie says:

    Aw, that is adorable! And funny. The pictures say it all!

  7. CaJoh says:

    Sometimes I wish that we could pick our friends much like animals do. There is no prejudices and they just get along.

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