I have long been a lover of words.  Words are simply fascinating to me.  They have the abilities far beyond themselves. They band together with other words to create some of the most powerful tools in the universe.  Even when people don’t speak the same words (language) they find a way to use those words by pointing to an object and both people will immediately have the “correct” word pop into their head thereby bridging that barrier.


Words can be used to harm or heal.  They can be a sharp edged sword or a soothing cocoon that envelopes us.  They can cause arguments, fights and even wars but when those same words are used differently, they can be the instruments for peace and healing through treaties and negotiations. 


Words have the ability to make you laugh or make you cry, or even make you laugh until you cry!  Everyone had the ability to use words in some form or fashion, by speaking, writing or even pointing.  Some people have just mastered their use of the word tools better than others.


Words can be spoken or unspoken, written or unwritten, shouted or whispered all to get your point across.  The same word, spoken differently can have so many different nuances and flavors.  I know of no other “thing” that is so versatile and useful.  When we lose our ability to use words in the way we are used to, whether it be spoken or written, we feel lost, scared, and alone.  Trapped in a wordless world where we can’t get our point across.


Even the proper use of those tools through grammar and punctuation has the ability to convey to others whether or not they consider you intelligent.  Let’s face it, there are very smart people who are very poor spellers or who do not use their words properly and no matter how smart they may be, they always appear a little less so if they use improper spelling and punctuation!


Words….I cannot even imagine how it would be to not be able to use my gift of conveying words to others and I do realize it is a gift that not everyone possesses.  And I am so happy to use my gift through this forum we call the bloggy world and be able to receive the gift of all my blogger friends who all as equally talented with their use of words.


Thank you my WORDY friends for sharing my world and for letting me share yours!


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10 Responses to Word!

  1. suzicate says:

    Words are ever powerful indeed!

  2. Alaina says:

    Agree! Words can both hurt and lift up a person. It’s just so important that you chose the right words because you can’t take them back once they are out there. What you say can have so much impact. Of course, I’ve always been an action and not words person myself 🙂

  3. gretchen says:

    Thank you for sharing your words with ME! It’s an amazing thing that so many of us fellow bloggers feel we know each other so well, and all we’ve ever shared are words!

    You are linked!

  4. Ron says:

    Faaaaaaaabulous post, Peg!
    “They have the abilities far beyond themselves. They band together with other words to create some of the most powerful tools in the universe.”
    You said it!
    And like you, every since I started blogging (6 years old) it’s given me even more of an appreciation and respect for the written word. Blogging has taught me the true POWER of communication through words.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!
    (((( You ))))

  5. Patty says:

    I have always been fascinated by words–I guess that’s why I majored in English. Love this post!

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