What Am I Ignoring?

Mama Kat’s was a pretty easy one for me to write about this week. It was just finding the time to do it! I chose prompt #4.) What have you been too busy to pay attention to? That answer is pretty simple…. EVERYTHING in my life except our new restaurant! The last few weeks of getting this restaurant up and running and opening this week our time and energy had been focused and consumed by all things Burke’s Grill. That’s not a bad thing…yet. I’m sure things will get less hectic once we get in the swing of things and get the kinks ironed out but right now? Geez…PLEASE don’t go by my house! My floors have not been vacuumed or swept in forever, dusting? What the heck is that? Cleaning, period, has pretty much ground to a halt. We are never there hardly. We leave the house between 6 and 8 every morning and we don’t get home until midnight or later even though we only live about 4 miles from the restaurant. Since we opened Tuesday, all this week, I have been coming home and pretty much going straight to bed! I try to walk poor Chorizo who has about made himself sick from his separation anxiety and Erinn tries to come home at some point during the day to walk him and spend some time with him but he is not a happy camper. I am supposing that during the day he pretty much sleeps from the boredom of being alone and when we get home he wants to play…and when we go to sleep he wants to play. He wakes us up several times a night scratching at the door like he has to use the bathroom and then all he does is run around the yard like the Tasmanian Devil Dog! I’m afraid to ignore him and NOT take him out because what if he really DOES need to go? I try to come home and do the dishes, which usually aren’t many because we are always at the restaurant! And throw a load of laundry in the washer and or dryer but that’s about the extent of it. If it gives you any indication of how tired I’ve been? I haven’t had a glass of wine all week! I usually drink a glass every evening. Nope… No time and too tired. So pretty much everything in my life that is not restaurant related has been ignored and put on the back burner…for now, I hope. Gotta run! I hear Burke’s Grill calling my name. No… maybe that was just Dwight!


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16 Responses to What Am I Ignoring?

  1. suzicate says:

    Yay for being busy! Who wants to clean house anyway? Not me!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wow! You’re crazy busy. No worries though, the house work will always be there for you!

  3. Ron says:

    “I’m sure things will get less hectic once we get in the swing of things and get the kinks ironed out but right now?”
    You’re right, Peg, once you get in the swing of things and find a “rhythm” to your new adventure, things will iron out.
    I’m can only imagine how tired both you and Dwight are right now. But I’m soooo happy and exited for you both. And BRAVO to you for all your hard work!


  4. When I was 20 my cousin bought a resteraunt and it became a family venture and OH MY GOSH were we all busy. My other cousin now owns a resteraunt and the DR had to TELL her she needed to take time off. It is fun and exciting though and she loves every moment of it. congrats!

    • pegbur7 says:

      It has been quite an adventure so far. This our third day open and we’ve seen so many old friends and acquaintances it’s not even funny.

  5. Sometimes I think I find more things to be busy with so I don’t HAVE to clean the house! If I were rich, I’d totally have someone do it for me!

  6. Jamie says:

    The birth of a new restaurant? Congratulations. That is exciting. Things will get more normal one day. Good luck.

  7. terrepruitt says:

    Yeah, so a few things have been put on hold, but like you said you have been busy. And look what you have done! Amazing. And you are still keep up with your blog. That is amazing too!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I’m trying but it’s really hard. Now I’m posting two blogs and two facebook pages to try and keep up with the restaurant stuff.

      • terrepruitt says:

        I know. It is not easy, but if you at least treat some of it as BUSINESS/RESTAURANT stuff then it becomes part of the job and you don’t have to feel “guilty” “playing” on the internet. It is part of your marketing so you are doing a good thing by doing it. You could say all of it is because you are posting about the restaurant on both, but I am not sure if you WANT it that way. But it is not slacking when you are on the internet it is still work right now so HURAH to you. You are doing a FABULOUS job!

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