Week 7 at Burke’s Grill

Week 7 at Burke’s Grill has FLOWN by.  I swear I think that Friday was the shortest day EVER.  I mean seriously, it seemed like I remember looking at the clock when we left the house and it wasn’t even 9:00 yet so we were at the restaurant by 9 and the next thing I knew I was looking at my watch when the health inspector left and it was 4:00 p.m.  I had no idea where the day went!

The whole week pretty much went like that.  On the one hand it seems like we got nothing done but we actually go SO much done.  We had a deadline of Tuesday to get the final health inspection done in order to get our beer/wine license by the time we open on May 1st but there were a couple of little items we had to get done before the health inspector could come so we had to put her off for a  couple of days and missed the deadline.  Oh, well…. Hopefully we will get it by May 15th so we will only be open for a couple of weeks without it.

This week we ended up making 3 trips to ACity to get last minute small wares for the restaurant.  That is about one hundred miles round trip, each trip so we put some miles on the car this week.  I think we also went to Restaurant Depot 3 different times.  If you have never been to a Restaurant Depot think Sam’s Club but for restaurant owners.  AND they are really cheap!  And you can pretty much buy anything there from smallwares, to equipment like commercial freezers to about any food item you could want.  In fact, this morning when we were there a couple in front of us had some type of whole animal (not alive) inside a burlap sack and I swear I think it was a whole goat! It was too skinny for a pig and way too small for a cow.  I’ve just never been in a “store” where they sold whole goats before.  Kind of took me by surprise.

Our final pre opening health score!

On top of all the other chaos we had going on this week, Sunday night #3’s car overheated and it was WAY overdue for an oil change so we took it and dropped it off for her.  The bad part was that hubby’s car was still in the shop which left us with ONE car and us having to run all kinds of errands for the restaurant and #3 needing to get to work about 30 miles away.  I decided since we needed to move all the dishes from our garage to the restaurant anyway that we should just rent a pickup truck for a couple of days.  Hubby dropped me off to rent the truck so he could run back home and give my car to #3 so she could get to work on time.  Pretty much as soon as he pulled out of the parking lot the guy behind the counter said “Mrs. Burke, did you realize your driver’s license is expired?”  Say WHAT??

Yes, apparently we have been SO busy with stuff for the restaurant that I didn’t even realize it was expired much less taking the time to renew it.  Sadly, I seem to very hazily remember way back in like November getting a renewal notice for my license in the mail and I remember thinking to myself “Why are they sending me this?  My license doesn’t expire for another year or so!”  WRONG!  We immediately took the time out to drive all the way into Atlanta to the branch of the DMV that is right downtown because despite the fact that they are in the middle of downtown, they seem to get you in and out in a hurry.  Plus I think most people assume that because they are downtown they would be very slow, they don’t bother going there.  Anyway, we pull up only to realize the parking lot is empty.  We had both forgotten that they close on Mondays!

I ended up going to the one out in the next town further from us toward Alabama on Tuesday because we had to go pick up hubby’s car because it was ready.   I’m telling you we had SO much stuff going on it wasn’t even funny.  While we were out there we checked out another meat and 2 for lunch called The Trading Post and I must say it was pretty good!  The same day we went by and picked up Luigi (or we might call him Ratatouille… we haven’t decided yet.  Hubby had wanted to get a chalkboard to write the daily specials on and I had seen the last time I was in Garden Ridge that they had several different types so we got Luigi/Ratatouille. He now sits on my counter guarding the register.

Luigi/Ratatouille guarding my stuff!

Our little sign that goes with our corkboard displaying our friends business cards. Thanks to you all!

Help from our friends!

We had a bad storm one night which knocked out our sound system again so we had to have poor Joey come back out again on Friday to get that hooked back up and we finally got the last two items fixed on Friday morning and had the health inspector come out on Friday afternoon so we could try to get our license before our family and friends party.  Of course about an hour or so before she was supposed to be here our new freezer went out!   Thankfully the owner of the Mexican restaurant in the strip here is super sweet and nice and offered to let us store our frozen goods in her freezer until we could get someone out to work on it.  It finally got fixed today so now we have to run her down when she’s not busy to get our product back.

We spent two entire evenings washing dishes and posts and pans and containers.  Two nights in a row we didn’t get home until almost midnight.  My feet hurt and I’m tired of washing dishes!   BUT… we did get EVERY SINGLE dish, pot, pan, knife, fork, spoon and cup cleaned.  We also got all the silver wrapped and put up before the health inspection.  We got all the salt and pepper shakers filled and all the tables set up and ready for customers (even though we don’t open until May 1st).  We also hired our first official employee, Sandy, and she has been a blessing, helping us get everything ready for the health inspection.

Our pots and pans, spic and span clean~

Plates washed and stacked and ready to go!

Bowls ready for soup or salads!

Storage lexan pans at the ready

The inspector came and we got a 99!  We were kind of disappointed that we didn’t get 100 but she assured us that it’s unusual to even get in the 90’s at all for your first inspection.  The only thing we got dinged for was something that we couldn’t really help.  The people before had drilled holes in the wall in the kitchen to hang a shelf and the other day when hubby was cleaning he noticed they had stuffed grout or something in the holes so he cleaned them out only to find out that she wanted them to be filled so food wouldn’t get it them!  Oh, well, you live and learn!  All in all I am very pleased with our 99!

We are official (although we still won't open until May 1st).

We fairly RAN down to the county office after she left to see if we could get the license and as we walked in the door we saw that it said they don’t issue new licenses after 3:30 and it was already past 4 but she was nice enough to go ahead and get us temporary one anyway!  We are beginning to look like a real restaurant…with food and all.  We are having a little party tomorrow for family and friends and the people who have helped us so much.  Then we open for business on May 1st and have our ribbon cutting on May 4th  (which happens to be #2’s birthday).  I’ll take lots of pictures and post them on next week’s update.  Wish you all could be here!

Veggies chillin' in the cooler!

Can storage

Mugs my sweet sister bought me!


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9 Responses to Week 7 at Burke’s Grill

  1. suzicate says:

    That is an amazing score! So proud of you guys and so happy for you. Everything looks fabulous, just awesome! I so wish we could be there for opening!

  2. terrepruitt says:

    Oh I wish I was there too. It looks great. You guys have done so much work. It is going to be fabulous. I am so excited for you. I can’t wait to hear more. So exciting.

    I do have to admit I am a little — ok A LOT confused — because WP is showing that this posted on April 2nd? But I just got notification of it yesterday (April 21) and this is Week 7. Maybe somehow the date got changed on your post? 🙂

    • pegbur7 says:

      I don’t know what happened with the dates but I posted it on the 21st. I hope when you come to Atlanta you can come visit and we can meet finally in person!

      • terrepruitt says:

        Yeah, the date just got squirrely on ya! Confused me because I have been keeping up and I didn’t understand how I missed it.

        I would love to visit your new restaurant and meet you and hubby. One of these days!

      • pegbur7 says:

        I don’t know what happened. I changed it back to what it was supposed to be this morning.

  3. Looks wonderful! Can’t wait to see the opening day pictures!

  4. pegbur7 says:

    Reblogged this on Burke's Grill Blog and commented:

    week 7

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