Share Your World Week 19

Do you believe in ghosts?  I’m not sure if I could say I believe in GHOSTS per se but I do firmly believe there are other entities that may be invisible to our eyes and who sometimes reveal themselves to us.  I mean, if angels and demons exist (which I also firmly believe in) then why can’t there be OTHERS of the spirit realm?  You can read about some of my experiences with “Maddie” here or here

What is your best recipe? I don’t know if it’s my “best” but it’s one of my kids’ favorites.  The love (or say they do) my baked ziti.  Over the years I’ve gotten little slack in making it but essentially it’s Penne Rigato pasta, (prepared al dente), Spaghetti or Marina sauce (with or without meat depending on your preference) and lots and lots of cheese!  I just mix them all together and top it with more cheese (I use whatever I have on hand but usually a combo of mozzarella, Colby jack and provolone)  and bake until the cheese on top if golden.

What is your most favorite smell/scent?  Fresh ground coffee brewing, bacon cooking and bread baking.  I also love the smell of clean, freshly powdered babies (but not to eat since all my other scents were food related I figured I’d better quantify that!).

What subject was your favorite in all of your schooling? Why?  I think English and Literature were always my favorite subjects because I love words and I love to read and I love to write and I love to talk and tell stories and entertain so anything to do with words excites me!  I can so easily get lost in words and language.


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8 Responses to Share Your World Week 19

  1. I can’t seem to leave a comment, but I do like the smell of bacon frying. 🙂

  2. Ron says:

    LOVED your answers for what is your favorite smell/scent, Peg!

    Every one of those things that you mentioned are some of my favorite smells too!

    ” I also love the smell of clean, freshly powdered babies (but not to eat since all my other scents were food related I figured I’d better quantify that!).”


    Have a terrific Tuesday, my friend…..X

  3. I think ghosts are more plausible than aliens. The thing with aliens is that it would take millions of lifetimes to go from place to place not several days Even at warp 10 like on TV. Ghosts are not Halloween gimmickry but the spirit world is very real for ancestor worship societies like ancient China and more recent American Indian culture. On a rational perspective aren’t we haunted or more precisely in touch with the spirits of Thomas Jefferson or Martin Luther King ?They are in the lives of Americans is all aspects of consciousness for most people as we go about our business. It is esp recognizable with religious icons of the cultures.

  4. Cee Neuner says:

    Bacon a definite yes. Great answers.

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