Breaking for Spring

Spring Break

This week our “spin” is supposed to be about Spring Break.  Well, our youngest is 20 AND we are getting ready to open a restaurant so no Spring Break here.  Even when our kids were still school aged we didn’t really do much Spring Breaking because they were always in sports of one kind or another so we usually had some kind of practice or if by some miracle we actually got to take off it was usually spent going to visit my parents.

Around here I think most of the schools actually had spring break last week and were back in school this week so it’s been business as usual.  I guess I’ll have to make up a haiku on the fly in honor of the Spring Break we never participated in.

Spring Break came and went

Teens and young adults imbibed

Hangovers abound

If you want to read about everyone else’s Spring Break, head on over to Gretchen’s Second Blooming and find out what everyone else did.  That is, everyone who wasn’t me and actually DID something! Enjoy!


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4 Responses to Breaking for Spring

  1. gretchen says:

    I love the haiku! Thanks for being a faithful participater even when you didn’t have a spring break!

    You are linked.

  2. Wonderful post! Spring Break is having a great time around friends and family and even if we simply just stayed home or had to do our usual work, what matters is that we spent quality time with our families. We have to enjoy life and create as much beautiful memories with our families. Have a nice weekend.

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