Prayers for Chorizo, Please!

Last night (Thursday) started as a typical evening for us lately. We watched American Idol which we had saved to DVR and by the time it was over it was about 10 or 10:30 and since we’ve been running like chickens with our heads cut off for the last several weeks, I think we both ended up falling asleep in front of the television set.

Then of course we had to get up and go wash our faces and brush our teeth and get ready for bed so by the time we actually crawled in the bed it was probably 11:30 or midnight. I do remember that the last time I had taken Chorizo out before we went to bed the kitchen clock said 11:30.

I had taken him out earlier in the evening and first he tried to eat something dead on the patio but since it was dark I couldn’t see what it was. I jerked him away from it and the next thing I know he’s chasing a frog around the patio and catching it! He looked up at me with the frogs legs sticking out of the bottom of his mouth. Somehow I managed to get it away from him (or make him drop it) and jerk him away from it. I then walked around the house to where he promptly attempted to ingest a dead mole the cats had left in the driveway. Walking him, no matter how short a walk, is always an adventure! I did manage to get the mole away from him and when we went back inside he grabbed something “crunchy” off the patio from behind the glider and before I could get it away from him he had crunched and swallowed it. And the frog was gone so I am assuming he did not kill it. I guess it lived to tell a tale another day!

I brought him inside and after finishing up with my washing, brushing, flossing, etc. I finally fell into bed probably around midnight only to have the cat, Poe, hop on top of my arm/chest so I could give him his good night rub down. Chorizo was rooting under the covers and then of course Lala decides it’s finally time for her to come inside which starts Chorizo off on one of his barking frenzies. All finally settled down and it was off to sound and blissful sleep.

I awoke around 3 or 3:30 kind of disoriented by Chorizo wriggling around under the covers and then crawling around licking on Dwight’s neck. He was breathing kind of funny like he’d been chasing one of the cats but since I had Lala and Poe both on the bed too I figured they had been chasing each other around. Now I realized that I had to pee, so, I got up and used the bathroom with both Poe and Chorizo following close behind me in the dark. I know our house so well and since it was a full moon last night I can make it to the bathroom and back without turning any lights on. Better to go back to sleep my dear!

I crawled back into bed with Chorizo still wriggling around, I am thinking, trying to find his “comfort zone”. Then he jumped off the bed (or so I thought) so I figured he was just wanting to play with Poe. As I’m trying to drift back off to sleep I hear what sounds like Chorizo licking the carpet, which is usually what he will do if he accidently pees on the carpet so I get up and grab a rag to clean up his mess and the carpet spray only to realize there isn’t anything on the carpet! Silly dog!

Earlier in the evening.

I decide I better take him back outside again before I go back to sleep just to make sure there are no accidents. As we are walking into the kitchen I notice that Chorizo kind of stumbled but I chalked it up to him being half asleep and took him outside. There were coyotes yelping out on the driving range behind the house which set Chorizo off on another tangent and he started running around in circles and barking like crazy. He will often run full force to the end of his leash and fall over so I didn’t pay much attention to it other than to notice that he was doing that but at the same time running in circles around me on the leash and he’d fall over (I assumed by running to the end of the leash) but he often acts a little insane so again I didn’t put much stake in it at first.

I went back inside and again noticed him kind of lurching around which IS unusual and then I noticed the smell. I ended up finding 4 HUGE piles of diarrhea on the tile in different places. Thank God it was on the tile and NOT on the carpet. I started to clean all that up and by now it’s getting closer to 4 or 4:30 and now hubby is awake. He’s been having a flare up of his gout this week so he’s a little slower getting out of the bed and I hear him asking Chorizo what’s wrong. I go in and he too has noticed the dog kind of staggering only now it seems to be more pronounced, almost like he had palsy or something. Now I was starting to get alarmed and all the little things I had ignored started making sense and falling into place. Ok… maybe he didn’t jump off the bed… it was more likely he FELL off the bed… And maybe he wasn’t wriggling around trying to get comfortable…maybe it was more like a seizure. And maybe that labored breathing wasn’t from running around… it was from something internal!

By now I’m getting quite alarmed and hubby decides to take him outside but first gave him a bowl of milk (he was thinking when a person is poisoned you give them milk) and for some reason his mind went straight to poisoning of some kind. He tried to give him a second bowl of milk but he just fell over in it. He said he remembered a dog they had when he was younger that got into poison and how he started kind of flopping around like that.

I immediately called our mobile vet but since it was like 4 in the morning there was no answer. I left him a message and then got on the computer to try to find a 24 hour emergency vet. I found one over in Cobb County which is about 25 miles or so away and called and they said “Bring him in immediately!” Then she asked where I lived and when I told her Douglas County she informed me that we do have an emergency vet in Douglas County (albeit almost at the Cobb County line but much closer than the other one). I hung up and called them and they said to bring him right in.

We threw on some clothes and Dwight held him while I drove us the 15 miles or so to the vet and by the time we got there he was quite pitiful. He couldn’t really walk by himself. He’d take a step or so and fall over. They took him to the back and started to work on him. They came back out around 5 or 5:30 to tell us his condition was guarded but they would do whatever they could. They suggested we go home and “try to get some sleep” since we had to be back to pick him up by 7:30. We went home but since we had to be back in less than 2 hours we basically took a shower and went back to get him.

Waiting at the emergency vets. You can see through the window behind Dwight it is JUST starting to get light outside!

Poor baby looked so pitiful. They had given him IV fluids so they had both of his front paws wrapped up and they had a collar on him so he wouldn’t try to chew them off and they ended up having to give him a bath before they could give him back to us because of the explosive diarrhea. Turns out dogs are lactose intolerant (who knew) and that by giving him the milk we had just contributed to an already messy diarrhea problem and pushed it from the problematic range into full blown explosive range! OOPS! Since we usually take him to the mobile vet, but he was going to be out of town for the day, we ended up taking him to the vet we used to always take the cats to.

At the emergency vets.

We had to leave him for the day so they could try to pump him with IV fluids and try to flush his system. WE called several times but they said he was still guarded and that they would probably have to keep him overnight tonight. When I called around 11 they told me to call back around 3 and they would be able to tell me more but when I called at 3 the girl who answered told me that the vet had just gone in a room and she couldn’t ask her and she’d have the vet call me back. When I asked if he was still yelping and hyper all she would say was “I’m going to have to get the vet to call you back” which really terrified me because then I thought the worst and thought she was pawning it off on the vet to have to tell me.

Giving Dwight a bath....

When I told hubby what she said, he thought the same thing I did and we both just kind of silently agreed that whatever else we had planned for the day would have to be put on hold… we were heading for the vet’s office! By the time we got there it was around 4 or so and I felt they were still being evasive and they ushered us into a waiting/exam room which REALLY made me think the worst and then she came in and started telling us how we might never know what really happened and then the technician came in holding him and I’d never been so glad to see that little bugger in my life!

How pitiful does this little baby look?

He was much better but still not out of the woods. She basically said it could have been rat poison, or it could have been antifreeze that he licked off the road or driveway or it could have been those beloved mushrooms he so loves to dig up or even that stupid frog he tried to eat. We sat there and played with him for several minutes and they told us we could come back at get him at 10 in the morning so… we are sitting here in what seems a VERY quiet house with Chorizo not here. I don’t know how to act not having to take him out every hour or two. I do know that I now realize just how much we love that little bugger and I don’t think #3 will EVER get him back from us!

He was so happy to see his daddy he was giving lots of kisses....

I think they were both pretty happy!


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8 Responses to Prayers for Chorizo, Please!

  1. Fingers crossed for little Chorizo:) I can’t imagine how I’d be feeling if it were one of my girls …

  2. terrepruitt says:

    Whew! It is so frustrating that animals act so bizarre in the first place that it is difficult to know when something it wrong. Geez! And cats are the best at hiding when something is wrong.

    Poor you. I am hoping for a speedy recovery!

    Sending love and hugs!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes. Terre, cats are even harder to read. Chorizo is always so hyper it was hard to tell that he was really being unusually hyper. Even the vet said something about how hyper he is!

  3. Ron says:

    WOW…what a scary story, Peg!

    And I’m sooooooooo glad to hear that Chorizo pulled through the “critical part.”

    “or even that stupid frog he tried to eat.”

    That happened to one of my mothers dog one time. He ate part of a poisonous Florida frog. Luckily though, he was fine – whew!

    Love that last shot of Dwight and Chorizo….so sweet!

    Sending MUCH ‘good energy’ his way for a speedy recovery…

    (((((( Chorizo )))))))

    X ya, dear friend!

    • pegbur7 says:

      He’s home and feeling a little better but still not himself yet. He’s been asleep all day. And not very energetic. Thanks for the prayers and good energy. He loves the hugs! 🙂

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