Old Mr. Brown

Safe Haven

When I was very young and needed to feel grounded

I would run next door where old Mr. Brown lived

I would spin him a tale and feed him a line

The steps weren’t many from his house to mine

Sometimes things got in the way of life

And my house was a constant of yelling and strife

So I’d put on my imagination cap and run next door

And take my spot by old man Brown’s feet on the floor

I’d gaze at his face as I’d spin him my tales

I’d see the twinkle in his eyes and hear his laughter in gales

He’d tell my mom sometimes the tales I would weave

She’d get embarrassed and make me leave

But he never seemed to tire of my outlandish spins

He’d relish them all and reward me with grins

I always felt safe, warm and loved as I sat

On the floor by the fire or on the porch with the cat

He never once uttered a mean word you see

He just loved and protected me and let me be me

This poem was brought to you by Mama Kat and her Almost World Famous Writer’s Wokshop and prompt #4.) Write a poem about a place you felt safe growing up.


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8 Responses to Old Mr. Brown

  1. Ron says:

    AWESOME poem, Peg!

    And old Mr. Brown sounded like such a great guy!

    “He never once uttered a mean word you see

    He just loved and protected me and let me be me”

    Happy Thursday, dear friend!


  2. lindamedrano says:

    This was utterly charming! I loved it!

  3. Mike says:

    This was Regina’s grandfather, right? I don’t remember him, but remember her grandmother. I remember something about a bear breaking through the screen door on her back porch once….

    Do you have any memories to share of my Uncle Donald, Aunt Alma or Aunt Doris?

    • pegbur7 says:

      Funny you should ask… I was going to write about your Aunt Doris on tomorrow’s post!

      And yes, that was Regina’s grandfather. I loved that man. I sit there on the porch and talk to him until he got tired of listening to me although I was probably only a few years old when I started going over there!

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