Week 3 at Burke’s Grill

This week at Burke’s Grill things kind of slowed down for me.  A couple of days Dwight was there with the painters and stuff and I got to stay home and work on my class work.  Sometimes I think I’d rather have been at the restaurant!

This past week we DID get out cooler delivered.  We were really surprised because first off they were supposed to call before they were going to deliver it (our understanding was they would call the night before) and since we had just ordered it the Friday before we thought it would be a good week before it came but low and behold, we were there late Tuesday afternoon when Dwight’s cell phone rang and it was the truck driver that was delivering the cooler and he was just right up the road from us!  Seriously?  It only took essentially 2 business days to come from Minnesota to Georgia? I was quite impressed!

Thankfully we happened to have a couple of guys there painting because otherwise we’d have been in deep muck trying to get that thing in the back door.  Thankfully they had a lift to get it off the truck and the truck driver was very helpful.  They unwrapped it outside the back door (took it out of the box) and thankfully it was already on wheels but with the wheels attached it was too tall to fit through the back door.  Since there were 3 other guys there they kind of tilted it to the side low enough to clear the two doors and once it was it the kitchen they uprighted it and slid it right into place!

I also got to go pick up our two hand washing sinks so the plumber could install those and we got the dishwasher delivered and all the electronics attached and working and the television mounted.  They also got our ice machine finished hooking up so we now have ice!

The first dump of ice.

We finally found a surveyor.  To get your liquor license (not selling liquor but beer and wine have the same requirements) you have to have a survey which states that your business is at least 600 feet from the nearest school or church.  I would think that when the restaurant right down the strip got their license it would have been enough for any restaurant in the same shopping center but we have to get our own… to the tune of $500.

We also got Dwight’s serve safe certificate in the mail so that’s another hurdle we got across and we think that since he’s a certified instructor for them, he should be able to teach any of our employees that need to be certified so we don’t have to spend the extra $100+ per employee.  You have to have someone on premises any time you are open that is certified in food safety.

I ordered our cash drawer when came Friday and we ordered our lights for the track lights.  Haven’t gotten those yet but they should be coming soon. We also ordered both types of fire extinguishers that we will need and found them a lot cheaper than the company that will come and certify our fire safety wanted for them.

I think the health inspector comes this week to let us know what steps we take from here and then we will have a better timeline of maybe when we will be able to open.  Keep your fingers crossed for us that it is SOON!

I’ll be letting you know more next week!

Working together!

And it's off the truck!

Getting it off the pallet.

Is that thing gonna fit through there?

Slow and steady

Just the right angle.


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5 Responses to Week 3 at Burke’s Grill

  1. Ron says:

    Great photos, Peg!

    WOW…I had no idea what went into opening up a restaurant!

    “but we have to get our own… to the tune of $500.”


    I’m so excited for your opening. Can’t wait!!!!!

    Fingers and toes crossed that it’s soon!

    Happy Monday, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      The permits and licenses are quite expensive. The business license was the first step and it was $690 and I’m sure the rest of them are going to be a lot more than that!

  2. NikNik says:

    YAY!!! It’s looking great!

  3. pegbur7 says:

    Reblogged this on Burke's Grill Blog and commented:

    Week 3

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