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The prompts for this week’s Mama Kat’s Almost World Famous Writer’s Workshop were:

1 )Describe an outfit you LOVED wearing.

2.) Share your idea of the perfect Spring Break family vacation.

3.) A lie you told.

4.) Pinterest Challenge, find something you’ve pinned, TRY it and share it. Was it worth pinning?
5.) What was the occasion? Write about the last time you stayed in a hotel

I chose #5.  The last time we stayed in a hotel it wasn’t really a “hotel” but a Bed and Breakfast.  And there wasn’t really a “special” occasion.  It started out that my cousin’s office had moved and they were having a grand opening party.  We needed to go to Savannah anyway to do some research for our restaurant so we thought we’d make it a two for one.

Turns out that the day or two before our planned trip they postponed the Grand Opening for two weeks but we weren’t sure how busy we’d be at the new date or if we’d be able to take off so we decided to go to Savannah anyway.  Like we need an excuse to go to Savannah?  We both love Savannah and we both love The Dresser Palmer House.

We usually stay in the Jonny Mercer room but someone already had it booked.  I think the people who were having their wedding there while we were there actually had it reserved.  The NERVE of them… wanting the best room in the house for their elopement/honeymoon!  Didn’t they know WE wanted that room?

All kidding aside… it was fine.  The room we ended up staying in is considered the “second” best room in the house but I’m not so sure it’s not really the best.  I guess it’s a matter of preference.  The Johnny Mercer room has a sitting room attached with a separate sofa and chairs and coffee table and it has a huge walk in shower.  The Emma Kelly room had a separate sitting area that has a desk and chair and there is a settee at the end of the bed.  And the bedroom?  Even more spacious.  It has a HUGE shower with TWO separate shower heads on each end of the shower and it has a separate soaker tub.  So… depending on what’ more important I guess would depend on which you liked better.

The bed in the Emma Kelley

We had a wonderful stay and if you are ever in Savannah I’d highly recommend you staying at The Dresser Palmer house.  You get a FREE full southern breakfast every morning (one morning we had cinnamon/pecan French toast and one morning we had biscuits with a scrambled egg concoction in the center… really good) and a FREE wine and cheese social every evening.  Can’t beat the southern hospitality either!

The sitting area outside the Emma Kelly

I think the last time we stayed in a hotel other than The Dresser Palmer House was last October when we drover to Virginia (or maybe it was when we went up in July) and didn’t leave Atlanta until a lot later than we wanted and caught traffic, etc. and ended up stopping in Charlotte with Chorizo and had to go to like 3 different chains before we found one that would allow a dog without leaving an arm and a leg at the front desk for ransom. It was clean and decent and so uneventful I can’t even remember what hotel chain it was!

Our daughters gave us a rather large gift certificate for Bed and Breakfast.com for our anniversary last year and we haven’t had time to use it yet although we may have to try to make it soon. Since we are opening this restaurant we may not get another chance for quite a while!


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10 Responses to Occasionally Savannah

  1. suzicate says:

    You need to use that certificate NOW…you guys deserve a nice relaxing time before you open.

  2. Ron says:

    Peg, what a gorgeous hotel room!

    Cozy and comfy-looking too.

    I clicked over on the link you shared on The Dresser Palmer House, and WOW! What lovely place that is!

    Have a faaaaaabulous day, dear friend! Hope all is going well with the restaurant!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Ron! That’s why we love staying there. It’s so beautiful and quaint.

      Things at the restaurant have slowed down but are still hectic. It’s definitely keeping us busy!

  3. Good story. Bed & Breakfast’s normally specialize in the food they serve and are a class beyond hotels or motels for their uniqueness and food. I’ve never stayed in one. Normally we don’t travel to enjoy an accomodation place and are always on the way somewhere else—however, the best accomodation we every stayed at long enough to really enjoy the facility ambiance itself was Shades of Green at Diseny World, for military & DOD personnel. Excellent food. I’d love to go back there just to stay a week at Shades. Forget Disney.

  4. gretchen says:

    Sounds like heaven! I’d LOVE to visit Savannah, it’s been forever. Sigh…

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, I love B&Bs!

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