Disney Vacation

It happened at Disney

It’s Thursday so it must be time for Mama Kat’s.  This week I chose prompt #2.) It happened at Disneyland…  Well, first off let me just say… it happened at DisneyWorld because we have never been to Disneyland.  But… close enough for government work, right?


We took #1 and #2 to Disney a couple of times before #3 was born and the last time was the family vacation from hell.  We bought 3 day tickets and only used 2 days.  We had taken my mom and dad and sister and her husband with her and of course neither of them had young kids with them but we did!  Since they did not have young children they were NOT interested in doing any kiddie stuff.  I kid you not the first day we got to do exactly ONE thing at Disney… the Hall of Presidents (which my kids had ZERO interest in but my dad wanted to see VERY much) and when we walked out my dad looked at his watch and said “So, are ya’ll ready to go?”  WTH???


Granted my dad was having a problem with his gout acting up and I’m sure it was very painful BUT… if it was that bad he could have stayed at the hotel (actually it was a really nice 3 bedroom resort condo) or we could have gotten him a wheelchair…both of which he nixed.  Plus my brother in law was sick so I was an AWESOME vacation (insert snarkastic attitude here).  When my dad suggested leaving my sister, of course, was all for it so we offered them the keys to the van and asked if they’d like to take the van home and come back and pick us up at the end of the day.  He said he didn’t feel well enough to drive so no… So, we offered to drive them back to the condo and them come back to Disney to which they declined because they didn’t want to be “stuck” at the resort without a vehicle.  WTH??? If you are too sick to drive why would you worry about being “stuck” in a resort with plenty of good food AND a pool if you desire to go down there.  And if all  you want to do is lay in bed and read or watch TV then what is the problem with driving back to get us at closing time?


My girls were chomping at the bit to ride the rides and my dad very unwillingly said “Well, ya’ll go ahead and ride the rides with the kids. It’s their vacation too! We’ll just wait by the entrance until ya’ll are ready.”  Then he turned those “sad eyes” on me and I felt about 1/ 2 inch tall.  We were passing Pirates of the Caribbean so we ducked in for a quick ride which ended up taking about 20 or 30 minutes (even though we had waited for over an hour and a half in line at the Hall of Presidents) and I felt so guilty that hubby and I decided to call it a day and come back the next day for the kids.


We met back up at the entrance and I drove home while hubby sat in the back with my dad and my mom, sister, and girls.  They graciously let my brother in law (who was sick, remember?) ride up front in the passenger side while I drove.  As we pulled into the resort parking lot my brother in law started throwing up…. Are you kidding me?  I was able to grab a small trash can we had between the seats and shove it under his mouth before he spewed all over the van but I am the type person that when someone else gets sick… my mouth starts getting all slobbery and I can feel it start coming up… needless to say since he was less than a foot away I was struggling mightily to keep my own food down.


After we got in the resort we decided it was just too much trouble to try to go back and we were promised the next day would be “for the kids”.  Needless to say, it was NOT.  We actually went to Silver Springs or something like that the next day and the day after that we returned to Disney but they all wanted to do Epcot and we were overruled and again the kids got shut out!  We swore that would be the last “extended family vacation” EVER…


The whole point of this whole first part of the story is that since we only got to use two days of our three day tickets we had one day left.  We didn’t end up going for SEVERAL years. In fact, by the time we got around to using the ticket #3 had been born and was almost 3 (I think) which was the age where you needed to buy a ticket so we decided we needed to go NOW so that we could take advantage of our one day left on the tickets without having to buy another ticket!

in the teacups

We were fairly poor with three kids and having to pay for hotel and food and gas so we were just going to use that one day ticket and make the most of it.  We got there before the park opened and we rode every ride (I think) at the Magic Kingdom.  It was January so it wasn’t too crowded so the lines were not extremely long so we got to pack a lot in then we headed to Hollywood Studios and rode everything  there that the kids wanted to ride then headed to Epcot to check our everything there.  It was definitely an action packed day.  I don’t think there is any way possible that we could have packed any more into one day than we did.  We stayed until the park closed.

getting in or out?

We stumbled out to the exits and stood in line waiting for the trams so that we could get back to the car and go eat dinner. I mean, it was like almost 10 p.m. but we hadn’t eaten dinner because we were trying to pack in as much as possible.  We just missed the tram but we were parked like a half mile to a mile away and the kids were so tired there was no way that they could walk all the way to the car and since there were three of them and two of us we decided to just stand there and wait for the next tram.  I was holding #3 and had my arm wrapped around #2’s shoulders and the poor thing was so tired that she fell asleep standing up with her head leaning over on my arm. 


I felt really bad because they were so tired but since they hadn’t eaten we decided to stop by Red Lobster and get dinner on our way back to the resort.  Of course they all fell asleep before we got out of the parking lot but we were afraid they’d wake up in the middle of the night starving if we didn’t get them something so we went anyway.  We had to wake them up to go inside the restaurant and we ordered for them and they all promptly fell asleep with their heads on their arms on the table.  The server brought their dinner and we woke them up so they could eat.  #2 popped one popcorn shrimp in her mouth and promptly fell over into her plate, fast asleep!  Hubby said she loved popcorn shrimp so much she had them imprinted on her face!

Poor babies.  We had NO problem with them sleeping in the next morning.  They were some exhausted puppies, let me tell you!  We tried to make up for the terrible experience they had their previous visit but I honestly don’t know which was worse… doing too little or WAY too much.  I do know they got their money’s worth.  What happened to you at Disney?


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12 Responses to Disney Vacation

  1. suzicate says:

    Ha, I’ve learned NEVER take a REAL vacation with family (except your own kids)!
    Glad you guys got to go back and use that last ticket!

  2. I thought I had one hell of a time with my in-laws, spending 2 weeks total between the driving and the actual stay at WDW. I bow to your ability to not bitch slap your parents. I think I’m just not as nice a person as you are. lol

    • pegbur7 says:

      I understood my dad was in pain because of the gout. I did NOT understand why they nor my sister and her husband would mind driving back to the resort and then coming back and getting us so our kids could enjoy it.

      • I should also say, I love my in-laws and it was a great vacation, all told, but it was a week in a van between the driving there and back and a week all together in the condo. A little too much togetherness at times. I know what you mean, and I applaud you for staying calm.

      • pegbur7 says:

        I understand. We had 8 people in a van made for 7 PLUS all the luggage for 8 people because my sister and her husband refused to drive separately.

      • At least we had our 12 passenger van. There were only 9 of us. Even with that it was a little crowded, so I have no idea how you survived that.

      • pegbur7 says:

        Trust me… it took ALL of my will power!

  3. I went though the same experience once and it was enough for a life time.
    Great post 🙂

  4. My mom and dad like to join us at Disney sometimes, but they also know better than to expect everyone to be happy. So they tend to go their own way for a while, and we go ours, and then everyone meets back up for lunch or dinner. My folks are the type who like to walk around Epcot or MK and just soak in the experience.
    In fact, any time we meet up with family there, we let the adventure seekers go slam through the rides, and the ones like Sprite, who likes shows and meeting characters, walk and talk. In the end, always a great time.
    Except that one time…. But that’s another story.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Except that one time…. I love that. It was just a disaster all around for that vacation. I love my parents dearly and we really wanted it to be nice for them… it just didn’t work out that we could make it pleasant for everyone.

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