Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

I normally do Wordless Wednesday on Wednesdays but it’s still pictures!

Contrasting clouds

The trees contrasted against the setting sun

The shadow of the house contrasted against the frost and dry grass.

I love the way the bright sunshine against contrasted against the shade and made the stone circle seem to disappear.

This was taken on the same day and in the same area as the one above. I just like the contrast of the red flowers and green leaves against the fountain that seemed to disappear from view.

Can you tell I like clouds and sky pictures?

The dark storm clouds against the bright blue sky to the west and the shadows of the house against the grass trap the green pines between them.

So you CAN see the forest for the trees? Love the way this brilliant pop of color from the fall leaves contrasts against the dark tree trunks in front of them.

The rain clouds rolling out so the beauty of the sunset can shine.

The vibrant yellow and purple Pansies (?) against the green leaves.

The red velvet donut with the white cream cheese icing against the blue "plate" and yellow box makes for a colorful picture!

One lonely yellow tree tries to make itself known among the green and red.

I just like the way these old majestic trees in this park contrast against the sky peeking through in the background.

Flaming red or flaming orange... which wins out?


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12 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

  1. ElizOF says:

    Beautiful contrasts… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Maggie L R says:

    What a wonderful series of photos for contrast.

  3. Ron says:

    Excellent photos, Peg!

    “I love the way the bright sunshine against contrasted against the shade and made the stone circle seem to disappear.”

    WOW! What a COOL photo!

    And I loved the 6th one down. It looks like a quilted-clouded sky!

    Happy Wednesday, dear friend!


  4. Carol says:

    Great photos of great contrasts!

  5. All are wonderful pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. terrepruitt says:

    Great photos. Still loving that camera, I see! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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