This Week at Burke’s Grill!

This has been another very busy week for us.  I know I promised to keep you guys up to date on our progress for the restaurant and I am going to try to set up a separate blog for the restaurant but I haven’t had time yet.  I’m also going to try to set that up and our Facebook page this week.  It’s just been SO busy!

We spent a lot of time this week in restaurant equipment places.  Some of them were nice, some not so nice and some down right NASTY.  There was one that we went to that when we left, I wanted to take a shower in germicide.  It gave me the heebie jeebies!  But… I digress….

First things… we did finally decide on a name. I think we are just going to simplify and go with Burke’s Grill.  That way people will know it’s us and the sign will be a LOT cheaper. We did have a minor crisis (or so we thought) earlier this week.  We had decided to call the restaurant Burke’s Grill and we had gone down to another restaurant in the same strip shopping center to eat dinner and the owner informed us that the name on our sign would have to be the EXACT name of our corporation… WTH?  First off, we only have 25 feet of storefront… how in the HECK were we going to fit “Dwight’s Delights Café & Catering, Inc.” up there?  AND… that would cost a BUTT load of money because the sign companies charge by the letter….

I was thinking we were going to have to change the corporate name.  This would be a lot of hassle and expense since we’d already ordered checks, FEIN, STI numbers, etc. with that name. Or we’d have to set up a legal DBA which also costs money but not as much as changing the name.  After several calls to the state, the secretary of state’s office, our accountant, the county, etc., I finally found out that we can put whatever we want on the sign. Crisis averted!  Burke’s is gonna be a heck of a lot cheaper to put on the sign than the corporate name! AND it will take up a lot less space so we can make it BIGGER!

The visit did bring some really good things. She gave us the name and number of the sign guy who we met with on Friday so that’s in the works and he will take care of the permits and stuff for that so that’s one less thing we have to worry about.  She also gave us directions to a place they bought some of their equipment.  They have both new and used. It was a ways from our place but we headed out there and are really glad we did.

We ended up getting a 3 door stainless steel freezer (we were only going to get a 2 door) for the same price the smaller one was and it’s practically brand new!  We also got our tables from them, an electric slicer and a steam table.  The steam table was brand new but since their guys had dented it taking it out of the box they had to sell it as “scratch and dent” and we got it for like half price! I don’t care if it’s got a small dent in the front!

We have been looking for a 3 compartment stainless steel sink (used) forever it seems like.  Our county is very specific in what you have to have so it has to have 18 inch drain boards on each side.  We’ve found all combinations but not exactly what we need, used, because we didn’t want to have to pay an exorbitant price for it.  They had ONE.  We were SO excited but… it turned out that another customer had put a small deposit on it for them to hold for her.  He couldn’t sell it without getting in touch with her and she wasn’t answering her phone so he asked that we wait until he could get in touch with her.

We continued to look but didn’t find one and were hoping he’d call back saying she didn’t want it.  Well, he called back, Friday evening, saying she DID want it!  DANG!! Back to the drawing board…. Then he told hubby that since he felt bad that he “strung us out” for 2 or 3 days he would sell us a brand new one for just a little bit more than he was asking for the used one!  Woo hoo!  We will get all that delivered on Monday.

We also lined up the dumpster people (should be delivered Monday), the phone company (should be turned on Monday), the alarm company, the electrician (will be there Monday), and the plumber.  We got our booths and chairs delivered Thursday along with our stove, ice machine, grill, sandwich prep table, fryers, storage and dunnage racks.  It’s beginning to look like a real restaurant!

We had just been talking the other day about how much it was probably going to cost us to get someone out there to degrease and clean the back of the house and the windows in front because apparently whoever was there before had something stuck to the inside of the windows and they were all sticky and gummy. We had tried Windex and the “normal’ cleaners but nothing was working.  It was going to be a bear to clean.

It’s funny how kismet, or fate, or serendipity or God’s Grace or whatever you want to call it works…. We were sitting there after the booths and stuff were delivered, talking to our friend who is doing the sound system and this guy walks up from OHIO who was selling this “miracle” cleaner.  Yeah, right…. Let me see you show your stuff…. Well, I have to say I was AMAZED… it worked!

Of course he only did a small, minute portion just to show us how it worked but it worked. He also showed us how it was going to work on the used equipment and floors, etc.  I am always VERY skeptical and think they are going to “switch out” what they are actually using for something cheaper that they actually give you but he mixed up a bottle right in front of us with the stuff he gave us and left that bottle with us and now our windows are CLEAN AS A WHISTLE and it only took a couple of hours! I guess we tackle the equipment this week.

We also had a food service guy stop by while we were cleaning and we may or may not buy food from them but we did find out we can take our serve safe classes from them and get certified (another requirement) without having to travel to the next county to have it done!  And speaking of food…we found a place that sells food to restaurants that also sells equipment and supplies where we can get it cheaper than just about anywhere else. Of course we will have to actually DRIVE there to get it but it will be worth it!  And it’s a really cool place to just walk around in and be amazed!  We joined (it’s free membership) since we are officially now restaurant owners. I just like saying that!

We get our computer and printer/fax/copier delivered today and he will bring us our speakers and TV in the next few weeks.  Now the only thing we really have left to buy is a stainless steel 3 door refrigerator.  I thought I had a lead on one Friday but it turned out it was a 4 door pass through fridge so it was the same size as a normal 2 door one.  But even that wasn’t a wasted trip because the guy who had that also has a HUGE smoker where he smokes meat. He offered to smoke my butts for free!  I had to laugh when he said that because you know where my mind went!  “Hey lady! I’ll smoke your butt for you for free!”  Yeah, I bet you WILL!

All kidding aside, he did tell us he’d smoke our turkey wings for us and we told him we’d buy his wood for him like once a month in exchange.  We were having trouble finding a supplier to supply us with enough smoked turkey wings for our veggies for a reasonable price but we found where we could find unsmoked turkey wings which weren’t going to do us much good, but, now we can buy them and have him smoke them for us! We also found out that he’s renting part of his building to a butcher who makes his own Andouille Sausage so now we know where we can get that for our red beans and rice!

Like I said… it all seems to be falling into place. Oh, and my friend Margie (from Hatcher Portrait Designs) is going to go through her prints and see what she can find for our walls. I am SO excited to showcase some of her work!  Below are some more pictures from this week:

Our booth backs against the tile wall. I love the colors.

We will paint the yellow walls. I think a muted gray. Hubby wants to put sports stuff in the frames. I want prints from Margie. What do you guys think?

I love the way the boards above the glass looking into the kitchen light up!

Booth backs and chairs.

Closer view of the chairs

Hubby hard at work on the windows.

Kitchen equipment starting to be delivered. Now to just get it cleaned and hooked up.

Sandwich prep table... before the good scrubbing it will get.

Stove and fryers and grills getting lined up for a good cleaning!


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23 Responses to This Week at Burke’s Grill!

  1. suzicate says:

    Yeeha, it’s all coming together!

  2. Angelia Sims says:

    That is so tremendous! It’s really coming along perfectly. 🙂 Love!

  3. Ron says:

    WOW, you guys accomplished A LOT this week, Peg!

    You GO!!!!

    LOVE the name you decided on….it’s PREFECT!

    And I also love the color scheme of the restaurant. Those booth seat covers are faaaaaaaaaabulous!

    Happy Monday, dear friend!

    (((( You ))))


  4. Carol says:

    Obviously, this is meant to be. How great for both of you that things are going so well.

  5. jen says:

    You are really on a roll aren’t you? Love the colors of the place they are so pleasing to the eye!

  6. mj monaghan says:

    Fantastic, Peg. I like Burke’s Grill. Great name.

  7. terrepruitt says:

    Yay! Congratulations! I am happy you decided on a name. It looks like you two have been working sooooooo hard. You have sooooo much accomplished. Cheers to you two.

    So, what is a steam table?

    And did you decide to go with prints instead of sports stuff?

  8. pegbur7 says:

    Reblogged this on Burke's Grill Blog and commented:

    Our first official week creating Burke’s Grill!

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