Chorizo the Amazing CHEW Weenie

Today we took a break from our restaurant activities and took some time out to go to a movie. We were gone a couple of hours and came home for about 30 minutes. Chorizo had only been in the cage for maybe ½ hour to an hour.  Then we went out to eat and put him back in the cage.

When we came home his crate was full of fluff!  My sister had bought him an orange stuffed monkey when we visited her last month that she named Tangerine.  Mind you Chorizo LOVES Tangerine….in more ways than one.  She had one previously when we visited but it had gotten torn or something so when she knew we were coming back up she bought two. She bought one for Wylie and one for Chorizo.  We’ve been putting her in his crate when we leave him in there.

Well, this evening when we got home we found out that Tangerine has been assaulted and mauled.  She is missing both of her ears, both of her hands and one of her feet!  At least he hasn’t attacked the guts yet!  She still has her belly and back and that’s a lot more than I can say for Mr. Bear.

Don't let that innocent face fool you!

Yeah, Mr. Bear…. We had given him one of kids old teddy bears that we’d also put in the crate.  Well, Mr. Bear had to be laid to rest because when we came home he was missing half of one arm and almost all of the other and one of his legs.  Both his ears were gone as was half of one side of his head!  His belly was also ripped open and he was spewing his guts….hence the crate full of fluff and guts when we got home.

We also had two rope chew toys in there and a circular rope braid that was completely braided together in a circle.  Well, it’s now literally hanging by threads and the rope toys are now rope threads.  I guess he must have really gotten pissed because we came home for such a short time and then caged him right away again. I’ve never seen him so destructive in such a short period of time. Oh, he also chewed more of the arm of my chaise off…THROUGH the grid of the crate!  Here are the pictures of what we found when we got home:

The cage AFTER I'd started cleaning it.

Tangerine and Mr. Bear... what a gimpy pair!

Mr Bear looks like he's had his brains eaten by a zombie! Does that make him part of the walking dead?

Tangerine's arm (minus her hand). Does that mean she now qualifies for diaability?

The arm of my chaise.... or what is left after he chewed it through the bars of the crate!


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8 Responses to Chorizo the Amazing CHEW Weenie

  1. Ron says:

    OMG, HILARIOUS, Peg!!!!!

    That last shot of the stuffing looks like POPCORN!

    R.I.P. Mr. Bear 😦

    Happy Sunday, dear friend!


  2. Carol says:

    Perhaps you need a larger crate to put Chorizo’s crate in. Sort of like the wire caging around a birdfeeder to deter squirrels, but this would deter the chewing of your chaise. Or other furniture.

  3. Your Chorizo and my Zoe must never get together. She destroys anything she can eat. Peg, she age a remote control and the batteries. I mean, these guys are insane!

  4. Katie says:

    Gwennie my corgi, ate a padded Christmas decoration, we can’t leave anything stuffed around her. Sorry to hear about Black stray Kitty

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