Spinning Hair


This week the Spin Cycle is about hair.  I have never been one to really want to or have even have time to spend on my hair.  It used to be a lot different back in the day but the last 20 years or so I always tell my hairdresser that I want the simplest hair cut possible. 

I admit that when I first started turning gray I kind of freaked and decided it was time to dye my hair in an awkward attempt to hold on to my fleeting youth.  Unfortunately I tried to accomplish this task all on my own by purchasing an at home hair coloring kit.  Yeah, quit shaking your head and saying “Bless her heart!”  It WAS a bad idea.  Not only did it NOT cover my “Cruella de Ville” streak…. It turned it BLOND!  And not just slightly blond to where it might possibly blend in with my DARK BROWN tresses…. It turned it like a platinum blond. It almost looked like I’d poured a bottle of peroxide on one streak of hair!

It might not have been so bad if all the rest of the grays on my head had turned blond so that it might have looked like I was going for the streaked blond effect.  No… for some odd reason ONLY the streak turned blond while the rest of it was all the auburn color that I had chosen to dye my hair.  It was absofreakinglutely hideous.

My husband took one glance at my freakisly Creulla like hair and deemed that “That’s God’s way of telling you that you shouldn’t be dying your hair!” while my retort was that it was His way of telling me I needed to use DARKER hair color… or maybe just fork over the money and see a good colorist!  In case you have figured it out by now, I am also notoriously cheap. I loathe spending money on anything I don’t have to.  I just consider myself thrifty… maybe a little overly thrifty but hey… I could be blowing our money all over town, right?

Anyway, after that ill fated dye job I also found out that since I hair also grows freakishly fast, in two weeks time I had gray roots an inch long!  So not only was it going to be time consuming to have to dye (or at least touch up) my hair every couple of weeks, it was also going to be enormously expensive so I just decided to let my freakish dye job wear off/grow out and then just go natural so I’ve had this huge Cruella de Ville streak since probably my early thirties.

After I grew out the streak my hair had gotten pretty long and I saw an ad in the paper about Locks of Love and decided that I wasn’t getting any younger and I needed to cut my hair anyway to look my age so I might as well let someone who could use it have it so I donated about a foot at that time to Locks of Love (you have to have a minimum of 10 inches to donate).  After I found out that the hair was going to children with cancer I kind of made it a habit.  The one stipulation was that your hair could not be color treated so that put the final nail in the coffin of my attempts to dye my hair.  I decided instead to let children in need have it.

I have since grown out my hair and donated it probably 3 or 4 more times and my daughter even decided a couple of years ago when she chopped off her hair to donate hers to Locks of Love.  The salon we both use partners with Locks of Love and anytime anyone donates their hair they give you your hair cut free!  My older sister used to really make snide remarks about me needing to “do something” with my hair and how I was much too old to be wearing my hair that long and I’d have to remind her that I was growing it not to look younger but to help people who had no hair get a wig.  I’m not sure if she ever “got it”.  And they didn’t care if there was gray in it.  I was told they would pull the gray out and sell that portion to wigmakers to further help with their cause.

When I was younger my hair was SO curly and wiry and coarse that my mother used to call my Tiny Tim.  Of course she didn’t realize how hurtful it was. She thought it was funny.  I don’t blame her.  I DID look sort of like Tiny Tim!  My hair was uncontrollable and BIG and fuzzy and frizzy and coarse and wavy.  I think that pretty much describes Tiny Tim.

When I was in high school my best friend and I would spend HOURS ironing my hair to make it presentable. She had nice straight fine hair and I was always jealous of the fact that she didn’t have to do ANYTHING to her hair and I had to either sleep with orange juice cans in my hair (literally!) or iron it for hours which was hard and very unsafe!  My aunt would put a perm solution in my hair and then roll it in those jumbo large rollers to try to take the curl out and then that would burn my hair from the perm solution and my hair would break off and it was just horrible.

I’ve only recently begun to appreciate my natural curl. Maybe it’s because the beauty products are much more adaptable to wavy curly hair and having wavy curly hair seems to be what people WANT nowadays. GO FIGURE!  I’m finally in style and now all I want to do is either pull it back in a ponytail to get it out of my face or straighten it with a flat iron!  Isn’t the grass ALWAYS greener on the other side.

I will leave you with a few pictures of my “hairstyles” (or lack thereof) throughout the years. Please make sure you are NOT eating or drinking while you peruse the pictures because some of them are quite hilarious and I’d hate to think you were choking on your food or spitting coffee on your computer monitor because the pictures made you laugh too hard! Enjoy!

In high school. 2nd from right. My best friend is in the middle. She's the one who helped me iron my hair.

Me at 4 holding my baby sister Suzi. Did I have a head of hair or what?

What was I thinking with this mullet or whatever it was on my head?

I have no clue what I was thinking with this lovely haircut.

My Jr. Prom and this is after sleeping in hideous orange juice can rollers overnight.

Even at 6 I had a buttload of hair!


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18 Responses to Spinning Hair

  1. Gretchen says:

    I LOVE the Cruella de Ville gray streak! I wish my gray was coming in in such a cool and dramatic way! You have got some HAIR, girl! Love the 4 year old picture (with Suzi!) and I really love the picture in which you’re questioning your hairstyle, but not the fact that the sofa is covered in plastic! And the prom pic is AMAZING!

    You’re linked!!

    • pegbur7 says:

      See Suzi’s comment above! Our mom used to keep the furniture covered in plastic so that it didn’t get dirty. LOL Our dad had some uncouth friends who would come in covered in mud and dirt and just sit down not thinking about what they might be ruining. She also covered the carpet in plastic! It was hilarious… actually it was embarrassing as a teen but hilarious now thinking back on it!

  2. My hair does not waste time. It skipped gray and silver and went straight to white.

    • pegbur7 says:

      At least you kept it! My nephew (around thirty) says his didn’t turn gray it turned “loose” so he ended up shaving his head in his early thirties due to early extremely receding hairline!

  3. suzicate says:

    We were double gifted the dark wavy, curl, frizzy tresses from both Mama and Daddy; don’t know how V and G got out of it!
    I’m so laughing that the sofa was still in plastic! I had forgotten about that! Do you remember when she taped plastic over the living room carpet and an area would pop up snag our feet and send us flying across the floor?

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, sometimes it was quite dangerous in our house. I remember bending to sit on the toilet and having that piece of plywood covering the plumbing fall and ending up giving myself a black eye!

  4. I LOVE your Cruella de Ville streak – I think it looks so classy! Being blonde, I won’t get that ‘classy’ look, my hair will simply turn white eventually. I think it’d be cool to have the streaks! 🙂 And I’m LOVING that prom picture!

    I love that your best friend tried to straighten your hair for you – my sister and I would try to help each other in that way growing up, too. Though we didn’t do the ironing part (I’m pretty sure my mom wouldn’t let us) so we’d sit under my mom’s hair dryer with our hair pulled as straight as possible behind our backs and sit impatiently waiting for it to dry straight. 🙂

    Spinning Up Some Hella Hair

  5. Ron says:

    I love both your Cruella de Ville streak AND your hair, Peg!

    And BRAVA to you for not coloring it anymore. I for one, adore salt and pepper, and gray hair on both men AND women. I think it’s sexy! I was probably the only hairstylist at the time, discouraging my clients NOT to color their hair.

    LOVE the pics! The one of you at 6 is so PRECIOUS!

    Happy weekend, dear friend!

    ((((( You ))))))


  6. Patty says:

    I think you look great! Awesome spin!

  7. Katie says:

    I still wear my hair short like I did in high school. I dyed it for a while, but it always turned reddish after a while. I let it grow out about 2 years ago, to see actually how gray it really was, liked it and kept it that way,

  8. terrepruitt says:

    I am not sure, but I think most girls do not like their hair no matter what it is like when they are growing up. And then some settle into it as they get older. I am not sure, but that is what I have noticed.

    I hate paying $65 for a haircut and then STILL having to come home and take the sciccors to it. So I don’t. I need a hair cut now.

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