Quik Trip Ranger

So last week and this week hubby and I took a trip to Virginia to visit relatives.  We figured we had better take a trip while we could because with all the stuff we have coming up we won’t be able to take a trip for probably a great while.  Hubby said it was the most relaxing vacation he’s ever taken. No having to rush back to his work for inventory, no other managers calling him all hours of the day and night, no having to “check in” by phone at least three times a day… totally stress free… to a point.

I won’t write a whole lot here yet but just wanted to share a couple of things  On the way up we were going to stop at that new Quick Trip that we stopped at last time. Remember the one where the guy stopped and asked me for money but he wasn’t a bum?  Yeah, that one.

Anyway, we meant to stop at that one and somehow missed it so we decided to go a few exits up. When we stopped in October they told us that was the first and at that time  the only QuikTrip in South Carolina.  Lo and behold a few exits up was another brand new Quik Trip!  Woo Hoo!  We were excited to see another one so we pulled off the interstate to gas up.

I took Chorizo out in the grassy area on his leash to use the bathroom while hubby put gas in the car.  When he finished gassing up I went inside to use the restroom and get us something to drink. When I came back out I noticed hubby on the edge of the parking lot talking to a gentleman in black car.  Guess who??? YUP… SAME GUY!  And he gave hubby the exact same song and dance he gave me in October!  He said he was just trying to make it to Riverdale, GA and was having car trouble and wanted to know if  hubby could spare him a few bucks so he could get down there because he didn’t have enough gas now that he spent all his money on car repairs and was now stuck in South Carolina.

I think hubby said something flip about being stuck for a long time and he just kind of looked at hubby strangely and hubby said “I guess you don’t recognize me?”  And he said “Should I?”  And hubby said “Well, the last time we came through here in October you gave us the SAME story as you just gave me.”  Before hubby could say anything else he took off through the parking lot.  Hubby went inside and I guess he noticed he was gone and circled around the parking lot and pulled up to the outside pumps and asked a few more people for money before someone else gave him money. I really wanted to run over and tell the guy that gave him money that I thought it was a scam but then thought better of it.

Funny thing is that this time he was wearing Army fatigues.  I guess maybe he felt people would be more likely to help out someone in uniform?  I’m just wondering if he doesn’t travel up and down 85 within a 10 or 20 mile stretch all day long and just ask people for money because the last time we say him it was late at night and this time it was mid afternoon.  Maybe it shouldn’t but it really burned me up. Especially that he’d do that wearing Army fatigues. I guess it takes all kinds and what goes around comes around.


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6 Responses to Quik Trip Ranger

  1. Ron says:

    Unbelievable, Peg!

    Well, not really unbelievable because I see this kind of thing quite often living in a city – scam artists.

    And good for hubby for calling him on it this time!

    “I guess it takes all kinds and what goes around comes around.”

    You said it! What goes around comes around.

    Have a great Saturday, dear friend!


  2. Great story, thank for sharing your experience with that type of crook. 🙂

  3. terrepruitt says:

    I bet he does travel up and down a specific strip asking for money.

    I am always amazed when people ask for money and they clearly have had a manicure, have a new cell phone, and are smoking. Hmmm . . . . I guess we all have different priorities.

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