Quit Wheezing My Juice!

Silver Screen

I love the movies.  Had I thought I had an inkling of a chance I would have loved to be an actress.  I don’t necessarily think I’d have been a good one but I’d have loved to have tried.  I was in the drama club in high school but I wasn’t necessarily talented enough to be a “major player”.  I usually ended up as a bit character or working in make-up and costume.  But I wasn’t very good so I took my pleasure in watching others do what I wasn’t any good at.

I have always lost myself in movies. I love them all pretty much.  I love comedies. I love dramas.  I love romances. I love romantic comedies.  There’s even a few sci fi and horror movies that I like a lot (I just don’t love those genres like I do the others), well, enough to sit through once.  Only problem with scary movies is that hubby is an even bigger wuss than I am.  Sorry baby, had to tell on your.  If they are particularly scary he mutes the sound (if we are watching at home) and watches through his out stretched fingers!

I remember that back in the day we went to see American Werewolf in London probably half a dozen times (and The Thing) and I would be willing to bet that hubby still hasn’t seen the entire movie.  At the time American Werewolf first came out we were living in New Orleans and he was working for a restaurant that was located in the Gentilly Woods section of New Orleans… NOT the most desirable zip code to be stuck in.  I think we had been married maybe a year and I may have even been pregnant with our first child.  We were sitting in a theatre that was in a questionable part of town and when the movie got scary he leaned over and told me he had to go to the bathroom and I never saw him again until the end of the movie!  He LEFT me in theatre audience and went up to the projection room to talk to the projectionist (with his back to the screen so he didn’t have to watch it) and didn’t come back down until the movie was over.

I could have been kidnapped or raped or God knows what else and he’d have never known because he was essentially up in the projection room with his eyes closed and his fingers in his ears repeating “LALALALALALALALALA!” until the credits rolled!  It was before cell phones so I couldn’t call him to find out where he was. Essentially all I could do was sit there in a theatre full of people you really didn’t want to be in a dark place with and wait for him to come back!

Years later, when we lived in Virginia, our oldest two were probably 6 & 8 or 7 & 9 and right next door to hubby’s restaurant was a $1 theatre.  And they ran first run movies most of the time.  The theatre managers and projectionists ate lunch with hubby almost every day and he always gave them a deep discount or fed them free so they let us into the movies free all the time.  We saw a LOT of movies those two summers.

The one that sticks in my mind the most was Encino Man.  It may not have been the most age appropriate or content appropriate fare for such young impressionable girls but they loved it and we got in free so don’t judge!  I bet we saw that movie at least a dozen times!  That was when I still  thought Pauley Shore was funny and Brendan Fraser was cute so I didn’t mind sitting in the dark for a couple hours eating popcorn and nursing my baby in peace!  That might even be why to this day when hubby encroaches on “my territory” I will look at him and say “Hey man! Quit ‘wheezing’ my juice!”  Those of you who have not seen Encino Man are probably scratching your heads going “What the hell is she talking about?”  Those of you who have know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

So yes, movies are still important to me. They allow me to escape from reality for a couple of hours at a time and maybe pretend to be someone else.  And even if I can’t be the one up there on the silver screen doing all the pretending and getting paid for it, I can still pay to sit in the audience and fantasize about it and get lost for a while.

I love movies whether they be on the big screen or the television screen and it may seem like a waste of time to some of you but hey man…. Quit wheezing my juice!


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10 Responses to Quit Wheezing My Juice!

  1. Ron says:

    Well, as you know….I LOVE movies, and pretty much all times (comedy, romance, and drama).

    I also like scary ones. But not the gory-slasher-type, more the suspense psychological thrillers like, Panic Room. OMG…that movie had me on the edge of my seat with my hands over my eyes, while peeking through my fingers – HA!

    Great video clip. Peg! But can you believe I have never seen that movie? Gotta rent it!

    Have a great Sunday, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      I can’t believe you never saw Encino Man! We saw it so many times my kids could quote almost every line! I loved Panic Room too. I’m the same way. I don’t like gore either. I prefer suspense!

  2. Gretchen says:

    I must admit that I’ve never seen Encino Man either, in fact, I think I’ve managed to miss everything Pauley Shore has ever done. That is SO cute about your husband and scary movies! Jimmy and I are the opposite – we LOVE a good spooker. Though not slasher/gory stuff, more of the really spooky ghost/demon movies. Stuff I’m sure your hubby avoids like crazy!

    You are linked!!

  3. terrepruitt says:

    I don’t remember that line, but I almost watched Encino Man tonight, but Monsters, Inc. one out.

  4. Michele R. says:

    Brendan Fraser is cute. That sounds like fun how you got to see lots of movies those two years. I cannot handle scary movies, especially about psychos. I was stunned for days after seeing Zodiac.

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