Weekly Photo Challenge: B Archive

I’m still getting the hang of what I’m supposed to do on this one. Not sure if I’m supposed to hook up on a certain day (Like Wordless Wednesday or Mama Kat’s on Thursday) or if it’s more like Spin Cycle where you can hook up anytime before Friday so I’m just gonna post  it and hook up anyway!  Following are my B challenge pictures:

My beloved Betty Boop doll

Beautiful birthday girl with her beautiful sisters and balloon hats

"Batman" Building (Nashville)


Bright berries

Bo (our grandpoopie)

Double bonus: A Bull in front of a Bus

A beautiful old barn


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15 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: B Archive

  1. terrepruitt says:

    So funny as I was scrolling down I thought, that building looks like the Batman, and I guess that is what it is called. These are “B”eautiful!

  2. The casinos extract our money based on our Betty Boop nostalgia because Betty Boop slot machines never pay off . They are among the takers.

  3. Ron says:

    Wonderful photos, Peg!

    Especially enjoyed the cow and barn. I adore cows!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

    And thanks for sharing!


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  5. eof737 says:

    That Betty Boop doll must be a collectible. 🙂

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  7. 2e0mca says:

    That’s quite a selection of B’s 🙂 That Batman Building looks like a fascinating piece of architecture.

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