Dreamin’ Again

The Spin Cycle Goes Hollywood!

Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree…. I used to love that song.  Actually I still do.



But according to my daughter who just stopped me while I was listening to the above, decided that this might be a better song to listen to for inspiration:


And my husband’s two cents worth for the best song about dreaming comes from the late Jim Croce and I have to admit I love that one too:


Ok…now that we got that out of the way, this week the Spin Cycle is about dreams.  And this week the Spin Cycle finds a new home!  It’s gone all Hollywood on us!  That’s right, Gretchen’s (from Second Blooming) dream came true that she is now hosting the Spin Cycle.

Jen from Sprites Keeper has been the gracious hostess with the mostess (and creator) of the Spin Cycle for the last three years and has decided to give it up for a while and let Gretchen take over. Thank you so much Jen for ALL your hard work and for letting us keep spinning!

I’ve had some dreams come true but thankfully not the bad ones, most of the time.  Actually, I don’t usually remember my dreams unless they are about something that makes an impression on me.  I’d say that 95% of the time I awaken with absolutely NO recollection of what I’ve dreamed the night before.  There have been times when I was dreaming a particularly pleasant dream only to be awakened by some external factor and then I try to go back to sleep to finish the pleasant dream and can’t go back to sleep.  That usually makes me a little sad that I can’t finish up the good dream.

Then there are the times that I dream something stupid like my husband is having an affair and then I wake up all pissed off at him and stay mad at him for hours and he has no clue why I’m pissed off.  I know it’s stupid and he hasn’t done anything wrong but I just can’t shake that anger for a while.  Even thought I KNOW IT’S JUST A DREAM.

The only recurring dream that I can remember made no sense whatsoever but always left me feeling very disturbed. I’d wake up in a cold sweat with my heart racing even though it didn’t really make sense.  All I remember is that there were gas pumps involved and mattresses and the sound of a heartbeat.  A steady throbbing pulse of a heartbeat that keeps getting louder and louder and faster and faster (which is probably why I wake up with MY heart racing) and then someone is chasing me and I am falling and then I wake up.

See?  I told you it makes NO sense.  I never see anyone else, I just know someone is after me.  I never know who it is and I never know why they are after me. But it still disturbs me.  I used to have it fairly frequently when I was younger but haven’t dreamed it for years.  Watch. Now that I have said that, when I go to sleep tonight I will probably dream it.

When I used to work for an accountant, when it came to quarterly reports time I would actually dream about doing my clients work.  Sometimes I’d be doing their bank reconciliatons in my sleep!  I’d dream about numbers.  You’d literally (in my dreams) see numbers floating around in the air like a cartoon or something.  Yeah, I know I’m weird.

A couple of months ago I was writing a poem for a blog post and actually woke up in the middle of the night with lines running through my head and had to get up and write them down so I wouldn’t forget them! I guess I’m more creative in my sleep than in my waking hours.  How about you?  Do you remember your dreams?  Do you have nightmares or ever dream things that come true?  Spin it up and head on over to Gretchen’s Second Blooming and tell the rest of us about it. We promise not to point and laugh!


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34 Responses to Dreamin’ Again

  1. suzicate says:

    I’ve had those crazy dreams, too. Maybe it’s a family trait!

  2. Creativity will hit you anytime of day or night. In my case, usually by the time i wake myself enough to write or record anything it is gone.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Most of the time that’s what happens to me too but this one time I kept dreaming it over and over and it kept waking me up so I finally got up and jotted it down. I don’t usually like to get up because once I get out of the bed I have a really hard time going back to sleep!

  3. Aw, thanks, but Gretchen is doing a great job!
    When I worked in claims for American Express, we had a deadline called an FCBA and it would show in red when the deadline was less than 2 weeks away. (Missing the deadline could land the company into trouble.) I would start dreaming that the red FCBA’s were beeping, very loudly as I had to work the claims to shut them off, and stop the beeping. The dreams stopped immediately after I quit. 🙂

  4. Ron says:

    First, I LOVE the song Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics. And hearing it again brought back so many wonderful memories.

    Second, as far as dreams go, I honestly can’t remember dreaming in my sleep in such a long time, although they say we ALWAYS dream.

    There was a period in my life (back in the eighties) when I had the most VIVID dreams, and would remember them to a T. In fact, I kept a dream journal and would analyze them myself. They say that we are the only ones who can transcribe our dreams because our own subconscious uses symbols that only WE can understand. I used to find that writing them down as soon as I woke up would help me transcribe them because they were fresh in my memory.

    Aren’t dreams fascinating?

    Great post, Peg!

    Have a terrific Tuesday, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      I figured that I usually dream about something that is bothering me or I’m afraid of. That’s why the gas pump dream made no sense at all to me. Thanks for stopping by my wonderful friend.

  5. Angelia Sims says:

    I rarely have nice dreams. They are all nightmares. I blame them on my parents letting me watch The Shining when I was four. They normally have a storyline and a plot. I really should write them down. Lol.

    Mattresses and heartbeats dream is really weird!!!! My first thought…..what have you been smoking?? Lol.

  6. Carol says:

    I rarely remember dreams now, but when I was much younger I had some very vivid but not unpleasant dreams. The one I’ll always remember was one I had after someone asked me if I dreamed in color – that night I dreamed my mother had turquoise shoes, and everything in the dream was black and white except the shoes.

  7. Katie says:

    An excellent post. My first job in banking was in a local branch, and we had to file checks daily, that was before automation and the banks still sent your checks back in your statement. Any I had 6 big drawers of checks to file every afternoon. I use to file checks in my sleep, and wake up exhausted.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I know! It’s bad enough to work 8+ hours a day while you are awake but then work another 6 -8 while you sleep and for NO PAY? Man, we got cheated didn’t we? LOL

  8. Gretchen says:

    I love that you actually dreamed about numbers floating in the air! True work anxiety! My husband swears that he CAN start up a good dream again, he’ll roll over and murmer “Where was I?”. I think he’s nuts. Thanks SO much for joining in and for sending folks my way.

    You are all linked up!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Gretchen. Sometimes when I awake from a really really good dream I try NOT to wake up too much so I can go back to sleep and finish the dream but that RARELY happens. I have done it on occasion but RARE occasion!

      Thanks for taking over as our new Spin Cycle home and letting us get a taste of Hollywood!

  9. NikNik says:

    When I worked at Logans in college I had a recurring dreaming of driving down the road and having to pull over because it was raining peanuts. I typically have really strange vivid dreams but that’s the only one that was on repeat!

  10. terrepruitt says:

    I bet it is fairly common for our dreams to affect our moods. I know that it happens to both my husband and I. I don’t think you even have to remember the dream to wake up with a feeling or a sense of happy/sad/mad (whatever). So you could not even know why you woke up angry!

    Your recurring dream sounds very stressful! Doesn’t sound as if you need to know what it is about for it to be scary. It would be nice to know, but like you said dreams don’t always make sense. So even if you remembered the whole thing it might still not make sense.

    I used to dream about work. I think when that happens we are working too hard and/or it is a very stressful time.

    I bet you are more creative while you sleep. I bet most of us are because maybe our brains are just free to float around and we are not hampered by what we are doing. You are sleeping not trying to clean the house, chase after Chorizo, worry about this or that . . . . your brain is free . . . 🙂

    A long time ago I heard that in order to remember your dreams you actually have to wake up thinking about it. Sometimes I remember my dreams but more often than not I just have feeling of them . . . Oh, it was a happy dream, oh it was a sad dream . . . . I have never had to my recollection a dream come true.

    And I don’t ever believe you when you say you won’t point and laugh!

  11. Michele R. says:

    I love that Eurythmics song! And the Fleetwood Mac one–I mentioned it too!
    I too find that I am doing work in my dreams–from my former job–so dull and repetitive–so glad I am not there anymore. I love how you wrote down your creativity in the middle of the night.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks for stopping by Michelle. The only problem with writing it down in the middle of the night is if I don’t have on my glasses it’s VERY hard to read it the next day! LOL

  12. Patty says:

    I’ve TOTALLY had dreams like that before, where my husband has an affair and it’s hard not to be mad at him when I wake up. But on the flip side, I have also had dreams where I was the one having an affair and I wake up feeling very guilty.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I’m usually the one that has those dreams although a few weeks ago hubby was really mean to me when he got up and I couldn’t figure it out and he later told me he dreamt I left him and came back and told him I was taking everything I loved with me so I took my camera, my laptop and the cats and the dog! He was mad at me all day!

  13. Heh, I’ve had those dreams of the hubby cheating before – poor guy just doesn’t understand when I’m all mad at him when I wake up. Of course I had that type of dream about my first husband – and it turned out to be true. ACK! 🙂 I also have those creative ones where the perfect (and perfectly written) post will be dreamt up, then forgotten about when I’m awake, no matter how hard I try to conjure it up again! 😉

    Once Upon a Time I Had a Dream…

  14. My college roommate made my veil for my wedding. One night she got everything laid out for it, and then went to bed. She woke up panicked that she had it laid out wrong, and sure enough she did. I was pretty happy about that dream!

  15. Erica@PLRH says:

    Oh gosh, I can’t stand it when I dream about work. Ugh.

  16. CaJoh says:

    That reminds me of the recurring dream where I hear the sound of a bee, then it buzzes me right in the ear and I wake up. I swear it probably is a mosquito or a fly, but it still frightens me half to death.

  17. eof737 says:

    Great selection… I played that song so much I could sing it in my sleep… Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This… 😉

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