Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

WE don’t get a lot of snow so these were taken last winter when we got the most snow we have gotten in years!

Right outside my front door. Turned my "rock garden" into a "snow garden".

I think my little boy and girl almost got lost in the snow!

No cars had tried to brave the road yet so it was a unblemished sheet of glass!

Our "clubhouse"

I think only the water department trucks had been by at this point - frozen wonderland.

The front of our subdivision and the main road. So many hills it was practically impassable.


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19 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

  1. eof737 says:

    Beautiful! ♥HAPPY NEW YEAR :-)!

  2. suzicate says:

    It was a beautiful sunny day here but it’s calling for some of that white Winter stuff in a few more days…we’ll see….

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  4. Ron says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Peg!!!!!!

    FAB snow photos!

    Oh boy! I can’t wait until we get our first snowfall of winter. Today, it’s 60 degrees, sunny, and humid. It feels like summer – UGH!

    Bring on the SNOW!!!!

    Have a grrrrreat day, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      It was really warm here today yesterday too and it’s not too much cooler today!

      have a great New Years Day and the rest of the year my fabulous friend!

  5. Angelia Sims says:

    I love snow photos! I don’t care from when. Sooooo beautiful!!
    It’s 70 here too. No chance of snow for awhile.

  6. Northern Narratives says:

    Your little garden space looks interesting. Hope to see some photos of it this summer 🙂 Happy New Year. Judy

  7. Katie says:

    Mr Bankerchick was going to drive his sports cars with the top down, since it was sunny and 67.

  8. After almost 6 decades in Miami these pics look so refreshing

  9. jakesprinter says:

    I Love the setting of you winter photos Excellent 🙂

  10. I always loved the occasional Georgia snowstorm. Like a holiday event in itself, unless you were stuck driving in it. My all-time favorite was Snowjam 1982, when most of the East Coast from Atlanta to New York was shut down for the better part of a week. Great time to be a kid.

    • pegbur7 says:

      We missed the great Snowjam. We were living in New Orleans at the time. We heard about it though! We also missed the big one in the early 90’s as we had moved to VA and then Memphis and were gone for 2 years. I think last year was the most we have gotten since we’ve lived here (1985 minus the 2 year gap in the 90’s).

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