Stray Cat Strut

I am an oxymoron.  OK… MAYBE I’M JUST A MORON.  I apparently suffer from G.S. and I also suffer from a lack of G.S.  I guess I should explain what that means.  I suffer from Good Samaritanism. Yes, that is totally a word because I just made it up.

The symptoms of Good Samaritanism are that you have an overwhelming desire to help less fortunate creatures than yourself both human and critter variety.  It makes you want to help them out in any way you possibly can to facilitate their health and well being and even though that makes you feel really good and gives you the warm fuzzies it can also lead to the second problem…. Lack of G.S. (Good Sense in this case) which can sometimes cause you to do really stupid things and end up in the hospital.  You know those famous last words… “Hey Ya’ll, watch THIS!”

No, seriously…. As I type this I am laying in a hospital bed hooked up to IV’s because of a lack of good sense.  Actually hubby and I had a discussion about this very topic as he was driving me to the hospital!  I told him that I have lots of common sense, just not always good sense and today I think I lost both of them for a bit.  It’s a really bad combination, trust me!

Here’s what happened…for the last several months I have been seeing this black kitty hanging around the periphery of our yard.  He will sit at the edge of the yard and cry.  He looked puny and is obviously homeless so every time I’d see him lurking around I’d take food out because he looked hungry. He also is obviously blind in one eye so I felt really sorry for him. I mean it’s bad enough that he’s homeless but even worse that he’s homeless and handicapped!

Sitting patiently by the back door waiting for food

This week he started getting bolder & actually coming in the yard so I made the mistake of feeding him on the patio.  Three of the last four nights he has actually come to the back door and scratched and cried so I took him food out.  Last night he didn’t show up so I thought maybe he moved on.  This morning I was asleep when hubby woke me up and said “That black cat is at the back door again. I almost let him in when I took Chorizo out so you might want to get up and feed him.” Yes, I am TOTALLY throwing hubby under the bus here!

He wouldn't go in much farther. He might be homeless but he's not dumb!

I got up and threw on my robe and shoes and grabbed a cup of cat food and headed outside to the patio.  He was sitting there peeking in the back door crying and I went out and put the food on a plastic dish and actually poured half of it on the patio because he rubbed against my hand and knocked it out of the cup!  I sat in a chair right beside where I put his food and he purred and rubbed against my leg and my hand so I sat there and petted his head while he was eating and he just purred his little heart out.

Can I please come in?

We’re sitting there with him eating & purring & me rubbing his head when Lala popped around the corner of the house.  Now Lala is a very petite little kitty and she was only wanting to go back in the house.  She wasn’t threatening him in any way.  Apparently he either thought she was after his food which he wasn’t willing to give up or he thought I was going to quit petting him and turn my attention to her.  Whatever he thought, it wasn’t good because he bolted after her hissing and growling and in the interest of protecting Lala I instinctively grabbed him because he was much closer to me than she was and I knew he’d reach her way before I could and he was much bigger than her.

BAD mistake.  In hindsight, it was my own fault.  Yes, mark this date on the calendar because I am taking full responsibility.  Two times you should never mess with any cat… especially a feral cat, is when they are either eating or when they are fixing to get into a smack down with another cat.  Yes, that was a bad mistake.  He latched onto my arm and I practically had to pry his teeth out of my arm.  Not a scratch but a deep puncture.  I ran in the house dripping blood down my arm and poured it down with peroxide and colloidal silver.

The puncture/bite wound

I got it to stop bleeding long enough to get several bandaids on it.  Then I took my shower and told hubby we should try to catch it to take it to the animal shelter for observation to make sure it didn’t have rabies or something.  I told him since the cat was no longer hungry he’d probably only entice it with canned food.  He tried to entice him but the cat obviously didn’t trust him so after I got dressed I went back out and got him halfway in the cage and he freaked again and scratched me this time.  I said F** that  … I gave up.

Hubby told me to go to the doctor to get a tetanus shot since I hadn’t had one in about 10 years.  I had lots of errands to run and decided to go by the “Minute Clinic” at the local Walgreens to see if I could get a tetanus shot since I didn’t have an appointment at the doctor and it sometimes takes a few days to get on the books.  I went in and asked if they could do a tetanus shot because I’d gotten bitten by a stray cat and the nurse practitioner comes out and looks at it and says sure and I tell her why I came there instead of my doctor and she gives me the shot and then says “Ummmm… you really need to go see your doctor …. NOW. You’re gonna need some antibiotics.”  Well, heck, why didn’t you tell me that BEFORE you gave me the tetanus shot because now I have to pay TWO co-pays!

The side of my arm/wrist

So I brace myself for the hours long wait IF they can see me.  I go to the doc’s office to see if they can fit me in and at first the receptionist tells me they are double booked and can’t see me but then she says she’ll “fit me in” so I settle down for a long wait.  It actually took less time than I thought.  It got back in the office in about an hour which considering they worked me in was a miracle.  The doctor comes in and checks out my arm and after talking a few minutes he says “I’m gonna send you over to the hospital because you need IV antibiotics.”  I am allergic to the first three on the list for this situation so he said since they were going to have to use #4 I’d need the IV. So I’m thinking outpatient stuff and then he tells me he’s writing orders to admit me to the hospital for IV’s and “observation”.  I’m like “Yeah, right!” thinking he’s totally kidding and he goes “No… you could DIE!”  Well, gee, thanks for sugar coating that for me doc.  So, he sends me off to the hospital and here I sit… or rather lie.

I had to go down last night for

See the redness and swelling? It started extending all the way up to my elbow.

chest xrays and I happen to know one of the technicians so as we were chatting and I told her “So…. I guess “Cat Scratch Fever” is a real thing and not just a song by Ted Nugent!  And if you hear some shuffling around up on the second floor then I guess “Stray Cat Strut” must be real too!”  At least I haven’t lost my sense of humor, right?

And this was the "good" arm! Too many IV's and blood work....

And to make sure we take care of everything while I’m in here they have decided to give me a few vaccines to make sure I don’t get the “Rockin’ Pneumonia” or the “Boogey Woogey Flu”!   And while we’re at it… maybe I should follow my mom’s advice and get my “heenie” shot (H1N1)!  Ya’ll take care now… ya hear?


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18 Responses to Stray Cat Strut

  1. Angelia Sims says:

    Omg. So crazy. I can’t believe that happened to you. Really glad you got checked out and you’ll be okay. 🙂

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, I’m fine. Just sore. I actually just fed my attacker. I was careful not to touch him so as not to provoke. Just put the food on the dish and came back inside. I know he wanted to be petted and loved on but I’m not quite in the mood for that yet. I don’t trust him now!

  2. suzicate says:

    Double Damn! Looks like you need to stop being Mother Teresa to the cats! As bad as I feel for you I really feel sorry for the cat,too…he’s hungry for both food and love but scared…

  3. Oh my God! Are you home now? I hope you’re okay, and home for the holiday. I once spent Christmas in the ER, not fun, although being Jewish, the doctors thought it was pretty funny. I’m still not sure why.

  4. Ron says:

    Hi Peg!

    Just wanted to stop by real quick before I head out to work and say, OMG!!!!!!

    My mother got Cat Scratch Fever several years ago from being scratched by one of her cats and had the same reaction.

    So glad you were able to get to the hospital and have it taken care of pronto, because it can be very serious. In fact, the doctor said the same thing to her, “You could die if it’s not treated immediately.”

    Send ya a BIG hug of Reiki, in the hopes that it heals you fast…

    ((((( Peg )))))))

    You take good care, dear friend!

    X ya!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Ron! I’m feeling the love! 🙂 Yes, he was very adamant about the I could die fact. Otherwise I’d have probably ignored him and gone home which might have had bad results! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Katie says:

    That is awful, how long do you have to be observed? I hope you will be home by Christmas.

  6. Carol says:

    A Good Samaritan suffering for her goodness – doesn’t seem fair, somehow! I’d suggest in future putting stray cat’s food further out in the yard and then going in the house away from stray cat. Hard, I know, but. . .

    • pegbur7 says:

      I know Carol… Can’t help myself. Just now I went out to get the mail and he came running from the empty lot next door crying. I went straight indoors and got the food and put it in the dish and came back inside. I would have moved the dish farther to the edge of the yard but I knew he could smell the food and was afraid he’d try to grab it out of my hands while I was walking it to the edge of the yard and then I’d be back at square one!

  7. Peg, Peg, Peg,

    This sounds so familiar. I captured the rascal kitty to take it and get it “fixed”. I was not in the capturing phase when he bit me. That was almost like a joyful love bite that left one big puncture in my leg. Two days later, while I was feeding him, he left the 2nd puncture in the same area. The clinic I took him to told me he was already “fixed” but he had pneumonia or something equally dreadful and must be kept inside for at least a month. I really could not bring this deranged cat in with my own “indoor” cat, Smokey so with a heavy heart, we drove him to the shelter. The shelter was closed, but the Animal Control officer was just arriving to go on duty. I explained my predicament to her and she asked to see the place the cat had bitten me. When she saw it, she said, “Go directly to the ER.” and told me I had a bad infection from the bite. The rest, yup. I lay there for about 7 hours being loaded up with antibiotics via IV. (And I had zero wait at the ER. Amazing.) The doc pulled no punches either. This could be life threatening. Scary business. I took home oral antibiotics and was told to return the next morning. (He had wanted to keep me over night, but Alex was away and I had the dogs home alone.) When I returned, the doc said it was better.

    I learned that day, NEVER ignore an animal bite. See, you and I both have learned something very important! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Sweet Peg. We are definitely smarter for the New Year!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I know Linda. I immediately thought about you because I remember your post about it! I was gonna still try to be all tough and NOT go but when he mentioned dying I figured I like to live too much to mess with it! Yes, we did both learn something. Some lessons are harder learned than others! Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

  8. Frightened or pissed off cats are nothing to mess with. Even though dog bites can potentially do more tissue damage, cat bites tend to have a much higher chance of infection. Which is one of the many reasons why I don’t do cats (other reasons include allergies and cleaning litter boxes). Don’t get me wrong, kitty cats need love too. That is, from people that love cats, which I’m not one of. Nothing personal.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I don’t take it personally. Everyone has their favorites. I used to not be a dog person until our daughter got Chorizo and now I am smitten!

      The cat just wants someone to love it but I’m afraid to touch it now. I went out yesterday to take the dog out and it kept rubbing against my legs and purring and I was waiting for attack of the zombie cat! It lay on my glider by my back door almost all day yesterday crying…

  9. terrepruitt says:

    Puncture wounds are the worst possible wounds. And as The Real Dave said cat bites (and scratches) have a high risk of infection and as you learned can be life threatening.

    I think this proves you have good sense because you went to the doctor. In a moment of “passion” and concern you reacted and didn’t stop to think, because as you admit you don’t mess with a cat on a mission, BUT you didn’t hesitate to go to the doctor. Smart woman! Good for you. Glad you were taken care of!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I don’t know how much good sense because I wasn’t going to go to the doctor. I only went to the Minute Clinic because I knew it had been about 10 years since my last tetanus shot when we were on that deck that fell. It was their prodding that sent me to my doctor. I guess I should be thankful to them. I just have fears of being looked at as a hypochondriac so I don’t go to the doctor unless I absolutely HAVE to!

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