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A favorite Blogger

The Spin Cycle is back!  This time we sent Sprite’s Keeper a list of our favorite 5 bloggers and she decided who we would write about.  Of my five she picked Ron from Vent. She said we needed to get a guy in here!  It will be so easy to write about my fabulous friend Ron.

My friend Ron with his twizzler stash when we met in Philly

Where to start? Ron (http://www.triloquist.net/) is currently taking a small break from blogging for the holiday season but PLEASE, don’t let that stop you from going by and reading some of his past posts.  He works in retail and December is just horrendous for him because he works not one, but two, retail jobs so he is BUSY BUSY BUSY during the holidays. I understand completely because I used to work in retail and I KNOW how busy holidays can get.

Ron is hilarious, insightful, thoughtful and thought provoking!  And he has been one of my most faithful readers and commenters since I started blogging almost two years ago.  Currently (except for this small break) he usually posts on Mondays and Fridays.  He is snarky and funny and sarcastic and I swear sometimes I think we were twins separated at birth, except he has much more nerve than I.  He says and does things that I only wish I could but don’t have the nerve.

Hubby, myself and Ron at the wonderful Mexican restaurant he picked out

I had the privilege of actually meeting Ron in person last December when hubby and I went to Philly for our anniversary.  Let me tell you he is just as funny and sweet and kind in person as he is on his blog.  We had a blast.  I wish we could have stayed longer and spent more time with him.  I am currently trying to persuade him that he needs to make a trip to Atlanta!  We’ll see how that works.

Ron has such an interesting and varied background.  As I said, he currently works in retail but he also has a background in theatre (as an actor) and he was once a hairdresser and he practices Reiki which to me just shows even more how in tuned he is to people and how loving and caring he is as a person.  He is amazing.

Some of my favorite blogs of his are following.  You should be able to click on the highlighted word to take you to the post but I am also going to put them in parenthesis in case the direct link doesn’t work. That way you can cut and paste the URL to get to it that way too.

Ok… I thought the time he totally freaked out in Starbucks was hilarious!  (http://www.triloquist.net/2011/10/i-freaked-out-in-starbucks.html) And I totally know what he was talking about because when we were in Philly we actually went to that very same Starbucks and it WAS terrible but I wasn’t brave enough to say anything.  I ended up getting sick that night and I truly think it was from the coffee.  I knew it tasted wrong but I drank it anyway because I was freezing my butt off and was hoping to warm up!

The one he wrote about the gentleman who inspired him inspired ME! (http://www.triloquist.net/2011/11/man-whos-inspiration.html) It shows his softer side and it had me in tears.  He truly is a wonderful and caring person and it shows in his writing.

The one he wrote about his birth mother was simply beautiful. (http://www.triloquist.net/2010/12/my-birth-motherlike-angel.html) She died when he was very young so he doesn’t remember a whole lot about her but the things he remembers and wrote in that post were wonderful.

The one he wrote about blogging and how you develop such a kinship and camaraderie with your readers (http://www.triloquist.net/2011/11/just-thank-you.html) and commenters was very insightful and I felt like he looked right inside my brain and wrote exactly what I was thinking!

The one he wrote about his days of living in New York and owning and caring for their cat had me in stitches. (http://www.triloquist.net/2010/07/i-woke-up-laughing.html) It was so vivid I could actually see in my mind his neighbor. Now to me that is great writing when it paints such a vivid picture in your head!

And he’s written two separate posts about shaving that I found hilarious.  The first had to do with having trouble seeing to shave (http://www.triloquist.net/2011/02/yes-i-now-need-my-reading-glasses-to.html) and the second had to do with a little bit more personal matter of shaving.     (http://www.triloquist.net/2009/05/shaving-my-kiwis.html) Both are hilarious and had me cracking up. The second one I laughed until I almost cried.  The pics he finds to put with his posts are great too.

I think one of the things I love about his blog the most is the commenting.  He always makes sure he comments on your blog when he stops by and not only that but the comments that other people leave on his blog are hilarious and he always makes sure he responds to every single comment that is left on his blog.  Sometimes I enjoy reading the comments on his blog almost as much as the actual blog!  So when you read any of these posts, make sure you scroll down and read the comments section too.

Simply said, I think Ron is wonderful.  He’s an awesome writer and a even more awesome person.  I am proud to call him my friend and not just virtually.  He’s a friend I can actually pick up the phone and call and talk to because he’s just a great guy. Please go and poke around his blog.  I know you won’t regret it!


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14 Responses to Let’s Vent!

  1. Ron says:


    ((((( Peg ))))))

    And I know this sounds odd coming from me, but I’m speechless!

    Thank you, dear friend. Thank you for your kind, sweet, and generous words. You have no idea how much they touched me. Especially now, when I’ve been so busy and tired during this insane time at work, and have so been missing blogging. It’s funny because for these past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about you and everyone else I blog with and missing the hell out of you, so your post makes me miss blogging even more.

    ” I am proud to call him my friend and not just virtually.”

    And that goes for me too! I’m so happy we were able to meet in person last year while you and hubby were in Philly. It was truly a BIG highlight of my year!

    Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this post.

    It made my day!

    Hope you’re having a super duper weekend and enjoying this holiday season. I will be posting again this coming week to wish you guys and gals a very Merry Christmas, and to also update you on some cool things that have happened to me this month. I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled posting right after Christmas. And I am soooo looking forward to having the whole month of January off – yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    So, I’ll be seeing ya soon!

    X ya, Peg!

    • pegbur7 says:

      You are so welcome Ron! Those were not empty words of praise. I meant every word of it! Have a wonderful rest of your holiday season! Makes LOTS of money so you don’t have to worry about not working in January. Hey… since you’ve got all that time off…. 😉

  2. MYFWBS says:

    What a wonderful idea to post about a favorite blog read; and I LOVE that you posted about Ron! He is my absolute favorite blogger!

    I have read every one of his past posts and you are on spot describing him! Anyone who reads his blog will not be disappointed!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I am so glad to meet a fellow Ron fan! I think I have been reading him since I started blogging and he remains one of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Angelia Sims says:

    Awesome! I love all his comments on you and Suzicate’s blogs. He is so cheerful. I am really happy he gets this recognition and bloggy love. Congrats Ron!

  4. I love it! And I love Ron’s comment! Such sweet words of praise and I can’t wait to read these posts. Beautiful! You’re linked, Peg!

  5. Alaina says:

    I will definitely check out his blog! That’s so great you’ve gotten the chance to meet him in person, and it’s amazing the friendships that can develop through blogging. Very sweet post!

  6. Pseudo says:

    He sounds like a blogger I cannot believe I have not found already! What a great tribute to your friend. I am hopping right over.

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