Slip Sliding Away – Part Two

I'm pretty sure this is where we left off yesterday...

In case you weren’t here yesterday…. We kind of got our car just a little wee bit stuck coming out of the driveway of our weekend getaway.  I guess at this point I’m using that term loosely since we couldn’t seem to get away from our getaway!  I left off with wondering how the freak we were going to get the car off that freaking mountain.  I tell you. That was one time I really wanted my daddy because I KNEW he’d get me unstuck but beings he was in Virginia and I was in North Georgia I knew that wasn’t happening.  And I knew only two people lived up there on the mountain full time and I figured they were both at work so we (I figured) were literally alone on the top of the world with no one to go to for help.

I stopped the car and put it in park.  I am just smart enough to know when I’m done and it’s time to quit. Hubby was talking to me through the window and I was seriously ignoring him.  I didn’t know whether I was more pissed at him for not getting out of my way, which probably wouldn’t have made a difference, it probably wouldn’t have made it up anyway, or at myself for letting up off the gas! At this point I was thinking I should have just hit him or made him jump out of the way, but since he can’t jump with his titanium knee I guess I’d have had to hit him.

I knew at this point I had a couple of options.  I could A) back all the back down to the turn around AGAIN and try again (after tying hubby to a tree so he wouldn’t get in my way) or B) unload the trunk and carry all that crap by hand to the top of the driveway and then try again.  Neither sounded like a good option to me.  If I chanced backing back down again, I might not make it all the way back down without hitting the bank or running over the side of the mountain and I might not make it as far back up the next time and then we’d be in a worse pickle.  I was just wasting gas we didn’t have and wearing the tread off the tires at the rate we were going.  I got out of the car and hubby started telling me how to back down again and I just looked at him and held up my hand and said “I’m DONE!”  He was like “What do you mean you’re DONE?  How are we gonna get this car out?”

I shook my head honestly not knowing which way to turn and then I remembered…. Dum dah dum dum….  WE HAVE TRIPLE A!!! I’ll let THEM worry about it!  I told hubby I was never so glad in my life for having gotten membership in AAA last Spring when I was doing all that driving back and forth by myself to my brothers!  That was $79 WELL SPENT.

I walked back to the car and grabbed my AAA card and called.  I told her of the situation and asked them to make sure they also brought a gallon of gas since the light had come on and I had no idea how far it was to the nearest gas station.  The lady told me that they should be there within an hour and a half.  An HOUR AND A HALF???  Hubby was like “You and Chorizo walk back down to the cabin and wait, it’s cold out here.”  I was like “There is no freaking way I am walking ALL the way back to that cabin.  I’ll stand right here and wait…after you get my jacket please…”  Hubby was like “At least wait IN the car!”  Ummmm…. No THANKS!  If that thing decides to flip out on its own and slide off the side of the freakin’ mountain I am NOT gonna go with it!  I told him I’d just sit there on the rocks in my jacket and Chorizo would be fine on his leash.

Hubby decided to walk down to the camp grounds, which was probably at least a mile or more down that snaking curvy gravelly steep road, and wait for the tow truck driver.  Chorizo and I stood at the top of the driveway with him barking nonstop.  I am not kidding.  He did NOT quit barking. He barked at the leaves, the wind, the echo of his own barking, the air….everything.  And he pulled so hard against the leash that I’m surprised he didn’t break his little neck!  The tow truck company did call and say they’d be there within 45 minutes.  It actually took them a little over an hour (it was a little after 3 when they got there) but I was just thankful to see them at all.


While I was waiting the one man who lives up there full time came by and offered to see if he could go find a chain (he said he thought the lady that lived there full time might have one but she was at work) and he’d try to pull me out but I told him that AAA was already on the way and that was what I paid them for.  We did have a nice little chat. He told me the roads had gotten much worse over the last couple of weeks due to the heavy rains and the snow.  He said the funny thing was that when it snowed a couple of weeks ago that they had gotten about ½ inch or more there on the mountain but they had gotten no snow at all down at the campground at the bottom of the mountain. I guess a mile or so makes a big difference when you’re going UP. Isn’t that weird?

He also told me how no one could ever find the place so I guess it’s a good thing hubby decided to walk down to meet the tow truck.  He actually ended up walking almost to the highway!  The gentleman (I believe his name was Tom) told me a story about how last summer someone had rented the cabin directly across the road from him and committed suicide.  He said he heard the gunshot and went running over and found the man dead.  He called the police and after several hours of them not showing up he found out that they couldn’t find the cabin!  He had to drive down to the campgrounds to meet the police and the coroner and show them the way in!  He wasn’t exactly thrilled with having to be stuck up there for hours with a dead body.  I can’t say that I blame him!

He also told me how plentiful the huge deer and bears have been recently.  He said not too long ago he was outside (after dark) getting firewood or something and walking back to his cabin he happened upon a big bear between him and his porch.  He said he saw the bear before it saw him and it scared him and he stumbled backwards and tripped over a rail tie at the end of his yard.  He said the tie flipped up and one end hit the bear which scared the bear off (thank God) and when he tripped over the other end he lost his footing and literally tumbled twenty or thirty feet down the side of the mountain before he stopped.  Thankfully he wasn’t hurt badly but he said it definitely reminded him of the dangers of living out that far by himself! And that just proves to me that I wasn’t too far off in my fears of the car sliding off the side either!

Is that little dot them coming up the hill?

He finally left and about a half an hour later the tow truck finally arrived.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to see someone in my life!  They did say I shouldn’t feel badly.  They said people apparently do that all the time.  They will make it up the mountain and down the driveways (because they are usually downhill) because gravity works in your favor but leaving they can’t get out.

Here come the calvary!

So Bubba and Bubba Jr (Jr was chewing a big ole’ chaw of tobaccy – his cheek looked like he had the mumps!) moseyed on over to assess the situation and informed me that I had “done her good”.  I guess that meant I did a good job of getting the car stuck.  I swear for a minute there I thought I heard banjo music (It was kind of fitting that the only movie they had at the cabin was Deliverance!) wafting up the side of the mountain!

They're here!

Them backing into the driveway was almost as much an ordeal as the rescue!

During the process of hooking the car up we found out that Bubba was an old hand at the wrecker business as he had been working there 3 whole months.  Bubba Jr was apparently still in training.  Bubba gave Bubba Jr the paperwork to fill out and after trying three times to spell my name and me even giving him my AAA card with my name printed on it, he gave up and handed the paperwork back to Bubba to finish up.  They informed us that when the call came in, all the drivers were sitting around (I think he said they had 3 other wreckers) and when the name of the road was announced that all the other drivers refused to come.  He said since he’d never been on that road before he agreed but from now on he’d know not to!  I also found out what a wise decision that AAA was since he said they normally charge in excess of $200 to get people out of similar situations!  Frugal move on my part!

Hubby and the Bubbas assessing the situation

They said it wouldn’t be “no problem” getting the car unstuck and I asked him to please pull it all the way to the road to make sure we’d get out and not to leave until they were sure we were behind them. They also had forgotten the gallon of gas apparently and I didn’t want to run out of gas before we got back to civilization.  They took their big old chains and hooked it to the front of the car and hubby got in to guide the car up.  They hadn’t even gotten a good two feet when all of a sudden I see that the car is sliding backwards AGAIN!  WTH??   Now it was further down the driveway than I had gotten it!

I'm gone stand right here in case I need to grab it with my hands!

Apparently their chain had broken.  I guess it was a little bigger problem than they anticipated! They fiddled around and finally hooked their wench up to it and little by little, inch by inch they got it up past the gate and stopped again!  I was quite confused.  I was like “Aren’t you going to pull it all the way to the road?  What if we get stuck again?”  He said “I sure hope you don’t because the hydraulic to the wench just broke”.  You have GOT to be kidding me!

Here we go

Do I need to push from back here?

Thankfully they had gotten us far enough up the driveway that we were able to pull it the rest of the way on our own power (thank the good Lord).  Hubby was able to lock the gate and hide the key without them knowing what he was doing and they stayed not too far in front of us but let me tell you they booked it down that mountain.  Of course hubby said they had booked it UP the mountain too!  Bubba told him if they didn’t they wouldn’t have made it up there either and Bubba reaffirmed what I had told hubby in that you can’t stop going uphill on a steep gravel road like that or you won’t get going again.   I guess that proves that maybe I do remember a little bit from growing up on Walton’s Mountain!

Right before the hydraulic on the wench broke

Ummmmm sir.... I hope you can make it from here by yourself!

Hey Bubba Jr... unhook this wench... no not the woman....

I'll be damned. You're right! It's broke!

That's alright... I think we got it from here!

Thank you Action Towing for getting me out of a pickle and thank you AAA for holding up your end of the bargain! After all that, the gas light went back out going back down the mountain. I guess it was the angle of the car or something.  And we didn’t have to worry about rush hour traffic because by the time we actually got to Atlanta the rush hour was well over!

He was tuckered out from all the barking!

We had planned to go out to a really nice expensive restaurant after we got back to Atlanta but after that ordeal I looked at hubby and said “Let’s just go to Blue Agave’. I NEED a margarita!” And it was so GOOD!

MY reward.... and it was SO needed...


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6 Responses to Slip Sliding Away – Part Two

  1. Katie says:

    Oh Peggy, what a nightmare. I wouldn’t be speaking to Mr BC either if he was jumping out in front of me. I hate to be the one that has to drive at his directions. We really get into it when we have to hook up or park the trailer and there is no AAA for that task.

  2. Angelia Sims says:

    OMG! I can’t believe how steep and scary! Geez. What a mess. And what’s up with Choirzo??? Poor thing is not a fan of the mountains. LOL.

    That margarita looks divine!! You deserved it after all the crazy everythings.

  3. Oh my, I just read Part I and I’m so glad I caught up today, the suspense would have done me in! That margarita makes a great reward. Yum!

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