Slip Sliding Away (Part One)

Goodbye cabin in the mountains!

I want to thank Susie for allowing us to use Johnnie’s Hideaway at such a fantastic deal for our anniversary celebration.  The accommodations were wonderful and made you feel right at home.  The views were gorgeous and amenities top notch.  Although the driveway left a little to be desired, she can’t control Mother Nature any more than the rest of us can.  Since she had not been up to the cabin in the week or so since they had all the rain and the snow up there she had no idea of the condition of the driveway so we can’t fault her for our little driveway fiascoes.  I am very grateful for her kindness and generosity. Now I know that if we ever go again (which I would like to) that we rent a four wheel drive or a big ole’ honkin’ pick ‘em up truck! If you want to check out more about the cabin you can find it on facebook at

So Sunday night (the 4th) after our romantic anniversary celebration dinner we settled in front of the fire for a quiet evening.  Unfortunately Mother Nature and Chorizo had different plans.  It was extremely windy up on the top of that mountain and as wonderful and cozy as we were inside by the roaring fire, several times it sounded like the side of the house was going to get blown off.   Chorizo did not like the wind at all and he started to bark…and bark… and BARK.   We finally got him settled down and a little after 11 we decided to go to bed since we needed to get up fairly early to pack and wash the linens and change the beds etc., so that we could get out of there by lunch to make it back to Atlanta before rush hour traffic.

We had learned the first night to shut Chorizo in the bedroom with us or he’d be up and down the stairs and into everything.  We had barely drifted off to sleep when he started barking again.  He’d settle down a bit and then start again.  I tell you sometimes I wish he’d never discovered his bark!  Finally after about 20 minutes or so of almost constant barking I suggested to hubby that maybe he had to go to the bathroom so being the gallant gentleman that he is he “offered” to take him outside (I think I may have suggest rather brusquely “for the love of GOD please take him outside!”).  Good thing he complied because there was no way I was going out after midnight to get eaten by a bear!

I guess I drifted off to sleep because next thing I know it’s about 6 in the morning and I am being awakened again by Chorizo barking only to discover that on my actual anniversary morning I wake up alone in bed.  It appears that my husband of 30 years had spent the night on the sofa with another male!  Before you get any ideas… it was Chorizo.  Apparently he wouldn’t shut up so hubby lay down on the sofa with him and I guess he fell asleep eventually too.  Well, according to him there wasn’t a whole lot of sleep as Chorizo barked off and on for the entire night.  And when he wasn’t barking he was running up and down the stairs to the loft!  No wonder they had to nap so much the next day!  I guess the cabin walls are pretty insulated or I was extremely tired because I didn’t hear a thing, or at least not enough to wake me up or rouse me enough to realize I was all alone!

I got up and checked my emails and blog stuff and made my coffee.  Then I started packing and cleaning.  I couldn’t wash the linens until we had taken our showers so we cleaned first and then took our showers and I threw the linens and towels in the wash while hubby did most of the loading of the car.  I felt kind of bad for him because we had parked at the turn around above the rut from hell and it was a pretty good hike and an even worse one when you are toting all that crap we brought with us!  The farther you walked the heavier that stuff got.

We ended up getting a later start than we had wanted because we had to wait for the towels and linens to dry so we could put them away before we left. It was after 1 by this time.  We finally got it all taken care of and we said goodbye to our little cabin in the woods (well, it was ours for the weekend) and got in the car and started out with the confidence that having the car now loaded would help getting out of the driveway from hell since we had the extra weight in the car.

I guess I really hadn’t thought that part through though.  I was thinking in the back of my mind that since we had the extra weight in the car it would make it easier to get traction on the gravel and pine straw.  Not so much!  I guess in reality that since the car is front wheel drive that having the back end loaded down actually created LESS traction in the front of the car.  At least I’m guessing that’s what happened.  All I know is that I got a good start and was planning to just floor it until we got over the hump at the top of the drive and then stopping on the other side of the gate where it was flat so hubby could lock the gate and then we’d be on our way!  Right?  WRONG!

I got up around the big curve and about halfway between the curve and the gate the tires started spinning and I started praying harder…. Just 20 more feet…. please Please PLEASE …. Nope… no deals to be made today.  The wheels started spinning as the car slowed down more and more until it just wasn’t going forward anymore.  In fact, it started sliding backwards.  Holy CRAP batman!  What do we do now???

I almost felt like I could just grab it with my hand and pull us through!

Hubby got out of the car and informed me that he was going to find some “stuff” to put on the road and under the wheels for traction and for me to back up a little and see if I could get another go at it.  I didn’t need to “back up” for as soon as I took my foot off the brake the car just automatically started sliding backwards.  I literally think that is one of the scariest things that had ever happened to me in a driving situation.  I ended up having to back that car back down the driveway, which meant around that freakin’ curve that you could not see around and I couldn’t even really see over the back end of the car or where I was going.  A couple times I think I probably just closed my eyes and prayed!  My hands were shaking so hard and I was gripping the steering wheel so tightly that I am amazed that I didn’t pull the steering wheel completely off of the column.  And the whole time, these lyrics kept running through my head: Slip sliding away, slip sliding awaaayy, You know the nearer your destination, the more you slip sliding awaaaayy.  Thanks Simon and Garfunkel!

Slip Sliding Away

I finally got it backed (or slid) down to the turn around and put the car in park and sat there for a couple of minutes with my hands shaking almost in a full force panic attack.  If I hadn’t had to drive I seriously would have opened the trunk and grabbed one of our bottles of wine and taken a good old gulp! Too bad I didn’t have any of my dad’s moonshine cause I sure could have used a shot about then! Trust me, I am not a “nervous Nellie” normally, especially where driving is concerned, but if I’d had a Valium or a Xanax I’d have taken one or both of those too!  I really wanted to cry.  I seriously didn’t know if I was going to back the car off the side of the mountain going back down because I couldn’t see!  On top of that, as I’m backing down, the gas light came on!  OH… GREAT…. What else is going to happen?

You couldn't see around it going forward, much less backwards!

I called hubby and asked if he was ready for me to try again and he said give him a few minutes.  I was kind of grateful he said to wait because my hands were still shaking!  Chorizo was sitting in hubby’s seat just looking at me like “What’s wrong? Why aren’t we going to get daddy?”  I waited probably 10 minutes. It seemed like an hour to me.  I said a little prayer (ok… I said a BIG one and was bargaining with God at this point) and gunned it.  I figured if I got enough momentum going that I could just WILL the car to the top of the driveway.

SO close and yet so FAR away

I come around the curve and hubby is standing smack dab in the middle of the road about 10 feet in front of me!  I started screaming at him (through the window) frantically to  GET OUT OF THE ROAD and am waving my arms wildly like a lunatic because I KNOW if I slow down AT ALL that I am NOT going to make it out of that driveway!  He’s still standing there pointing to where he wants me to aim the car and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs “just get OUT OF THE WAY!!!” and still waving my arms and he’s still standing there!  I don’t know whether to hit the brake or run him over!  It was really a moot point because when he didn’t move I let up off the gas which was really all she wrote at that point.  When I hit the gas again (I swear I only let up for like 2 seconds!) the wheels started spinning.  WTF??? How I the HELL are we going to get this freaking car out of here?

And there we sit....

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2!

How far I got up the last hill....

You see that little white blip down there to the right of the picture? .... that's us!


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6 Responses to Slip Sliding Away (Part One)

  1. Ron says:

    “It appears that my husband of 30 years had spent the night on the sofa with another male! Before you get any ideas… it was Chorizo. ”

    Bwhahahahahhahahaha! OMG, HILARIOUS, Peg!

    And to ditto Suzi….”What an ordeal!!!!”

    But all in all, it sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary!

    Oh and btw, now I’m going to hearing “Slip Sliding Away” in my head all day – HA!

    Have a MARVI Monday, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      I’m sorry Ron! (about the Slip Sliding Away). I’ve had it in my head for a week now! And we did have a wonderful anniversary other than the gettign stuck parts!

  2. Angelia Sims says:

    I am impressed your little car has done so well on the trip thus far. It really is the little engine that could (at least most of the time). 🙂

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