From Pink Pigs To Pink Champagne

After we left downtown Blue Ridge and stopped by Taste of Amish we were famished.  We hadn’t eaten since breakfast (ok…we ate a piece of candy) and it was almost 4 so we decided to eat at The Pink Pig and save our chili in case we got hungry later or for lunch on Sunday.

I wonder if this is where the pink pig is?

We were only vaguely aware of where The Pink Pig was located but found it without any trouble at all.  It was a very unassuming building on the side of the road with a bright pink pig sign on the front.  Well, duh!  It IS the Pink Pig…. Well, technically it’s Holloway’s Pink Pig but everyone seems to just know it by The Pink Pig.  We went in and were escorted to a table in the back room by a roaring fire.

I guess that means they are open!

The big tree and fireplace are way at the other end behind hubby.

They have apparently really gotten in the Christmas spirit because all the tables were decorated with tablecloths either covered in Christmas trees or candy canes and there was a big tree decorated in the corner with a nice cushy comfy looking chair beside it I am assuming for Santa Claus.  I am guessing they must have someone come in on weekend nights?  Maybe the chair is just part of the décor.

The building itself was built back in 1950 as a country store and gristmill.  The Pink Pig was established there back in 1967 by Bud Holloway who was apparently the grandfather of the current owner.  They are now on their third generation of ownership.  I think that’s pretty cool.  In fact, the current owner/manager has pictures on the wall of her with her grandfather along with this poem:

Isn't this just adorable?

Love this!

Grouped together with a picture of her and her grandparents

Anyway, we started the meal by sharing their “famous” garlic salad.  It is a regular salad but the dressing is what makes it.  It is made with lots of vinegar and garlic (and I believe the waitress said it had poppyseed in it).  Hubby wasn’t a big fan (I admit it DID have a LOT of dressing on it, more than I usually like) but I really liked it.  I know that #2 would LOVE it.  It’s salty and vinegary (is that a word?) and she loves BOTH.

Famous garlic salad

Then hubby had a brisket sandwich and I had fried chicken (which was scrumptious) and macaroni and cheese and baked beans.  The baked beans were good but I must admit I was NOT impressed with the mac and cheese at all(but I took them back to the cabin for Chorizo and he loved them!).  I guess once you’ve had hubby’s famous mac and cheese everybody else’s pales in comparison.  I think hubby’s came with chips and a pickle which I guess were good because he ate them all!  His brisket was really good too!  I actually had enough left that I took back to the cabin and that was what I ate later on.  Well, I shared it with Chorizo.  I think hubby got dessert to go but I declined.

My chicken and sides

Hubby's brisket sandwich

We left there on the hunt for starter logs.  We knew we were about halfway between Ellijay and Blue Ridge and really didn’t want to have to go back to either one.  It was about 10 miles to either one and dark was fast approaching and we did NOT want to have to navigate that mountain after dark.  We went across the road to this little store and deli to see if they had logs and the proprietor was out in the parking lot washing her car. Yeah, that’s how busy THEY were and after conversing with her hubby said he knew EXACTLY why she didn’t have any business.  She was rude and hateful (by his words).  When he got out of the car her little yip yappy dog fairly attacked him and before he could say or do anything she (the woman, not the dog) growled at hubby “Don’t you hurt my dog!”  He told her he had no intention of hurting her dog, he just was looking for starter logs.  She barked “You got cash?  We don’t take no credit cards!”  He turned around and got back in the car without saying another word.  He looked at me and said “And THAT’S why all the business is across the street and she’s so busy she’s got time to go out and wash her car!”

We decided to head back toward Blue Ridge in hopes of finding a country store or gas station with a starter log.  We found one but they didn’t have any.  The guy told hubby that when it had snowed the week before he sold every one he had including the one he kept in the back for personal use.  At least he did take the time and effort to go in the back and check which is way more than we can say for the previous lady.

We ended up driving all the way back to Blue Ridge where we found a Home Depot and bought a couple of logs so we’d have one for the next night too.  We also got a couple of lighters since we weren’t having much luck trying to get those fireplace matches lit.  We also grabbed a couple of sales flyers for the paper in case we needed help in getting the fire started in addition to the starter log.

We got back to crazy Chorizo going nutso in his cage.  He’d been in there for several hours so he wasn’t happy at all.  Hubby took him out on the leash while he brought in some firewood.  When he came back in I thought a bear was after him!  He said they had been out by the car port getting the wood when they heard something loud crashing through the woods.  I think he and Chorizo raced to see who could get back the fastest.  Thank goodness it was just a BIG deer. . . not a BIG BEAR!  But we got the fire nice and toasty and spent the evening in front of the roaring fire with a nice glass of wine.

We decided to spend Sunday celebrating our anniversary alone together.  WE did not see another single living creature (other than Chorizo) the entire day.  We never left the cabin (except to take Chorizo out or to get wood in).  We spent the day enjoying each other’s company, watching football on TV and catching up on Mad Men in front of the roaring fire all day.

Now THAT'S a fire!

We had brought steaks with us so hubby made us a wonderful anniversary dinner of steaks, potatoes, salad, bread and mushrooms topped off with a nice pink champagne he had brought with us in some beautiful glasses he had surprised me with.  We really could not have asked for a nicer meal anywhere.  Thank you hubby for being so good to me.

Our 30th anniversary toast... Plenty of reason for celebration!

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8 Responses to From Pink Pigs To Pink Champagne

  1. suzicate says:

    Awe, what a sweetie he is to have surprised you with those glasses. So happy you guys had a wonderful time. Love you both!

  2. Angelia Sims says:

    I think I would LOVE that garlic salad. Looks sooo good!! My mom used to make a dlicious garlic vinegar salad growing up. I love those kind of places. And your fireplace looks heavenly. Glad you finally found some starter logs. 🙂 Such a wonderful trip you had. You both deserved your mountain getaway.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Awww…. thanks. We did have a reat time despite the little mishaps. Just enjoyed spending time together.

      The salad was SO good. I think I should have gotten the BIG one and just ate that and nothing else!

  3. Katie says:

    That is an anniversary to remember, Congratulations!

  4. Hi Peg,

    My name is Melinda Holloway Hadden. I am Bud Holloway’s daughter of the Pink Pig inCherry Log. My daughter Sam now has the Pink Pig. I was playing on the Internet and found your article about my Daddy’s restaurant. I am sitting here with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. My Daddy died in November 2008 of pancreatic cancer. My Sam had worked in there with him since she was 8 years old. I grew up working in there as well but have my own business now, so it was natural for Sam to step in and take over at his death. I can tell from your column you would have loved my Daddy Bud. I just wanted to thank you for the complimentary article that you wrote and hope you will come back and visit us at the Pink Pig again. If you had asked Sam about the firewood, I am sure she would have given you some that they use to cook the BBQ.(:) I am very proud of her and the way she has carried on my Daddy’s legacy. I hope you will visit again and tell her who you are. She has many heart warming as well as humorous stories to share. If you are lucky, my grandchildren Kiley and Douglas Lane will be in there working as the fourth generation at The Pink Pig! Thank you again for the nice article.

    Melinda Holloway Hadden

    • pegbur7 says:

      Hi Melinda!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to drop me a line. I truly appreciate it. My husband wants to go back up to go to Mercier’s Orchard again and we will be sure to go to The Pink Pig if we do. And I understand how you feel about growing up in the country. I grew up in a tiny town in the Virginia Mountains and I worked in the apple orchards with my daddy growing up. I wouldn’t trade those experiences and memories for anything. I hope you’ll read some of my other posts and maybe become a “regular”. Thanks so much and if we go back we will make sure to introduce ourselves to your daughter. You should be proud. You obviously did a wonderful job raising her!

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