Antico Pizza

A couple of weeks ago we had decided to meet #2 for lunch on her day off.  She and I had talked early in the week and decided to meet at Fellini’s Pizza on Ponce in Midtown Atlanta.  We hadn’t eaten there in a while but we have always enjoyed it.  Pretty basic. You can get a whole pizza pie or by the slice and salad and calzone.  We’ve always loved their pizza.

The day before we were meeting she called back and wanted to know if we were willing to “change it up”.  She said “I know how you like to try new places and this way you can blog about it!”  She knows me so well!  So we decided to meet at one of her new favorite spots, Antico Pizza.

The front of Antico

I had never heard of them before and I guess they haven’t been open that long.  She told me not to expect too much in the way of a dining area.  She described it as sort of a warehouse with communal tables so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised.

It is located on the corner Hemphill Ave and I think Evelyn Street is the side street.  It’s down very near GA Tech.  From the outside it is like a stucco exterior that simply says “Antico” on the wall outside the front door.  We met her in the parking lot.

As you go in there is a bar around the room with stools for individual seating and you go up to the counter to place your order.  As they were ordering I looked around and there was a glassed off room with a big picnic table filled to the brim but then if you walk through that room there is a another large room where they actually make the pizzas with about 6 or 8 picnic tables and benches and a very large butcher block table with stools.  It’s communal dining so you just find an open seat and sit down.

seating by the front door

I don' t know what this means but I'm sure it's something cool!

This one was on the other side of the dough room window

We found the end of one of the large tables open so we sat down waiting for our pizza and for #3 to meet us.  It’s a very different and casual approach to dining.  They don’t bring you plates or utensils.  They have a large roll of those brown rolled paper towels in the center of the table with a plastic cup that holds plastic forks and knives.  They bring your pizza (they serve one size only) and set it in front of you on a huge tray that pretty much takes up the entire table between you and whoever is sitting across from you.

Ready to order

The big butcher table in the back room

It was kind of funny because we only had four people but we had three trays because we ordered two pizzas and a calzone so we took up space for two more people until we ate enough to combine the two pizzas on one tray and stack the other tray underneath!  So, you kind of use the edges of the trays as your “plate”.  It was actually pretty cool!  And the pizza?  Phenomenal!  I mean PHENOMENAL!! Some of the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life.  It’s supposed to be as authentic Italian as you can get.

Ready for food!

Another cool thing is that #2 told us that it’s BYOB in that if you want to bring in your own bottle of wine you can.  They have water and soda and bottled tea.  But everything is imported from Italy so even my tea bottle said “The” because it’s imported from Italy!  It was some of the best “bottled” tea I’ve ever had too.

The San Genarro Pizza

The pizzas we ordered were: Margherita DOP with pepperoni and San Genarro ( salsiccia, sweet red pepper, bufala, cipolline).  OMG…. It will make your tongue slap your brain!  The San Genarro was a little spicy but it was really good as well as the pepperoni.  The calzone was called Vesuvio Calzone ( spicy sopressata & prosciutto cotto, pepperonata).  It was a little spicy to me although they didn’t think it was. Don’t get me wrong.  It was AWESOME in taste.  I just can’t handle spicy because of a problem with ulcers.

The Margherita pizza

The Vesuvio Calzone

We had the best time sitting there talking and watching the guys make pizzas.  Their website actually says they are open until the dough runs out.  So I guess that day they make the dough for the next day and when they run out, they close.  Their website says to call if it’s later in the evening to see how long they will be open.  In fact this is what is says (taken from their website):  Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11:30AM – Until out of Dough – Dough production has been increased. We suggest to call anytime after 9pm weekdays and 10pm on weekends.

Look at that forkful of calzone


Here is the URL to their website:

Apparently even the website is from Italy since the last two letters are IT?  I noticed all the tomato paste etc. stacked around was imported.  They have fresh basil and herbs growing in tin cans around the kitchen that they apparently use in the food.  I think that is so cool.  And if you eat in they give you free samples of their espresso which is constantly “cooking” in a big pot on the stove!  They use a dipper to dip it out!  How cool is that?  And it IS strong… but good.

The sweet red peppers

While we were sitting there the guy started making the dough for the next day so I had a prime spot to watch as he was right on the other side of the window in front of me.

Making the dough in the dough room

They are a little pricey if you’re used to eating Papa Johns or Pizza Hut but hubby was in line and had some college kids in line behind him tell him that they spend $150 or $200 at a time to buy several pizzas and take them back to their dorm and sell them by the slice (for $5 a slice) and that they make money doing that.  I’m sure they probably charge it to mommy and daddy’s credit card and then make $400 selling the pizza and then they have party money!  Smart and enterprising kids.  I guess that’s why they go to GA Tech!

Making the pizzas - notice the pots of fresh herbs

The whole experience was really cool and I loved their pizza.  I would highly recommend them if you are in Atlanta and want somewhere different to go.  I really don’t think you will be disappointed! Their contact info and address is:


Antico Pizza

1093 Hemphill Ave
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Tel: 404-724-2333


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14 Responses to Antico Pizza

  1. Angelia Sims says:

    I love a good pizza!

  2. Ron says:

    Peg, that pizza looks bellissima!

    My idea meal is pizza, a salad, and a glass of red wine.

    And they’re right…because I’ve seen photos of authentic Italian pizza and it does look like that.

    OMG….that calzone looks to DIE FOR!!

    Great atmosphere in the restaurant. Love the Italian signs!

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, dear friend!


  3. suzicate says:

    This place sounds awesome. What a wonderful day…great pizza and fabulous company!

  4. NikNik says:


  5. My wife used to work for Georgia Tech, and I’m surprised she never found out and told me about this place. Next time I end up out in that direction, I’ll have to try it out.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I think it’s only been open for a couple of months. Fairly new. Do you guys still live in Atlanta?

      • We did up until about a year ago, then moved to Arkansas. Still have a daughter and two grandbabies living in Gwinnett County, though.

        I do remember another pizza joint just up Hemphill a little farther, Rocky Mountain Pizza, went there a few times. Pretty good pizza, but they were one of the few establishments at the time that still allowed smoking inside (about 6-7 years ago, probably has changed since) and our lungs just didn’t handle it very well, even though I used to smoke some thirteen years ago. Also hung out sometimes over at Tech Square, particularly at the Barnes & Noble (which to me is like a Toys R Us to kids).

      • pegbur7 says:

        That is so cool. We lived in Gwinnett when we first moved to ATL but that’s been 2 years ago. We’ve lived out in the ‘burbs on the west side ever since then. Never heard of Rocky Mountain Pizza. I’ll have to ask my daughter if it’s still there.

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