Giving Happy Thanks!

Thanksgiving poem

It’s Thanksgiving time and that time of the year

When you think of your loved ones and all those you hold dear

For the ones that are gone you shed a tear

and appreciate even more the ones still here

There will be potatoes to mash

We’ll have such a bash!

There’ll be turkey on the table and wine in our glass

Let’s just hope no one decides to show their a$$

There’ll be good food to be had

And  stimulating conversations to add

None of the food we eat will be bad

And for Dad’s mad cooking skills we’ll all be glad

When the good comas ensue we’ll all find beds to lay

Our heads at the end of the long day

Of turkey and stuffing we’ll dream away

And vow to do better the next day

This post was inspired by Mama Kat and her Almost World Famous Writer’s Workshop where I chose prompt  #4.) Write a poem about something you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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9 Responses to Giving Happy Thanks!

  1. Writing Jobs says:

    Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much. You have a great blog here. Thanks again for sharing.

    Love writing? We would love for you to join us!

    – Writers Wanted –

  2. Ron says:


    LOVED your poem….

    “There’ll be turkey on the table and wine in our glass

    Let’s just hope no one decides to show their a$$”


    Have a wonderful day, dear friend!

    And thank you for being in my life!

    ((((( Peg )))))


  3. terrepruitt says:

    Yay! That is cute and very joyful!

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Terre! Hope you had a wonderful day too!

      • terrepruitt says:

        I had TWO Thanksgivings. On Thanksgiving we went to my hubby’s sister’s house. This was the first year in a LONG time it was not at their moms. The sister did a great job, in my opinion, making it feel like it was a regular/”normal” Thanksgiving. She worked really hard and everything was GREAT!

        Then, since we were at John’s family’s my family did Thanksgiving on Friday. So we had Thankgiving dinner with my family on Friday.

        They were both wonderful. (Thanks!)

      • pegbur7 says:

        It’s wonderful that you got to have two Thanksgivings! Were you in Atlanta or does his sister live out in CA too?

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