The Chase Is On

Last week when we drove to Oxford we decided to take Chorizo along for the ride. He doesn’t do well being left alone for extended periods of time and #3 had to go to work in the afternoon and we knew we probably wouldn’t be home before dark.  We took our time driving along the back roads that wind their way through several idyllic little towns.  Chorizo spent the car ride alternately laying in my lap and his favorite spot. . .  In the back window:

Enjoying the sun

See? He was so sweet on the way!

He was such a little sweetheart.  I should have known devil dog was lying in wait!  Our first stop was LaMar’s Donuts.  I went inside to use the bathroom and see what kind I wanted and hubby waited on the walk outside with him and then we switched.  The guy behind the counter happened to breed dogs and said he had never seen a Chiweenie before so first he gave him a donut hole thinking it would keep him occupied while I waited with him outside.  No such luck. He gulped it down whole!  I think we were as shocked as the guy at the counter.  Then he (Chorizo) decided that he needed to speak and touch every person coming and going into the donut shop or the Quizno’s next door.

This is NOT how he was acting at LaMar's.

We got our stash and headed to hubby’s ex restaurant to deliver the retirement gift to his ex assistant.  Hubby got out and went in the restaurant and I was intending on walking Chorizo in the grass after I gave him some water.  I poured the water in a bowl I brought and he drank a little and splashed the rest on me.  I put his retractable leash on his collar and opened the door but before I could grab the leash firmly he jumped out of the car and took off!  I was in a full blown panic because the restaurant is right next to the main highway in Oxford and I was scared to death he was going to dart out into the road and get hit by a car.

Thankfully he headed the opposite direction and ran full speed around the restaurant with me in hot pursuit screaming like a banshee and looking like I had totally lost my mind because he was a good 20 or 30 yards ahead of me and anyone who would have come outside would have probably not seen Chorizo and only thought I was an escapee from some nearby insane asylum!  He ran completely around the restaurant 3 times and of all times NO ONE came outside.  The one time I would have welcomed looking like a fool because maybe, just maybe he would have gone to them and I wouldn’t have been so totally out of breath and feeling like my heart was going to burst out of my chest.  I did realize just how badly out of shape I am!

At one point I really, really wanted to just sit on the sidewalk and cry but I knew if Chorizo got hit that #3 would never forgive me so I trudged on.  After the third lap around the restaurant he ran into the parking lot of the adjacent fast food restaurant and there was a woman coming out of the restaurant and of course Chorizo all of a sudden thought he had run into his long lost best friend.  He went running up to her back wagging just as hard as he could go.  He was still very far ahead of me so I yelled at her to please please please grab his leash for me.  She yelled back that she was afraid of dogs!  All this time he’s trying to jump up on her leg and she’s dancing around like a whirligig trying to keep him from touching her!

I yelled and asked if she could at least just grab “the purple thing” (the handle to his retractable leash) and she says “WHAT?”  I’m yelling “The PURPLE thing… please grab the purple thing!” She’s still yelling “What?  What?” all the while running in a circle to get away from this 10 pound maniac!

Then, at the same time, Chorizo and I both heard it.  The sound of barking coming from the next restaurant parking lot.  At first I thought someone had left their dog in their car while they went in to eat which was great for me because then I thought I’d be able to snatch him up while he was distracted by the barking dog in the car.  I followed him around the to the back of the parking lot and then it sounded like all hell broke loose.  It was NOT a single dog in its owner’s car but what looked like an animal control truck but from Auburn University full of dogs (I’d say at least a dozen) who all started barking like crazy along with Chorizo.

He was standing there mesmerized by the deafening barking emanating from the back of this truck so I go running up and just as I bent over to grab the handle of the leash he woke up out of his trance and took off again.  He ran around the other side of the truck and stopped and started barking so I ran around to the other side screaming “Chorizo. STOP!” and then he ran back to the other side!  We literally continued this dance back and forth from one side of the truck to the other for a full 10 minutes.  I can’t believe whoever was driving that truck didn’t hear the commotion and come running out to find out who was tormenting their hell hounds.  Heck, I’m surprised all of Oxford, AL didn’t come running out to find out what all the commotion was.

I still could not catch him and he finally got bored I guess because he figured he couldn’t get to the other dogs and started running for the parking lot of the shopping center behind the restaurant.  I really was to the point of giving up when I guess one of the dishwashers from that restaurant came outside with a bag of trash to throw in the dumpster.  Of course since Chorizo is best friends with EVERYONE he went running for him full speed ahead.  I, again, call out “Can you please grab his leash?”  And he yells back “Que?”  Oh, great!  He doesn’t speak English!  I’m yelling and trying to make hand motions that he will understand and he’s just looking confused and saying “No comprende” and I finally hold up the leash hoping he understands that he got off the leash and make a motion like grabbing the air and said “Please catch him!”

Of course by this time Chorizo is jumping up on his legs like he’s found his long lost cousin saying “It’s okay… I’m half Mexican!”  He’s half Chihuahua, remember?  So, anyway, the guy grabs him and I thank him profusely and get his leash on him and am dragging him back to the car (which I left with the door wide open and my purse in the floor board) when hubby comes towards us from the car smiling and said “Where have yall been?”  Like we’d just been taking a walk through the park.  I know it wasn’t his fault but I did take it out on him.  I just glared at him and said “Don’t even talk to me right now!”  Besides it was going to take me awhile to even catch my breath enough to talk!

I have decided this dog is either going to get me back in shape or he’s gonna kill me!  Right now I’m leaning towards the killing me part.  If I don’t kill him first!  But then he looks at me with those big green eyes and I melt.

How can I stay mad at that cute little face?



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6 Responses to The Chase Is On

  1. Tere says:

    Ya just gotta love animals… and they sooooo know when they are in trouble! Flash those puppy dog eyes, hearts melt, and all’s forgotten…. NOT! 🙂
    Ps- good luck on the new “workout plan” 😉

    • pegbur7 says:

      If you read back about a month you will see this is NOT the first time he’s done this. Last time it was WAY out in the country where my mom and dad live and he ran over a mile straight up a dirt road to where my dad was born. I was so afraid he was going to get eaten by a bear or something. I had to chase him all the way up there in slick flip flops!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. suzicate says:

    Who needs a gym membership when you have a chorizo?!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Except with a gym membership I am the one who decides when I exercise! LOL Which come to think of it would probably be never so maybe he’s doing me a favor?

  3. Ron says:


    OMG….Suzi’s comment made me HOWL! And she’s right!

    Holy cow, Peg…..I’m exhausted and pooped just from READING this! What a workout that was!

    But you’re right…

    “How can I stay mad at that cute little face?”

    He’s ADORABLE!!!!!!

    Have a FAB day, dear friend!


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