On the Ba(rre)ll

I promised to follow up if I heard from Cracker Barrel.  Quite honestly, after the automated response saying I would be contacted by a human if they deemed it necessary and since it had been almost two weeks I really had little faith that I’d actually hear from someone.  I would think that a company that size would try to put a little personal touch to it and have a person actually at least attempt to call.

I guess I got second best response in that I got a letter.  Of course a letter is a one sided conversation  but I guess it was their answer to my one sided email.  Again if the manager had actually listened to us we would not have had to resort to the email. Friday I actually got a letter of apology saying that they saw it as an opportunity for improvement and that they had contacted the district manager for the store where we had our “unpleasant experience”.

They reiterated that they would take proper steps to ensure that policies and procedures were being followed and that all employees were properly trained.  I thought that was what was supposed to happen at all establishments but maybe I’m wrong.

They also said as a token of their appreciation they were enclosing a complimentary meal card for two to be their guests on our next visit to the Cracker Barrel of our choice.  Only problem is both of us are a little leery of going back after having two bad experiences in a row.  I guess we will have to give them another chance.  We will just have to work up our nerve first.  We’ll let you know how it went.

My complimentary meal card


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4 Responses to On the Ba(rre)ll

  1. Angelia Sims says:

    At least you got something, although poorly timed. I will be posting a blog about a catering experience. I’m very happy with the result, but it took Twitter to get it done. I think the big wigs watch that social network!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Maybe so. I know managers for hubby’s company have to submit all their email accounts, twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. If they find you have one and didn’t turn it in, they will fire them! I think that is a little extreme but I guess they like to keep an eye on what their managers might say about their jobs behind their backs?

  2. Ron says:


    Good for you, Peg!

    Glad they responded and sent you a complimentary meal card for two!

    And I can totally understand your apprehension about returning because I would feel the same way. But hey, go and enjoy your FREE meal and NEVER return again – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Have a super Sunday, dear friend!


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