Crack The Barrel

A few weeks ago hubby caught several of his servers stealing from the company so he ended up having to fire like 5 of them. It broke his heart because he always likes to think the best of people and he couldn’t believe that people he trusted and believed in would steal from him and the company. I tried to tell him that when it comes to something like that, unfortunately, a lot of times people’s greed overrides their sensibilities and morals.

Last week one of the girls he fired came back by to talk to another server who still worked there. She didn’t come inside. She stood out in the back “employees” parking lot talking to the other server. I told hubby he should have gone out and told her to leave the property but again, he was trying to think the best of people.

He ended up working until about 10 p.m. and when he went out to get in his car, lo and behold!…he had a flat tire. On the rear passenger side which was on the side away from the building and security cameras. How coincidental is that? Not very, I tell you.

He got the tire changed with thanks to another employee who helped him and the next morning he took it to get it “fixed”. Well, of course there was no repairing it because the sidewall had been slashed. Hmmmnnnnnn, so much for that being due to wear and tear or “accident”. I’m thinking either that server he fired or a friend of hers slashed the tire. And of course he can’t prove it so that’s $100 out of our pocket for something she did to herself. He didn’t fire her to be mean. He fired her because she stole from them. I think from now on he needs to park directly in front of the security cameras.

Anyway, while we were waiting for the tire to be put on the car we went over to Cracker Barrel across the street to eat breakfast. We usually love Cracker Barrel and almost every time we have eaten there it has been wonderful with the exception of the last two times.

The time before was when we went to Augusta a month or so ago and we stopped in Madison, GA which is about halfway between here and Augusta. We attributed that fiasco to be due to the fact that it wasn’t “prime” lunch or dinner time. We kind of caught them between the two so if they cook in bulk for each meal I can understand why the food wasn’t “fresh” and hot. We didn’t both complaining and just went on our way. We really are not usually ones to complain since hubby is in the restaurant business and we know how it is.

This past time was bad enough that we complained. Little good that it did us. We tried complaining to the manager and it did not good so after we got home I sent the following email to Cracker barrel:

“Service was extremely slow. Two couples walked out before we had our order taken due to slow service and food being unsatisfactory. We have always enjoyed Cracker Barrel except our last two visits. Today and about a month ago at the store in Madison, GA which we attributed to a fluke since we ate lunch around 3:30 and figured we were between shifts.

Today, the hash browns were not only cold but they tasted old. We had asked for well done but these were not crunchy like well done, rather crunchy like OLD. My biscuits weren’t even hot enough to melt the butter. The only thing HOT was the gravy and I am assuming because it had been microwaved just prior to being brought to our table.

It was hard getting the server’s attention to get refills for beverages. Her name was Becky and she had four stars but from today’s service I can only imagine she got them on a two for one special because she certainly did NOT give us four star service (per Cracker Barrel). When we finally got her attention about the hashbrowns before we even said anything she said “Oh… they’re cold?” Like she had already gotten the complaint several times.

She did bring them back warm but they were no fresher. I really think she just stuck them in the microwave. My husband went to the register to pay and the manager happened to be running the register. He asked how the meal went my husband explained about the service and food being cold and he asked if the server had brought out hotter food and when my husband said yes, the manager cut him off, not giving him a chance to say anything else.

As we were leaving the table the manager (same one my husband had talked to at the register) came by and asked how our meal was and I said “Honestly, I was very disappointed.” And he said “Great then! Don’t forget to vote!” and walked off!! Never asked me why I was disappointed. It was like he never heard me and was just on a quest to “touch” each table as he continued around the dining room. I stood there staring after him with my mouth open thinking he would come back to find out what was wrong but he continued to the next table and then the next.

As I walked through the lobby I asked the hostess what the name of the manager on duty was and even pointed at his retreating back and she smiled at me blankly and said “Hold on a minute….. ummm….. you know… I don’t even know! Is that terrible?” I assured her that yes, I did think it was terrible that she didn’t even know her own manager’s name and then she said “Oh, I think it’s Siobhan.”

So there you have it… Incompetency.”

I was going to say incompetency at it’s “best” but the form cut me off and that was as much as I could send. I did get an automated response per email saying that they had received my “feedback” and they assured me that they would have a real live human check out the feedback and if they deemed it necessary that they would have someone contact me.

So far I have heard nothing else from them so I guess no human has gotten around to reading it or they deemed that it was not necessary to respond. I am truly disappointed in them and at that manager’s lack of concern or obvious care. I’ll let you know if we hear back!


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10 Responses to Crack The Barrel

  1. Terry Ann says:

    Sorry to hear about how everything went for the two of you.
    Isn’t it amazing how people today feel they deserve jobs and respect, when they don’t know how to respect back. Where is society going that people have to act the way they do and are as impersonal and oblivious? All I can say is “How Rude!”

  2. Ron says:

    ” I’m thinking either that server he fired or a friend of hers slashed the tire. And of course he can’t prove it so that’s $100 out of our pocket for something she did to herself. He didn’t fire her to be mean.”

    Just from reading your story, yes, I too think it was the sever who slashed the tire. And like you shared, he can’t really prove it, but I mean come on…how else could it have happened??? Too coincidental.

    And I was reading the second part of your post about Crackle Barrel, it confirmed my opinion about the horrible lack of integrity or care that customer service has turned into. That manager sounds like a total JERK. I’ll be anxious to hear IF and HOW they respond to your email.

    Have a terrific Tuesday, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      I’m pretty sure it was her. Hubby did give the info I think to some police officers he knows in that area. Hopefully they will occasionally ride through the parking lot. He’s had two ofther managers have their cars “messed with” since this thing happened too!

      And that manager? Totall oblivious to the world. I’ll let you know if I hear from them but since it’s been over a week and they haven’t responded, I’m not gonna hold my breath!

  3. Mrs B says:

    Wow! Sorry you and your hubby are going through this. It seems that people have forgotten how to show simple common courtesy in the service industry. I worked in a customer service capacity for a large corpration for over 20 years and I would have been fired immediately for perpetrating even a fraction of the things that happened to you. We all work hard to earn a living and in this economy even folks with decent incomes are being a lot more picky about how they spend it. I also agree with you that your hubby should park well within sight of the security cameras from now on.

    I just don’t get it. My daughter lost her job 6 months ago due to the business she worked for closing it’s doors and she’s now waiting tables to try to make ends meet. I’m proud to say that she would NEVER dream of behaving in the manner that the servers or the manager did. It took her almost five months to find this job and it means too much to her to ever jeopardize it.

    I hope you hear back from someone soon and that it’s in the form of a huge apology. I won’t be dining at a Cracker Barrell in the future.

    ~Mrs B

    • pegbur7 says:

      The sad thing is that we probably WILL eat there again (out of convenience and wanting to give them another chance) but I’m not so sure we won’t be disappointed again. I will be surprised if I hear from them. It’s been over a week and no word from a human yet! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. What great moon shots! My oldest son gets so excited when he can see the moon during the daytime.

  5. terrepruitt says:

    I am actually surprised that you usually don’t give feedback (you called it complaining) while you are at the restaurants BECAUSE your hubby is in the business. I would think that even though you two know “how it is” you know how it can be and it can be done. But then again, I get it. Not every restaurant can be as good as the one your hubby runs, right?


    • pegbur7 says:

      So true. He really does try to stay on top of his game. We don’t “complain” unless it’s really really bad. We do however, call the manager out to compliment great service or food.

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