Karma WILL Get Ya!

The other day I saw on someone’s Facebook status “Karma isn’t a bitch unless YOU are.” I guess Karma and Chorizo must think I am one for making fun at his expense for losing the family jewels. I told you about my little roll down the hill but two days before I took my wild ride in my front yard I cut my hand in three places. Thanks Karma!
The back story is that I bought these cute little “bowls” a few years ago. I think I bought 8 or 10 originally. I gave a few to my daughters and I kept 4 or 6 for myself. They are just as cute as they can be. They are oval shaped and have like little handle “thingees” on the sides which makes it very convenient for carrying from the microwave when it’s hot.

They are the perfect size for reheating like ziti or soup or something or even for cereal. They are made of like that Corelle ware type of glass. Truth be known I think that they are actually gravy boats but I love to use them for other things. And #3 does too. We use them all the time therefore they are always dirty. I seem to always have one or two of them in the sink.

Isn't it just the cutest little bowl?

The other night (Wednesday, the night Chorizo had his surgery) I was going to make a big pan of ziti but of course there were dirty dishes in the sink and I didn’t want to cook with a sink full of dirty dishes so I decided to do the dishes first. Unfortunately those little bowls due to the very convenience of those little handle thingees to carry them by, makes it very hard to stack them easily. We also have a marble counter top which is very unforgiving when you drop anything glass or china on it.

And then there was one.......

Anyway, I had washed a couple of those (maybe three of them) and had them, I suppose, precariously stacked to the outer edge of the dish drainer. I washed one of my less deep pasta bowls and went to stack it to the inside part of the drainer which tipped the other bowls too close to the edge and they toppled onto the counter and smashed and flew all over the kitchen counter and floor. For once in my life I had lightening quick reactions but not quick enough to catch before they broke but as they broke. Therefore the edge that I caught as it was falling to the floor (already broken) was razor sharp.

It stung but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw blood dripping rather quickly to the counter and floor. I ran my hand under cold water (which was still hot at first from running the dish water…don’t try that at home…hurts like a mother) and discovered I was bleeding from more than one area. I wrapped a paper towel to wrap my hand and thankfully #3 was home. It was hard to try to corral Chorizo while cleaning up but we managed to stick him in the bathroom and thanks to #3 got the glass cleaned up and the dishes finished.

I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to need to get stitches but decided against it. I had a hard time getting a couple of the places to stop bleeding, more so from the fact that they were on the knuckle area than how deep they were. I look like Michael Jackson now with all the bandaids on my fingers but hey, it got me out of washing dishes for a few days! In fact I told #3 that now I know how to get her to wash dishes (which she LOATHES by the way)….just cut my hand while she’s there! I may have to rethink that strategy though as I don’t like the other ways it inconveniences me.

I think what I hate the most is that the place where I bought them no longer exists so I don’t know where to get a replacement.  I’m gonna keep my eyes open for them though because I don’t care if they ARE gravy boats or whatever the heck they are, I like them, I love them… I want some more of them!  It’s gonna be awful hard sharing ONE ’cause that’s all we have left! 😦

All in all, I just wanted Karma (the bitchy one) and Chorizo to know that I think I paid my dues for laughing at his expense. Enough with the accidents already. I can’t afford to hurt anything else!


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2 Responses to Karma WILL Get Ya!

  1. Ron says:

    I’ve had this same thing happen to me while doing the dishes. I’ve done it on a sharp steak knife – OUCH!

    I’ve also accidentally cut my finger while cutting someones hair with my scissors. It’s fun trying to finish cutting someone hair with BLOOD dripping from your knuckle – HA!

    Glad you hear you didn’t need stitches.

    Have a GRAND Monday, dear friend!

    ((((( Peg )))))


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