I get a daily email from WordPress suggesting post topics or ideas.  Once in a while I have participated but I usually don’t post on the day after but I keep them for whenever I need an idea or if I particularly like one I may make a note to write about it later.  A few weeks ago the topic was something to the effect that if you could have the ability to “silence” someone for 24 hours, would you and who would it be?

Of course my mind always goes into overdrive and I start changing things around. First let me say that since I’m not really around a lot of people repeatedly now other than immediately family since I’m not working, but, when I was working, there were probably several people over the years that I would have wanted the chance to silence for 24 hours.

Then I started thinking about how it would be neat to have the ability to kind of “save up” your minutes and not have it run consecutively since most people aren’t around many people for 24 hours straight other than family and hopefully you don’t feel that way about your family.  If I were ever bestowed with that power I would like to be able to use it at will… maybe an hour at a time. You know when someone starts droning on and on?  You could start your time and then when you saw their mouth stop moving you could stop it and save the rest of the minutes for later.

Of course hubby has told me for years that I have an uncanny ability to get along with or put up with people that drive everyone else crazy.  I think it’s my sanity’s defense mechanism.  I just tune them out.  It’s sort of like those Charlie Brown cartoons.  I just kind of zone out and all I hear is “Wah wah wah…”. I think it’s a blessing. There of course are times where it can get you in trouble when later someone wants to ask you about something they’ve already told you and you had zoned them out so you have no idea what they are talking about.

Anyway, this post topic got me to thinking of this woman I had the occasion to meet a while back.  I can’t even really say I met her. She just happened to be in the same place and me for the same situation and I was kind of stuck in the same room with her for several hours and I do consider it stuck because it wasn’t pleasant.

What had happened was my ex-boss had called me to ask if I’d be willing to help him out volunteering for an organization he belongs to.  There was a fun run in Atlanta and we were volunteering to help count the pledges turned in by the runners.  This entailed getting up very early on a Saturday morning to be at the Chamber of Commerce building in downtown Atlanta by 7:30 in the morning which meant leaving my house by shortly after 6:30 which meant getting up a little after 5.  I told Mick he should be  happy I still love him because there’s not many people I’d get up for that early on a Saturday morning!

I got to the designated parking area around 7:15 and thankfully saw Mick and his wife in the next parking lot (I would have parked in the wrong spot if I hadn’t seen them) so I got their attention and we all walked together to check in.  We got our badges and walked up to the Chamber of Commerce building and up to the room we’d be working in.  They had the tables interspersed throughout the room and told us we’d be working in teams of two and would be starting shortly.  Mick’s wife and I sat at one table and she asked if he and I would prefer to work together and she would work with someone else and he said no, we could work together.  Well, once they started explaining what we’d be doing she decided that he and I could work together and she would go work the door.

She left for her post and the rest of us gathered around to listen to the instructions.  Before I go further I need to explain that Mick is one of the nicest, sweetest men I have ever met.  You hardly ever hear him say a bad word about anyone and if he does, which is very seldom then you know the person deserves it.  He is patient deals with people in a calm and kind manner.  Even when people do deserve to be talked about in a bad manner, I have heard him take their side and come up with something positive to say which is what makes his reaction to this situation even more shocking to me because of the type person he is.

Anyway, we are standing in a sort of circle around the woman in charge while she’s giving us instruction on how we are to count the money and the checks, etc. and the double accounting they want us to do.  We are all listening politely.  Well, most of us are all listening politely.  There is one woman who keeps interrupting.  She was saying things like “Well, I hope you’re planning on banding the money together like the bank does…you know you have to band 50 ones together at the time.”  The woman in charge politely says yes, she’s aware of that but it probably won’t be an issue for each of the individual walkers and that they will worry about that when it gets to their “bank” where they verify all the money and band it up.  I think all of us wanted to turn to her and say “OK…we GET it!  You work in a bank!  Get over yourself!”

Then she (the interrupter) starts talking about how you need to bundle them together in 100 pieces per packet, yada, yada, yada. And the woman tells her that “we” (the volunteers) don’t need to worry about that, they will handle that when it comes to them at their area.  Then she starts in on the change.  The woman in charge again tells her that they will handle that… all they need us to do is verify that the amount each walker says is in their packet is actually there.  Then she starts in about making sure they stamp each check… I wonder if she thought these people were idiots.  I mean, how in the world have they ever survived all these years without this one woman’s expertise?  I mean she is obviously God’s gift to the finance world…

It was at this point that Mick turned to me and whispered “For the love of God!  Can that woman just SHUT UP?” It caught me off guard but all I could do was laugh because I was thinking the exact same thing! Then when we sat down we realized she was at the very next table!  He turned to me and said “If she keeps this up I think I will HAVE to kill her!”  You know she would HAVE to be annoying to elicit that response from him!

Every once in a while she would pipe up and loudly put in her two cents worth for something that she was sure none of the rest of us had sense enough to figure out and every time he and I would look up and catch each other’s eye and roll our eyes.  At one point he said “You go grab her and I’ll find something to stuff down her throat!”  About halfway through they ended up moving her to another “job” on the other side of the room that kept her pretty busy and QUIET…thank goodness because I think if not Mick and I, someone surely would have told her to shut up by the end of the day! Or at least stuffed and locked her in a closet (sound proofed if we could have).

The other thing I wanted to mention about this day that I found very interesting was the bathrooms.  I still don’t get it but the bathrooms were equipped with bidets and heated seats!  Electronic bidets at that.  Supposedly this is supposed to be very eco friendly and natural resource saving but I don’t get it. There was a panel on the wall by the toilet that would allow you to clean yourself and the toilet seat was heated.  Can someone please explain how using electricity and extra water to cleanse your bottom (or front) saves resources more than cheap toilet paper that most public buildings use because the toilet paper was there too.  The panel gave you the choice of front wash, rear wash, pulse, hard and dry.  Yes, of course I had to try it.  I found it very disconcerting.  I guess it’s a matter of personal preference.  I just don’t understand how it’s supposed to be more economical.  I think those Chamber of Commerce of people are just spoiled.

I did at least get pictures of the bathroom!

The fancy schmancy toilet with the heated seat

And just where would you like that water directed?


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10 Responses to Quiet PLEASE!

  1. terrepruitt says:

    I would not like this power at all. I think that often I think that I don’t need to listen to someone and then it turns out, I learn something. Not that I think I know everthing, it just like the situation you described where the person sounds as if they know everything so I start to tune them out, but then low-and-behold some little snippet of information seeps in and I do learn something.

    I do not know enough to use this power. If God puts a person in my life —- even a know-it-all, it is for some reason and I should just learn what the reason is.

    I am glad that you were relieve of this constant gabby know-it-all.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I’m thinking I was supposed to learn patience and as far as I can tell it somewhat worked. I mean I didn’t punch her in the face or curse her out or anything so to me, that’s success!

  2. Ron says:

    “It was at this point that Mick turned to me and whispered “For the love of God! Can that woman just SHUT UP?”

    OMG, how funny because that’s exactly what I would have said!

    This woman sounds like a NOODGE – HA!

    I work with a woman who I would LOVE to silence. PERMINATELY – HA!

    LOVE the electonic bidet, Peg! Holy cow…I’ve never seen one like this!

    “The panel gave you the choice of front wash, rear wash, pulse, hard and dry.”

    How HILARIOUS! It sounds like a CAR WASH!

    Great post, dear friend! Enjoyed it!

    Have a wonderful weekend…..X

    • pegbur7 says:

      Funny you compare it to a car wash cause I was tempted to take it for a “test drive”! LOL

      And yes, Noodge fits her perfectly! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Lisa says:

    Hmmm, I can see definite advantages to your revised “silencing” proposal! Great idea. I’d use it.

  4. Hi, Peg!

    Just returning your visit to my blog from earlier. So glad you stopped in! I normally reply to all of my posters in the comments section, but on giveaways i keep my fingers still. It cuts down on the confusion when a winner is chosen.

    I’ve read a couple of your posts and decided to subscribe via email! I’m looking forward to reading more. Any blog read of Ron’s has to be a read treat!

    Nice to “meet” you too!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks for returning the favor. Did I mention that I drive through Danville several times a year? My parents live in Schuyler VA so we try to get up there several times a year so coming from Atlanta we come right through there. Thanks for subscribing!

      And don’t you just LOVE Ron? I had the pleasure of meeting him in person last year and he’s just as great in person!

  5. Kissowa says:

    Heated seats? Yeah, cus that warm feeling of someone having used the toilet before you is just so great it has to be automated in to the seat. Gross.

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