Quik Tripping

Last week when we went to Virginia the original plan was for us to leave when hubby got off work about 4.  That way we would be ahead of the crush for the evening rush hour.  I was going to take him to work and then when I picked him up we’d already be right at the interstate and able to get to the other side of ATL toot sweet.  Well, as usual, those plans didn’t pan out.

The first kink in the plan was that Sunday, the day before we were supposed to leave (well actually it was EARLY EARLY Monday morning) we woke up to the sound of Chorizo vomiting under our bed.  Yes, a very gross thing to wake up to.  But at least he was UNDER the bed and not IN it or under the covers!  ONLY bright spot to that one.

I ended up not getting back to sleep after getting up to clean that up and take him outside so hubby said he’d go ahead and drive to work and depending on how Chorizo did would depend on whether we’d actually get to leave Monday or not.  Hubby didn’t want to take the chance of him being away from our vet and needing him or throwing up all over our car.  I think he must have ingested part of the backing to the rug in our bathroom while we were asleep which made him sick but that’s beside the point and I won’t tell you why I think that because it’s just too gross.

Anyway, I went ahead and packed and around 3:30 or so hubby called and said he was going to be “leaving shortly” so I thought that would put us on the road by 5 or 6 which would still be rush hour but by 6 it would be the tail end of it.  Chorizo hadn’t thrown up again so it seemed safe to leave.  The plan was to drive as far as we could before we stopped for the night.  If it had gotten too late we had contemplated just waiting to leave until EARLY on Tuesday morning.

Well, by the time hubby actually got home it was after 9 p.m.  Driving the whole way was not an option as I did not want to wake my parents at 3 or 4 in the morning and I had already made plans with a friend in Virginia to meet her (with my parents) for dinner around 5 p.m. If we waited until Tuesday morning to leave that would mean that we would barely be making it to where we were supposed to meet her for dinner much less be able to drive an hour past that to pick up my parents and come
back.  Plus hubby had a really sucky day at work and basically wanted to get as far away from ATL as possible.

We ended up pulling out of the driveway around 9:30 p.m.  I told hubby that since he worked all day and had stopped and gotten himself a Subway sandwich on the way home (kind of impossible to drive and eat that at the same time) that I would drive so he could eat and then rest.  We had planned to drive at least to the other side of Atlanta or maybe the South Carolina border before we stopped for a Chorizo pee break.

As we crossed Lake Hartwell at the S.C. border I asked hubby if he wanted me to stop at the rest area and he said no, Chorizo was asleep so let’s keep going and see how he’s doing around Anderson (there’s a cheap gas station there that we stop at sometimes).  At Anderson he was still doing fine so I kept driving.  There’s an exit north of Greenville (I think exit 75) that has a cheap RaceWay that we sometimes stop at so I was aiming for there.  The last time I had come back by myself that way it was being renovated and their rest rooms were out of order but then I saw a sign that they had a brand new Quik Trip gas station (first one in S.C.) so I went ahead and pulled off. Plus it was still in the GRAND OPENING stages so they had gas for $2.81! SCORE!!!!!

We pulled in and hubby started pumping gas and I took Chorizo to do his business but since it was pretty crowded for almost midnight on a Monday night he thought his business was to make friends with every single person at the gas station.  I had him over in the grassy area trying to get him to go but he was much more interested in the cars whizzing by on the road than actually whizzing himself.  When hubby got done pumping gas he came and relieved me of Chorizo duty so I could go relieve myself inside the gas station.  I got my snack and came back out to the hand off so hubby could take his turn inside.

When I came out of the gas station hubby was standing right outside the station on the sidewalk holding Chorizo so I took him and went back out towards the car.  As I was walking out a nicely dressed man commented on how cute Chorizo was and I laughingly commented on how “vicious” he was and how he thought he was a 150 pound Rottweiler instead of a 10 pound Chiweenie and continued to the car and the gentleman went in the station.  I sat there in the car getting myself situated while I waited for hubby to come back out of the station.

As I was sitting there I noticed the gentlemen I had conversed with came back out of the station and he happened to be parked at the next pump across from me so that my driver’s door was adjacent to his passenger door.  I glanced over and smiled and nodded as he got in his car and was readying myself for our continued journey.  Hubby was still in the station getting his snack and I glanced over and noticed that the gentleman beside me had rolled down his window and was motioning for me to do the same.  I didn’t know what he wanted but I’m a friendly person so I complied.

Mystery Man:  Excuse me… I’m trying to make my way down to Riverdale Ga….

Me:  Oh, that’s easy.  Just hop on 85 South until you get to Atlanta…

MM:  No, I know HOW to get there.  I was just having some car trouble.  I did get it fixed but I guess you can hear it still sounds terrible.

ME:  ***confused look on my face, nodding my head***

MM:  I’m not a bum or anything and I don’t have anything new I could give you but I’ve got some really cool stuff in my trunk if you want to take a look???

ME:  ***thankfully noticing that hubby is walkingup to the car**** Ummmm…. That’s something you need to talk to my husband about.

He looked genuinely shocked to see hubby now towering over the passenger side of our car and giving him the evil eye.

Hubby:  I’m sorry, can I HELP you with something?  (For those of you who don’t know what my hubby looks like, he’s very tall and can be quite intimidating when he wants to be).

MM:  Wow… he came out of nowhere!  I wasn’t expecting that… Never mind.  I’ll just be going.

Hubby:  Well, what did you need?

MM:  Well, I was just telling your wife I was having some car trouble but that’s ok. I’ll be fine.

Hubby asked if I had a ten and I told him I had about $7 change from the ten I took in the station and he had about $2 change in his pocket so he walked over to the guys car and was acting really strange like looking all around his car and stuff.  He handed the guy the money and he thanked hubby and drove off.  Hubby walked around and got back in the car.

Me:  Well, that was kind of rude.

Hubby:  Yeah, panhandling for money in the gas station.

Me:  No, I meant YOU.  You were acting kind of rude.

Hubby:  Didn’t you find that kind of strange the way he was acting?

Me:  No, I just thought he was embarrassed to ask for help.

Hubby:  **shaking his head** I really worry about you sometimes… You don’t think it was awfully strange that he wanted to “show you something” in his trunk?  How do you know he’s not some serial killer that wouldn’t shove you in the trunk once you got back there? Or that he didn’t want to rob you thinking you were by yourself?  You don’t think that it’s awfully strange that when I walk up all of a sudden he doesn’t need help anymore?

Well…..I guess when you put it like THAT!  What do you guys think?  Strange man looking for a victim /pickup or coincidence?  Oh and hubby said he was just checking to make sure he didn’t see a gun or something in the passenger seat or something.  Like it wouldn’t be too late once you walked up on it?

Oh, and for those of you watch Dexter?  Hubby said the guy reminded him of the character currently being played by Mos Def.  Kinda creepy but you don’t know what he’s up to and he kind of looked like him too! So, I am interested to know your thoughts on the situation.  Am I too trusting or is hubby too skeptical?


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12 Responses to Quik Tripping

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Regardless of whether it is rude or not, I don’t talk to strangers in cars. And that is the worst line if I have ever heard one, “I have some really cool stuff in my trunk.” Uh . . . yeah, no thanks.

    Don’t know what he was up to, just sounds no good.

  2. Rae says:

    Your husband is more likely correct on this one. Glad he showed up at the right time.

  3. suzicate says:

    I’m with the hubby on this one as you know since we’ve had this conversation and creeped each other out!

  4. Carol says:

    A few years ago, I would have gone with you. Now, I have to go with hubby. Sad, but trusting can get you hurt sometimes. It all just sounds too strange to me.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I twas a little weird after he decided he’d just leave when hubby showed up. I mean hubby showing up didn’t change the fact that he said he needed work on his car or money!

  5. Ron says:

    Yup, I’m definitely with hubby on this one.

    But, I also live in a city, where this kind of thing is VERY prevalent. Therefore, my ‘radar’ is always a bit on guard.

    Yikes! This story gave me the creeps just reading about this guy. God only knows what he had in his trunk.

    Have a great weekend, dear friend!


  6. NikNik says:

    Super Creepy!!! This is exactly why I don’t talk to strangers!!!

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