Why Yes I HAVE

22 things I’ve done

For Mama Kat’s Almost World Famous Writer’s Workshop I wrote a list of 22 things I’d never done.  Not necessarily things I WANTED to do just things I hadn’t.  Several people asked me about things I wanted to do and I’m still working on that list but this week one of the prompts(#1 in fact)  was 22 things we HAVE done.  So, of course, I HAD to choose that one.  So, in totally random order and without further ado here are 22 random things I HAVE done.  I HAVE:

  1.  Qualified as an “expert marksman” on a firing range with police officers.
  2. Worked as a dog catcher
  3. Dowsed for water
  4. Had my elementary school turned into a museum
  5. Lived on “Walton’s Mountain”
  6. Gone to a Broadway Show
  7.  Driven a motorcycle
  8. Given birth with no medication at all
  9. Had surgery on my spine
  10. Survived an accident where my car hydroplaned across 6 lanes of traffic and into a ravine without a scratch.
  11. Had flying squirrels and a baby deer as pets
  12. Sold encyclopedias door to door
  13. Stayed at a “haunted” Inn by myself all night (ok, not on purpose).
  14. Gone on a cruise
    The view as we set sail on our cruise
  15. been in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
  16. Been to the top of the World Trade Center (& eaten at the Rainbow Roomwhile I was there)
  17. Taken a carriage ride though Central Park
  18. Seen the Liberty Bell in person
  19. Been to the top of the Gateway Arch
  20. Taken both a Segway and a “pedi-cab” tour
    Outta my way world! Here I come!!!
  21. Had a tire fall off my vehicle (entire rim and all) while I was driving to work
  22. Fallen in love at first sight (and am still in love with and married to him almost 30 years later)

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8 Responses to Why Yes I HAVE

  1. suzicate says:

    You’ve done lots of fun and exciting stuff…even if some of it wasn’t on purpose!

  2. Ron says:

    “8. 8.Given birth with no medication at all.”

    Well, being a man that’s something I have NEVER done – HA!

    And I APPLAUDE you for doing that without NO medication!!!!

    You GO, girl!

    And this is WHY I think women are MUCH stronger than men!

    Have a great day, dear friend. Hope you’re having a fab time!


  3. Betdha never slipped on a banana peel. That’s one thing I can claim I have done that not many others can. And yes, they’re just as slippery as the cartoons portray them to be.

  4. Julia says:

    Wow the accident, 6 lanes of traffic that is a miracle that you lived to tell about it. Great list, lots of accomplishments.

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