Moon Freaky River


Our Spin Cycle this week is ghosts.  I’m having a hard time thinking about what to write about this because I’ve already written a couple of different times about Maddie.  In case you don’t know the story of Madeline you can read about her here and here.  In a nutshell, she is supposedly the little girl who haunts the inn we frequently go to in Savannah.  She died in a fire there and was the daughter of one of the original owners.

I must admit that since I started having “experiences” with Maddie I have become quite intrigued with the whole phenomenon.  I have to interject here that I have always felt that I was somewhat “sensitive” although not necessarily what people call psychic.  When I was younger, after I left home but before I got married, I once went to a “psychic” who told me all kinds of things.  Seems I remember some of them as coming true and I actually taped my session with her but for the life of me I can’t find that tape.  I’ve probably long since lost it in one of our many moves.

After some of my experiences with Maddie I stumbled upon the TV shows Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters and almost became obsessed with them although I have to admit I like Ghost Hunters better because they actually try to find any other plausible explanations for whatever people report whereas Ghost Adventures and cheesy Zac go for the over the top.  I do have to admit that I love their “tech” guy Aaron because he always acts so scared and they of course make him do the stuff that’s gonna make him the most scared.

I took this picture of the screen during the show because the sign beside him is who I used to work for!

On one show they went to this restaurant in Savannah called Moon River Brewery.  They brew their own beer there.  This is apparently a BIG hot spot for paranormal activity and supposedly one of them even got scratched by an otherwordly entity while they were filming there.   My most favorite part of the episode was when Zac was trying to find another outside entrance to the building and there was a cat down in the hole that jumped out and scared the crap out of him. I seriously think he probably had to change his britches after that scene!

Anyway, the last time that hubby and I went to Savannah we had walked down to River Street because hubby wanted to go to the candy shops and on the way back to the inn we decided to stop and eat lunch at his favorite place for bread pudding, Churchill’s English Pub.  I had promised hubby we would go there while we were in Savannah that trip and we hadn’t gone yet and we were leaving right after lunch.  As we walked down the street to the pub I noticed that it just so happened to be right next door to Moon River Brewery.  So you guys KNOW where I wanted to go! 

Of course I HAD promised hubby Churchill’s so I grudgingly agreed to eat there but when we got to the door we found out that they didn’t open until 5 pm!  Woo Hoo!  I can’t say that I danced in the street but in my head I did!  Of course I didn’t dare tell hubby it was one and the same Moon River Brewery that we had seen on Ghost Adventures until after we sat down and ordered our drinks.  Then when our waitress came back I asked her if it was indeed “haunted” and she said that she and about every server there had some kind of unexplained occurrence happen to them at some point or other.

The creepy fireplace in the creepy basement

We also called over the manager and found out that Zac was indeed just as cheesy in real life as he is on the show.  She said what you saw was what you got and that he was a very “intense” person but also just as cheesy as he appeared to be.  Through her and what I saw on the show I gleaned that the most active spots were they upper floors, where public is generally not allowed due to ongoing construction and the basement.  She said you CAN rent out the restaurant for the entire night for a ghost hunting tour of your own but I’d hate to think what that would cost.  Our waitress said several times she had to “host” overnight visits and that she herself had gotten “scratched” by an unknown entity during one of those visits.   We did, however, find out that the general public is allowed to venture down to the basement if you are so inclined.  Oh, yes, I was inclined.  BUT… hubby steadfastly refused to go down to the basement with me. 

hubby in front of said creepy fireplace

I guess I pouted enough during lunch (which by the way was excellent, we shared a “cheeseburger salad”) that before we left he agreed to go with me down there because as much as I wanted to go there was no way in hell I was going down there by myself!  No siree… I’m too much of a chicken for that!  What if I really ran into something?  I’d freak the heck out and they’d have to call 911 to come get me.  Not that hubby would be that much protection in that kind of situation. I love you honey but I know you’d probably knock me down and trample me getting out of there if we ran into anything remotely resembling the paranormal!

The banquet room where people supposedly see a hunched over black shadowey entity

Needless to say, we didn’t have any “experiences” while in the basement.  I took pictures hoping to catch some “orbs” or something because on the show they said that everyone who took pictures down there got orbs in them.  LIARS!  I got no orbs.  I did however get a distinctly creepy hair standing up on the back of my neck kind of feel down there.  Totally creeped me out, but, alas no actual experiences.  Maybe if we’d stayed down there longer but hubby couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Close up of the really creepy room

As for any other experiences, on a totally unrelated note, I do have a short little experience that I didn’t have but #2 did.  When we moved in the house we live in now, only #3 still lived at home.  Both #1 and #2 were away at college so when we moved in the house #3 got the other “big” bedroom and the “spare” bedroom we figured would be the guest room or either of the other girls if they ever moved back home.  Well, #2 did move back home for a brief period and when she came home, the very first night, #1 happened to also be home.  Since that room was smaller and #2 would actually be staying there a while it was deemed her room and #1 was going to sleep in #3’s room with her because it had two twin beds while the other one only had a fold out futon.

We had all gone to bed and I was almost asleep when I heard screaming emanating from the other side of the house and ran out to find #2 huddled on the bed in #3’s room with her sisters.  I asked what the heck was going on only to have #2 (who looked like she’d seen a ghost, pardon the pun) tell us that “someone” had tried to get into bed with her.   It took a while to get her calmed down because she was pretty hysterical and shaken up but what I ascertained after she calmed down was that she had gone to bed and closed her door and turned off the light.  She was almost asleep when she “felt” someone lay down beside her, you know how it feels when someone sits or lies on a bed you’re on?  At first she thought it was one of the cats when she remembered that there weren’t any cats in her room and about that time she said it felt like an arm lay across her arm like someone was trying to “spoon” her.

Well, that was all it took and she was off and running and screaming into her sister’s room leaving whatever it was alone in her room.  Of course we went in her room and didn’t find anything or anyone and unlike the other two bedrooms there is no way out of that room except the door to the hallway and the windows which were closed and locked.  I have never slept in that room other than the day before we moved in and I had to be here at the butt crack of dawn to meet the electric company and the futon was already in that room and I napped while I waited for them.  I had nothing happen.  My cousin and #1 have both slept in that room and never complained of anything happening. I just know that the rest of the time #2 lived here, she would not sleep in that room.  She slept on the sofa and rarely would even be in there during the day with the door shut.

I would like to think it was her imagination but she totally reacted in a way that I would have if something like what she described happened had happened to me.  I mean our house is less than 10 years old and only had one previous owner and no one has told us about anyone dying in this house although I guess with “residual haunts” it could be something connected to the land or even to some property or item that has been brought into the house.  I just know I’ve never really had anything happen here except for the faint music I hear every once in a while when no one else is here and there is no TV or radio on.  And it’s not coming from a neighbor or passing car or anything.  I’ve checked.  Just faint music that almost sounds like its coming from the attic or through the vents…. I guess that’s just one more thing to freak me out.  But I won’t think about that today.  After all, tomorrow is another day!


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12 Responses to Moon Freaky River

  1. suzicate says:

    Daddy and I were talking this weekend about what he said his ancesters referred to as “haints” and he talked about Peg Leg Clark…remember that one? Apparently, he not only was missing a leg but an arm too…and it was from being run over by a train as he was a hobo and jumped off and fell under it…didn’t know all that about him until I asked. Anyway, he was talking about all the old haunted places and said they called the ghosts “haints”, thought it was funny.

    • pegbur7 says:

      It’s funny. At the Inn they painted the outside walls what is called “haint green” (or blue I can’t remember because years ago they thought that color kept away the spirits because they wouldn’t “cross” that color. I think they painted them IN! LOL

  2. Whoah! What happened to #2 would creep me out as well!
    When John and I took a weekend trip to St. Augustine, allegedly haunted, we did go on a nighttime ghost hunting *walking* tour. It was fun, but I remember being completely skeptical, thinking the “orbs” were dust in the air.
    You’re linked!

  3. Michele says:

    Oh! We were just at the Moon River Brewery. We didn’t go because it was haunted. We went because it had the word brewery in the name. My husband never passes up a brew pub. EVER!

  4. Ron says:

    “At first she thought it was one of the cats when she remembered that there weren’t any cats in her room and about that time she said it felt like an arm lay across her arm like someone was trying to “spoon” her.”

    OH. MY. GOD….just reading that gave me CHILLS!!!!!

    I totally believe in ghosts, spirits, and paranormal experiences.

    Philly (being so old) is notorious for ghosts. In fact, when I first moved back I took a ghost tour and it was amazing!

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend!

    Have super weekend…..X

  5. CaJoh says:

    I think I remember seeing this episode. Sometimes I find that they seem to add unnecessary drama by trying to coax the ghosts to do something then overreacting when they hear the slightest noise.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Which is exactly what I mean when I say that I think they are “cheesy”. I think they over dramatize too. Like you said, they overreact AND over ACT…..

  6. Pseudo says:

    The one time we went to the South, we stayed in Savannah for three days and I loved it. We did not do the ghost tour, but I wish I had.

    I’m going to go read Maddie stories, but may have to finish later as we are leaving here in 10 to go see a play…

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