A Beautiful Day

This was taken lying on my back staring straight up at the sky. What a beautiful blue!

 Friday was a beautiful day in our part of the country.  Blue blue sky with nary a cloud in sight.  We had taken hubby’s car to our mechanic on Thursday so he had my car at work and #3 was at work with her car so I was literally stuck at home with no transportation to go anywhere even if I’d wanted to. 

Poe was enjoying the view from his perch atop my tummy.


I had taken Chorizo out early in the morning and a little closer to lunchtime but it was still a little chilly out.  I took him back out around 3 or so and it was so beautiful that I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I put him on the chain and came back in and got a blanket and sheet and a small pillow along with my phone and Kindle and decided to lie out for a while.  Not “in the sun” because I don’t do that anymore since my dermatologist convinced me several years ago after removing several “suspicious” moles that I did not want skin cancer.

Chorizo is looking at Poe like "Please don't smack me!"

 I found a nice spot in the shade and spread out my blanket which was immediately jumped on my Chorizo and Poe leaving me about a third of our already small blanket.  Let me tell you, I’m not sure who enjoyed it more…. The dog, the cats or myself!

Chorizo enjoyed a sunny spot in the shade

I went back in and grabbed a couple of Chorizo’s balls.  No, not the ones still attached… although that will only be for a couple more days as he goes Wednesday to have his little “bumpydoodles” removed! I got his football which he immediately ripped a tear in and the rubber ducky that actually used to be a tub toy for my kids when they were little that he had “adopted” as a chew toy and throwing object.  We spent the next couple of hours alternately trying to keep him or one of the cats from dragging the blanket off, retrieving my flipflops which he kept dragging off and playing fetch and then watching the cat and mouse…errr…. Cat and puppy games of catch, don’t catch that they were playing.

Chorizo and LaLa starting their Mexican stand off

Mind you this entire time I had to keep Chorizo on the leash or chain or both (yes for a while I attached the retractable leash to the chain to give him more running room) since our yard is not fenced and 9 times out of 10 if you leave him more than 10 seconds NOT chained in some form or fashion he either takes off for the abandoned driving range (last time it took me 30 minutes to find him in the overgrown weeds) or down to the next cul-de-sac where his “girlfriend” Samantha lives or towards the front of the subdivision where I am scared to death that he will run into the main road before I can catch him and get hit by a car. 

Chorizo and Poe face off

 I have found that there are several methods to “catch” him.  He loves jelly beans.  Don’t ask how I know.  And don’t judge.  Let’s just say that hubby loves Starburst jelly beans and somehow he discovered that Chorizo LOVES green Starburst jelly beans.  Seriously, he can be entirely on the other side of the house and if he hears that jelly bean bag crinkle he comes running full force.  So the other day hubby takes him outside without his leash and sure enough he takes off for the street.  I took off after him and yelled back over my shoulder to hubby “Run inside and get the jelly beans!”  He was all “WHY?”  and I said “Just DO what I said!  RUN!”  I found him at the top of the hill at the end of the street but he wouldn’t let me put my hands on him.  He’d get justsoclose and then take off!  Hubby finally showed up with the jelly beans and I said “Shake the bag!”  He’s again like “What good is that gonna do?” “Just TRUST me!”  And sure enough as soon as he heard that bag shake he came and stood right in front of hubby waiting for his jelly bean and while he was distracted by the anticipation of the green jelly bean I grabbed him.  Yeah, weird I know.

Playing fetch.

He is also fascinated by flash lights.  You can make him run around and around and around in circles until he almost falls out with the beam of a flash light but that only works when it’s dark outside and I found out that you can’t take the flash light out at night for him to do his business because h e gets so distracted by the light that he forgets to do his business and just chases the light around.

 He LOVES to ride in the car more than anything and last time #1 was home he somehow got his chain pulled loose and was at the top of the hill between our yard and the driving range dragging the chain behind him when #1 just happened to go out to move her vehicle so #3 could leave for work.  As soon as he saw her car moving he came barreling down the hill and she opened the door and he jumped in.  Close call.  I dread to think what would have happened if we had not realized he was loose. He would probably have gotten eaten by coyotes or hit by a passing car. 

Thursday when #3 was leaving for work the garage door happened to be open and I went out to get something out of the refrigerator in the garage and quick as a wink he was out that door and running down the driveway.  I quickly yelled for #3 to stop and ran over to hubby’s car and opened the door and said “Wanna go for a ride?”  He immediately ran over and jumped in the car.  I picked him up and took him inside because I didn’t have the keys with me but felt so guilty that when hubby came home we took him to Sonic and bought him (Chorizo) a hot dog (does that make him a cannibal?).  I know… I know… we’re terrible grandpoopieparents.

Once or twice a week if I have to go to the bank I make sure I can use the drive through and take him for a ride so he can flirt with the drive through tellers and I stop usually and get a Starbucks (for me, not him… he’s needs no caffeine as he is already hyper as all get out) and sometimes run to Martins and get him a side order of sausage so he can flirt with the drive through girl.  They all know him and he gets doggy biscuits at the bank so he’s in hog heaven.  Last week he found a new perch.  The back window.  He lay there for most of the trip to the bank but then he started drooling really badly and I was afraid he was going to throw up in the back window so I coaxed him down.

Him sitting like that reminds of one of those bobble head doggies they used to have a car window decorations years ago.

Yes, he is a spoiled rotten grandpoopie and he still thinks he’s a Rottweiler or Pit Bull.  He has no idea he’s the runt of most litters.  And hubby says he doesn’t think he realizes that there is a difference between himself and the cats.  I think he thinks he’s a cat.  He plays this game with them (while he’s on his leash… big dummy) where he runs up to within smacking distance of them and right when they go to smack him he runs off in the opposite direction.  Only today he got a beat down from it.  He didn’t realize that the cat was between him and me and that he was literally at the end of his rope.  He baited the cat and when she smacked he had nowhere to run and literally got a smack down from LaLa. It was seriously funny if it hadn’t been so sad because he had no clue that he couldn’t get away.  Then I felt kinda bad for laughing.  Not too bad because I still laughed.  I think I hurt his feelings… Poor baby.


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6 Responses to A Beautiful Day

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Animals are so entertaining! He’s a cutie to boot!

  2. Loved this story. I used to shake a carton of cat nips to attract our feline pet, it never failed. The dog was also a lover of apples which unfortunately don’t make a noise … unless wrapped in silver foil. The things we have to do, eh?

  3. Ron says:

    ” I have found that there are several methods to “catch” him. He loves jelly beans. ”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG…how CUTE! I knew I LOVED that dog, because I loved jelly beans too!!!!

    FUN post, Peg! Great photos too! Love the one of the blue sky!

    Happy Monday, dear friend!


    P.S. and please tell Chorizo that I would share my jelly beans with him anytime. Except, I get all black ones – HA!

    • pegbur7 says:

      He said it’s a deal! As long as he can get the green ones, they are his favorite and then the yellow. I don’t know why but he loves them. Which is fine with me because I like the pink and read and purple. It’s so funny. He can be SOUND asleep and you drop a jelly bean on the tile floor and he is awake and sniffing for it in 2 seconds flat!

      Have a great week!

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