Friday Night Lights

Friday evening hubby and I went to watch his high school alma mater play football against his hometown football team.  When he was in high school his home town wasn’t big enough to have a high school and when he heard that they did he decided he wanted to go see them play.  When he found out
they were playing his alma mater he knew he really wanted to go so he took off a little early so we could take the usual 2 to 2 ½ hour trek to Augusta and still be there in plenty of time to get checked in to our hotel and take our time about getting to the game.

Turns out that due to construction in two different  stretches of I 20 heading east and a bad wreck our usual 2 hour journey turned into an almost 4 hour journey.  I was ready to pull all my hair out by the
time we got there.  It seemed like one little thing after another.

Traffic was crazy and as soon as we got past the first hurdle we stopped in a little town about midway between Atlanta and Augusta at a Cracker Barrel to eat what turned out to be a very late lunch/very early dinner.  I guess we caught them between shifts because I’m used to Cracker Barrel being at least decent.  I had ordered biscuits with my meal and hubby ordered corn muffins with his.  When she
brought the biscuits she commented that she noticed that the muffins weren’t “fresh” and they had a new batch in which should be about 4 minutes so she brought extra biscuits instead…. Very sweet of her except I’m wondering how she noticed the muffins weren’t fresh but didn’t notice that the biscuits weren’t either!  We could have used them for hockey pucks and they were so cold the butter wouldn’t even melt on them.  HMMMNNNNNN….. I also had carrots and grilled chicken tenders and hash brown casserole. The hottest item on my plate was the carrots.  The hash brown casserole was almost as cold
as the biscuits but not quite.  She brought the muffins literally as we finished our meal.  We weren’t impressed with our meal, at all.  I think I had over half of mine left when we were done.

By the time we finally got to Augusta it was about 6:30 (we had left Atlanta shortly after 2) and it had been so long since we’d been to August that we got lost trying to find the hotel.  It was a road that we’d never heard of and since hubby hasn’t lived there in over 30 years I guess it must have been “new”.  The GPS told us to turn right in half a mile and then didn’t ding like it usually does and we didn’t see the hotel and then we had to cross over a expressway to turn around and then it told us to turn right again!  I think the GPS was even confused.  We finally got checked into the hotel and got our stuff up to our room and it was FREEZING in there.  It felt like an ice box.  I know the temperature was lower than normal but that was ridiculous but we didn’t have time to investigate because we had to get to the game.

Hubby with the cement version of his alma mater's mascot!

We got to see his alma mater get their butts handed to them on a platter and it was so bad we left after we watched the marching bands at half time.  They were losing 29 to 0 at half time.  And I think the other team had their 2nd and 3rd string playing.  Bless their hearts.  Hubby said he thought the new high school had all the “military brats” going there so they’d have a bigger selection of athletes to choose from.  Okay, we’ll go with that. They also had about twice as many players and their players were a lot
bigger than his old high school.  They had one guy on their team that I swear couldn’t have been more than 4 ½ feet tall.  I am NOT exaggerating. He didn’t even come to the other players shoulders. And those tight tight footbal pants that come to about their knees?  His were baggy and I think they were tucked into the top of his cleats. Bless his little heart. I’d have been too afraid he’d get hurt to let him dress out.

If you look closely in front of 58 and 35 you can see the kid I'm talking about. And 58 and 35 are only "average height as you can see compared to the "water girl" standing behind #27.

We went to eat at a local Mexican restaurant (so I could get a margarita) and then headed back to the hotel around 10 or so.  I still had to get my pictures posted for my Saturday post and we changed into our jammies and realized it was still REALLY cold in the room.  It had one of those AC units under the window and the flap for the controls was open so I went to turn the AC down so it would go off and get warmer but there were no control knobs on the unit!  WTH?!?! I told hubby and he came over and the opening was too small to stick your fingers in to turn it manually so I start looking all over the room to see if I can find the knobs somewhere.  Hubby was trying to use tweezers and all kinds of stuff to no avail. I finally give up and call down to the front desk and tell them that the knobs are missing off our AC unit and that we are freezing to death could they please tell me how I’m supposed to turn the unit off with no knobs? She tells me that she will send maintenance up to fix it.

About 2 minutes later the phone rings and the guy from the front desk tells me that maintenance has already left for the night so our only choices are that they can move us to another room or they can send us up some blankets.  After conferring with hubby for about 2 seconds we both decided we didn’t want to have to repack everything to move to another room so I asked them to please send up the blankets as soon as possible.

Thankfully we always travel with a quilt in the car anyway so we already had a thick quilt and they brought up two double sided velour blankets.  I put one on hubby and I wrapped up in the other while I finished up setting my blog to post.  Seriously it was so cold my teeth were chattering.  I had even asked the guy who had called back if they would be willing to give us a discount for our trouble
of having the AC stuck on full blast and he told me I’d have to talk to the manager on duty when we checked out the next morning.  I was thinking to myself that he could bet his sweet bippy that I was surely gonna “talk” to the manager the next morning.  I mean, we were paying over $100 for a room (with our AAA discount no less) to freeze to death!  How ridiculous is THAT???

If this was on the thing the air was coming out of wouldn't you think this was what controlled it too?

I was so cold by the time that I got in the bed that my feet and arms and legs felt like I was in an igloo and my nose was running I was so cold.  During the night I woke up and had go to the bathroom and I fairly RAN to the bathroom and then ran back and jumped in the bed.  I normally don’t really like to snuggle a lot, I like my space when I sleep, but, let me tell you there was a lot of snuggling going on that night.  I felt like I could NOT get warm.  I even stuck my head under the cover because I felt like my nose was going to fall off!

Saturday morning I get up and I’m trying to figure out the coffeepot.  I was trying to find the light switch to turn on the light near the coffee pot when hubby pipes up and says “Oh my GOD… WHAT is that?”  At first I’m thinking there must be some huge spider or snake or something terribly bad wrong and I’m looking around me on the floor going “What? Where??”  and he points to the wall behind me in the
corner and goes…. “Is THAT a thermostat???”

Ok… yall can all quit laughing now..,.. The reason there were no knobs on the freaking AC unit was because it was controlled by a thermostat on the wall. And it was set at 60 degrees! 60!!! Even in the summer who in the heck has their AC set at 60?? But in my defense… if the air was coming out of the unit under the window I would have thought that the controls that were actually ON the unit would have controlled it.  I wasn’t looking for a thermostat all the way across the room in the corner.
AND… I would think that when I called down to the front desk to complain that the AC unit didn’t have any knobs to control it with that THEY would have had sense enough to tell me to try the thermostat ON THE WALL!! I talked to TWO different people and neither one said anything about a thermostat and neither did the THIRD person who brought up the blankets from housekeeping.  Unless they were all just sitting back and having a good laugh at the idiots that couldn’t figure out a thermostat!

Trust me… I didn’t ask for any “discount” for our inconvenience when we checked out…especially since the inconvenience was caused by our own ignorance, but, I DID tell the girl that I thought they should make sure all the front desk people KNEW to tell people if they called to complain about the AC to check the WALL.  She agreed. She said they all should know.  So I guess they were just messing with us. They should be ashamed… it’s not nice to mess with the mentally challenged, which we so very obviously were!  And hubby told me I shouldn’t tell yall since this was so embarrassingly stupid but all’s fair in the blogging world, right?  And I told him if he did something stupid that I’d blog about so I guess that ncludes ME.  When I do something equally embarrassing then I’m telling on myself too.  Have you stopped laughing at me yet?  I haven’t.


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2 Responses to Friday Night Lights

  1. Ron says:

    “..,.. The reason there were no knobs on the freaking AC unit was because it was controlled by a thermostat on the wall.”

    OMG…that’s INSANE??! Who in their right mind would ever look for the AC controls on the wall?!?! And if they were, there should have been a sign or something to inform the hotel guests.

    But, I will tell ya, I would rather be cold than hot. One time I stayed over night in a hotel in Florida (during the summer) and the AC in the room was barely working and they couldn’t switch me to another room because they were full – UGH!

    Have a great Sunday, Peg!

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