Which Came First?

The chicken or the egg?  I lamented when Pacci at the Palomar in midtown closed. We had eaten there a few times and the food was fabulous. I think most of you will remember that #2 worked there. The décor was wonderful and the food was even better.  Well, Chef Marc Taft (who was the GM at Pacci) decided to go out on his own and made sure the chicken and the egg melded together.  He opened a wonderful eatery called Chicken and The Egg. This one is located not in Midtown Atlanta but outside the perimeter in West Cobb (Marietta) not far from Marietta Square. It’s located at 800 Whitlock, in the Burnt Hickory Village Shopping Center.  The decor may not be as posh as Pacci but the food is certainly just as good.

From the parking lot

An offer was made to #2 to come work there as well but since she had already started working at Rathbuns (and really likes her job and the convenience since it’s only 10 minutes from her house) she turned it down. However, #3 was in the market for a job closer to home so she went in and interviewed and got the job. Yay! Let me tell you when she brought home the menu to study both hubby and my mouths BOTH started watering just looking at the descriptions of all that yummy food.

Chicken and The Egg is described as “Modern Farmstead Fare”… a fancy way to say good ole’ southern cooking with a modern and upscale twist! We decided to surprise #3 last Sunday and go there and eat (she always welcomes a nice fat tip!) after hubby got off work. Let me tell you, I am SO glad that we did and we plan to try to go back tomorrow and meet #2 and #1. We might make this a new Sunday tradition! The restaurant itself is beautiful. The décor is elegant yet not ostentatious. They even have a small little patio which is where we sat. It was a beautiful evening to sit outside and eat. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cool. A perfect coming-into-fall evening.

The sun was starting to set and it was beautiful.

We didn’t order any alcoholic beverages but both had the southern staple of sweet tea and it was good. It wasn’t sicky sweet like many restaurants in the south are guilty of. I thought it was just right. And we decided to start the meal with their take on fried green tomatoes. Let me tell you they gastro-fantabulous. They made my tummy smile. They fry the tomatoes and top them with a thinly sliced ham, tomato jam and a pimento cheese sauce. The combination of flavors was exquisite. As hubby is wont to say “it’ll make your tongue slap your brain” good.

OMG... makes my mouth water just looking at them again!

The manager, Tom, had stopped by our table to talk and recommended the hummus. Hubby and I both immediately thought of chick peas and hummus and neither of us has been a big fan of hummus. I don’t like chick peas and I don’t like the grainy consistency of the hummus I have tried in the past. Hubby just doesn’t really like hummus period which is weird because he LOVES chick peas! Go figure. But Tom insisted that we needed to “try it” and since this take on hummus was made with butterbeans, which happen to be one of hubby’s favorite beans, we gave in. SO glad we did. It was exquisite (I know I keep saying that but it’s true). My only complaint was that it is served with slices of pita bread and I (in my humble opinion) think it needs something crunchier like a pita chip or some kind of cracker to pair it with. The taste was fabulous, I just wasn’t a big fan of the pita bread pairing and hubby agreed.

I think putting the hummus in these little mason jars is a great touch!

Hubby had already ordered soup when Tom recommended the hummus so by the time that came around we were both already getting somewhat full but we powered through. Good thing! The roasted heirloom tomato and Vidalia onion soup was SO SO GOOD! Creamy, tasty, tangy, it wasn’t bland and it wasn’t too spicy; as baby bear said “It was just right!” The only problem now was we still had the main course to go!

Much much better than just ummm ummm good...

Oh, I can’t forget the bread…. I’m not even sure what to call it. It was like a cross between a biscuit and a yeast roll. Maybe we can call it a byoll? Whatever it was, it was served with sorghum butter which was almost the consistency of a whipped peanut butter. Again… I know I keep repeating myself but it was SO GOOD! Yummy to my tummy. But I was already so full I couldn’t eat a whole one!

"Byoll" with sorghum butter....sinfully good!

It looked so yummy I had to take a bite before I could take a picture!

I ordered chicken and dumplings which although it was not like my mama used to make (nor my hubby) was still very, very good, just different from the “normal” southern variety. #3 was trying to explain to me how the chicken is cooked in a vacuum sealed bag first to ensure that the meat is cooked the same throughout and then I guess it’s fried or roasted so that it’s crispy on the outside? Whatever they do to it, it’s delish! The way the menu describes it is: crispy skin chicken, baby carrots, cipollini onions, potato dumplings and herbed chicken veloute. It was very tasty although I was so full I only got a couple of bites down. I had to take the rest home to eat the next day!

Miht could have used a couple more "dumplings"...

Hubby ordered the short ribs. They were seriously so tender that you didn’t even need a knife. They felt like they melted in your mouth! Again, menu description: Short ribs, smoked gouda au gratin potatoes, baby carrots, gremolata, tupelo honey. The au gratin potatoes came in their own little cast iron container. The only complaint, which I feel is minimal, is that the potatoes could have been a little softer. They were a little too “al dente” for my taste although some people like them that way.

He was digging in before I could finish taking the picture. Can't blame him!

A close up of the short ribs and carrots. They even LOOK tender!

The plate presentation for both meals was wonderful and the taste was equally as wonderful. Hubby’s favorite dessert (other than a simple chocolate pudding) is bread pudding and #3 had told us to save room because it was on the menu but we were too too full so we asked her to order that to go. Only thing is that it comes with ice cream so we figured we better eat that before we left or we’d just have cold cream soup by the time we got home. It was praline bread pudding with caramel ice cream…all made there, from scratch. They have a wonderful pastry chef and the bread pudding (I tried a bite later after we got home but was still full) was superb. The caramel ice cream was heavenly with chopped pralines in the bottom…. Yum yum yum!

Bread pudding to go with caramel ice cream on the side...

I’m hoping we can make it tomorrow in time for the brunch menu. I wish I liked poached eggs because they have a fried green tomato Benedict that I bet would be really tasty. I just can’t get past runny yellows so I know I won’t be having any but hubby sure might. If you live in the area or are here visiting they are well worth the visit OTP (outside the perimeter) to try them out. You won’t be sorry. Go on now… I know you’re hungry after looking at those pictures.

They are open for brunch on Saturdays 11 – 3 and Sundays 9:30 – 3. Lunch Monday through Friday is 11 – 3 and dinner Monday through Thursday 5 – 9, Friday and Saturday 5 – 10 and Sunday 5 – 8. Closed daily 3 – 5. Again, they are located at 800 Whitlock Avenue, Suite 124, Marietta, GA 30064. Their website is http://www.chickandegg.com . And they are on FaceBook so be sure to “like” them! Oh… and their kid’s menu says it’s “for the peeps”…. How cute is that?


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14 Responses to Which Came First?

  1. Yor Ryeter says:

    I believe that the chicken came first; hen fell in love with a rooster, and hence the egg came after.

  2. It is 9.45 here and I’m hungry. Seeing your pictures and reading the descriptions of the food is the cause of the hunger pangs. What intrigued me was the carrots. A simple food but beautifully presented in original form. I might aim NOT to slice mine next time I serve them.

  3. Ron says:

    ” They made my tummy smile. They fry the tomatoes and top them with a thinly sliced ham, tomato jam and a pimento cheese sauce. The combination of flavors was exquisite. As hubby is wont to say “it’ll make your tongue slap your brain” good.”


    OMG…looking at your photos of this AMAZINGLY YUMMY food has my mouth watering! I adore hummus, therefore would have definitely ordered that!

    Love the name of the place! Very clever!

    Happy Sunday, dear friend!


  4. That was the most vulgar display of food porn I’ve ever seen. 😉

  5. terrepruitt says:

    Wow! Sounds absolutely GOURMET!!!!!

    I am sad you don’t like pita bread. I love warm fresh pita bread with ANYTHING. I don’t like grainy hummus either. I like it when it is smooth. Yum. I use it often on sandwiches in place of mayo!

    Those little breads look like gougeres. Were they really light and airy and just something you could eat and eat and eat? I had my first one this year and I fell in love. I was with a chef and she said they were very easy to make, but I don’t understand how anything that delicate and delicious could be EASY. I am not certain that what you had is the same, but maybe?

    I think that the cooking method you described is sous-vide and I am starting to hear of restaurants cooking that way. And I bet you can guess why, huh? I think they vacuum seal the meat in a plastic bag and boil it then take it out and finish its cooking in the preferred method. But the boiling in the vacumed sealed bag seals in the juices and the flavors . . . I think. I just heard of that recently too. Must be the latest things to reach the restaurant industry, huh?

    What I am most impressed about is — I am assuming — that it must be pretty affordable. I mean normally the type of food you described would be really expensive, so much so that I think you would have mentioned it and not necessarily planned to go back so soon. Is it reasonably priced?

    It sounds so fancy and gourmet with to me is: gourmet = expensive = special occasion. 🙂

    Oh, and I am sorry, I just glanced up and saw your reply to Ron. You are sick? I hope you are feeling better today (Monday).

    • pegbur7 says:

      Hey Terre! I think you misunderstood. It’s not that I don’t like pita bread… I just didn’t like it paired with the hummus. I think it needed something crunchier to go with it. I like pita for sandwiches and I love pita CHIPS (Stacey’s Naked or Cinnamon are to die for) just didn’t like it with the butterbean hummus. We had it again yesterday (yeah, we went even though we weren’t feeling well) and I put mor eo fhte tapenade on it this time and liked it a little better but would still like chips better.

      It is pricier than your average run of the mill casual dining spot like O’Charleys or Logans or something but it is NOT a run of the mill restaurant and is SO worth EVERY penny! And for lunch/brunch it is very affordable, especially considering what you get. In fact, last week we went for dinner (hubby and I) so of course it was dinner prices and with multiple appetizers and dessert it was less than $60. This time we went with our daughter and her husband for brunch and with all four it was only about $10 more than what we paid for just the 2 of us at dinner and had appetizers and dessert again. I consider that very reasonable!

      And I think we are just suffering mainly with allergies and the ensuing drainage from said allergies. It’s ragweed season and it’s kicking our butts! Thanks for the well wishes…

    • terrepruitt says:

      I did misunderstand. I thought you didn’t like pita bread. Yum!

      HOLY MOLY. ALL THAT FOOD FOR LESS THAN $60.00. WOW! It would be a lot more around here. That is VERY reasonable . . . especially for the yumminess that you are getting. It sounds so yummy.

      Oh, allergies are so icky. I too am suffering. I hope you feel better.

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