Low Key Relaxation

We really hadn’t planned a whole lot that we were going to do in Florida since we only had technically a day and a half together.  We knew what
restaurants we wanted to eat at so we kind of centered our time around meals.  I know, we’re pathetic.  The only kind of firm plans we had were that we wanted to eat at Giordano’s Pizzeria, Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant and we wanted to try to go to the 1st Season’s 52 which is in Orlando.  We have two in Atlanta and never go but every time we go to Orlando hubby wants to go to the 1st one there.

Hubby picked me up at the airport and we drove straight to the hotel and with traffic and everything, by the time we got there it was a little before 3.  The rooms for “club” travelers are on the 7th floor which they still had not finished cleaning so she asked us if we could possibly come
back after 4.  Since neither of us had eaten lunch and since we knew we weren’t going to get to go to Giordano’s on Sunday like we originally planned we decided to eat a late lunch early dinner and then we’d have leftovers for later.  The pizza was just as delicious as I remembered.  So were the fried mushrooms!  By the time we finished and got back to the hotel it was about 4:30 and they still weren’t finished with our room so she asked if we’d mind being switched to the ground floor.  Heck no!  Now we didn’t have to fight with getting that cart on an elevator!


The inside bar area

Our fried mushrooms

close up and personal with a mushroom

The pizza from the top

Had to laugh at this sign... instead of "in God we trust" it's UMMMM Good we crust! LOVE IT

Speaking of crust.... I'm not sure which is better... the top crust or bottom! Ummm I choose the side!

Since I couldn't even eat a whole slice it's a good thing we got it boxed and had a fridge in our room

She gave us a room tucked back in a corner where it was rather quiet and very accessible to the side parking lot so we could park right outside our window practically.  We went to the room and we decided to check the internet for “deals”.  Hubby had surprised me by redeeming his “Coke” rewards points again so we had free tickets to go to Sea World on Saturday.   Yep… FREE.  $82 tickets apiece were completely free.  All it cost us was the time for hubby to enter his bottle cap numbers on the website.  I have to give him props. He is tenacious and I no longer make fun of him picking up bottle caps in the parking lots.  Heck… now I beat him to them!  Down side is our daughter no longer saves the bottle caps for us because I think she has started her own little rewards program.  I’m so proud.  She’s thrifty like her mama (apparently her papa too)!

Now that we have gotten a “taste” of Cirque du Soleil, hubby told me that one of his bosses told him that if your join the “cirque club” that you can get discount tickets and emails with specials and he told us that if you go on the web site you can sometimes find deeply discounted seats for that nights performance.  I am so on that! I set up my “membership” and go check for La Nouba tickets, the permanent performance at Downtown Disney.  To my pleasant surprise they have tickets for the 9 pm show for $53.  I was ecstatic because they are normally over $100 apiece.  I follow the instructions and it shows me section 202 and section 206 so I choose section 202 because it was closer to the center and I put in my credit card information to buy the tickets and then I get the confirmation which tells me we have two tickets for 9 pm… SCORE….
Well… not exactly…. When the confirmation comes up it tells me we have two tickets… ONE in section 202 and ONE in section 206!  WTH?!?!?

Now I have to take ownership of the stupidity of that error.  But when I looked at the website I honestly thought it meant that I had a choice of two tickets starting at seat 1 for section 202 or two tickets starting at seat 19 for section 206.  I know….I know.  I didn’t realize they meant ONE seat (19) in 206 and the other seat (1) in section 202.  I know.  I’m a big dummy sometimes.  I should have maybe read the fine print.  But I really did think they were together.  I was quite upset when I found out that they weren’t together.  I immediately called their 800 “help” number and was told that they weren’t allowed to sell or change tickets after 6 pm. Are you kidding me?  I just bought the tickets like a minute ago after 6 pm.  She said there was nothing she could do to change them to two seats together.  So, I guess that’s why they were so cheap!  Because they were SINGLE seats!  I finally talked to his boss and then his boss and then her boss and finally the supervisor in charge told me there was nothing she could do.  I asked that since we couldn’t get discounted seats together was there a way she could refund my money?  DUH!  Why didn’t she think of that? Well, hey, that’s what I wanted and that’s what I got.  Of course they had already taken the money (in about 2 seconds flat) but couldn’t
refund it until after Monday.  HUH?  At least I will be getting it back.

Needless to say we did NOT do the Cirque du Soleil La Nouba.  I was a little disappointed but I didn’t fly all the way to Florida to be with my
husband so that I could sit separate from him! We decided since they had a nice little shopping center up the street we’d go to a movie and they had Contagion playing on the IMAX screen so we went to see that.  If you want to be grossed out and scared half out of your wits go see it.
If you REALLY want to be grossed out… go see it in IMAX.  Gwyneth Paltrow does a great job as do Matt Damon, Marion Cottilard and Kate Winslet.  It wasn’t a horror type movie scary.  It was an “Ok…, this could REALLY happen” kind of scary.  I thought it was a good movie but seeing people looking literally deathly ill on a 50 ft high screen (or however high it was) was a little much.

Afterwards we walked around the shopping center and bought some Florida wine that came from an orange grove which seemed kind of weird but tasted good. Then we drove back and had a drink (and appetizer) in the bar at the hotel before we headed back to our room.  Very low key and relaxing but that’s how we like our life. Low key and relaxing; it don’t get no better than that!


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6 Responses to Low Key Relaxation

  1. Katie says:

    Sounds like you’re having a good time. To bad about the Cirque tickets,but good that you’ll get a refund.

  2. Ron says:

    Oh wow…seeing that sign for Giordano’s made me remember living in Orlando. Great restaurant! LOVE their pizza!

    Sorry to hear about not getting to see La Nouba :(. But I would have felt the same way….”I didn’t fly all the way to Florida to be with my
    husband so that I could sit separate from him!”

    I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Contagion’ – what a GREAT cast!

    Have a great Sunday, my friend!


  3. Look at that crust! I’ve never had pizza like that, I think, but it looks delicious!

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