International Tourist

As most of you know I finally got to go to Florida last week for my much anticipated minivacay.  What most of you don’t know if that it ended
up being much more mini than we had originally anticipated.

Originally we were set to go down the first week of September but then because of Hurricane Irene it got postponed.  We thought it was going to be postponed until October but they ended up just putting it off a week (and a day because of Labor Day).  So instead of my flying down on Thursday and staying until Monday the plan was to fly down on Friday and stay until Tuesday.  So I changed my one way flight (which ended up costing more than the original ticket but oh well) and made our hotel reservations for Friday through Monday night.

Then I remembered that we had that wine show on Monday so we figured we’d get up Sunday and take our time and go to our favorite pizza place for lunch and then drive back to Atlanta. Well, we found out Friday morning that due to some unforeseen circumstances we had to be back in Atlanta by 4 p.m. on Sunday so we had a really mini vacation.  If hindsight were 20/20 I wouldn’t have even bothered to fly down but I’m glad I did because it was a good day and a half getaway!

I already told you about my flight with jerkface but now I need to tell you about the hotel.  Last year almost as soon as hubby got to the room to unpack he ended up cutting his leg on a nail sticking out of the bottom of the dresser.  It wasn’t that bad but we figured we should tell management so that they could take care of it and no one else would hurt themselves maybe worse.

Almost as soon as I got there and put my stuff in the room (this was last year) we decided to go down to the front desk to let them know.  They
insisted that we speak with the manager but he had already left for the day so they asked us to come back down the next morning.   We did but he took so long getting out there to talk to us that we had to leave to go to Universal Studios.  We told them we’d come back the next morning.

When we went back the next morning the manager again took a while to get over to see us and he left several times (I’m sure to talk with his boss) he came back and told us that he wanted hubby to see their EMT/paramedic.  We assured them that he didn’t need a paramedic since it had happened two nights previously and if we had waited that long to see someone had it been serious he would have bled out.  He insisted.  I guess for their own safety (legally) he wanted to make sure it wasn’t something we’d sue them for or something. They even took pictures of it.

The manager told us that since we had already paid for our hotel stay for that stay there was nothing he could do currently but that he would add points to our “reward” program for the trouble.  We insisted that was not why we had gone down to see him.  We just wanted to make sure no one else got hurt.  He insisted he give us enough points to cover “a few nights” stay for a future trip.  I gave him our name and address so he could find our account and honestly didn’t think about it again until I was making the reservations for the THIRD time for this year.

I went online to check our number of points after ascertaining that to redeem a night’s stay was anywhere between 9,000 and 28,000 points depending on which hotel you stayed.  When I got to our account page it showed our balance was only 500 points!  WTH???  I know we told him he didn’t have to give them to us but he insisted!  So I called the hotel and asked for the manager but of course he wasn’t there.  I spoke to the night clerk and he agreed to check and see if he could see any “notes” in the file so I gave him the dates of our last stay and he said “Oh, yeah, I see right here where it says he was going to give you 5,000 points for your trouble.”  Well, that’s all well and good BUT…. Even 5,000 points doesn’t even begin to pay for one night AND they weren’t on my account.

He put me on hold and came back and informed me that the manager couldn’t find my account so he set me up a new account.  Then he tells me that the manager said to tell me that since there must have been some sort of misunderstanding that in good faith he was willing to give us an additional 28,000 points.  Man, I thought I hit pay dirt!

I had to call their account representative to combine the two accounts and when I went back to make the reservations I realized that although nights started at 9,000 points their hotel started at 28,000 points which means he originally only gave us like a quarter of a night!  So, in essence, in good faith he ended up giving us ONE night free.  I don’t mean to seem ungrateful but WHOOPDIE FREAKING DO!  That hotel was in the “Celebration” area of Orlando which we really liked staying in but I found they had three other hotels in the Orlando area and the one on International Drive was only 9,000 points a night.  Hubby didn’t really want to stay on International because he thought it was too touristy” (well, what do you think we are?) but he acquiesced and we ended up getting our hotel room free!  YAY us!

Turns out it was a newer hotel, much nicer and cleaner so I guess that manager did us a favor by shortchanging us.  Plus since it was in a touristy area it was much closer to everything we wanted to do. More vacay in the next few days.


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12 Responses to International Tourist

  1. dianne7777 says:

    I came by from Ron’s to tell you how beautiful your sunset shot is
    what a panorama!

  2. Wow that was some story. The Manager of that hotel should be shot at dawn for shortchanging you.
    I popped in from Ron’s to say how much I liked your sunset picture. Really very nice.

  3. Ron says:

    ” but he acquiesced and we ended up getting our hotel room free! YAY us!”


    So glad it all worked out, Peg!

    Have a FAB Friday, my friend!


  4. linda says:

    i came over to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and also to say how beautiful is your photo!! then was treated to this story…. “if we had waited that long to see someone had it been serious he would have bled out.” — and so true!!! but so funny too albeit not laughing at your pain and suffering or rather hub’s… sometimes the gift horse is not what it might seem sadly enough…. i hate florida but glad you did manage to have a good time! 🙂

    welcome and please visit again!

  5. Mel says:

    *laughing* Sheeeeeeeeesh what a fiasco from a supposedly ‘no, we insist’ deal that you didn’t insist on in the first place!

    Ohhhh…but it gives me an idea on how to get a free night in a hotel!
    k…..I won’t….LOL But!!

    *hanging head* Geeze, I come to tell you what an awesome sunset you were gifted with and I leave with schemes on how to get a free night at a hotel. I oughta be ashamed……..

    But it IS an amazing photo! Holy cow is it beautiful…….

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks so much. It was at my daughter’s best friend’s wedding in the N GA Mtns. It was supposed to be an outdoor wedding and about the time she got to the altar a monsoon ensued and this was the aftermath. I felt fortunate to witness such beauty!

  6. Fred Miller says:

    Guy seems to forget he’s in the people-pleasing business. It’s common knowledge that you get far more referrals from people who have had a problem corrected than from people who have no problems. But he blew that one. He should be sent to a few seminars.

    • pegbur7 says:

      True because he has now lost our business. Because of his deviousness we will now be staying at the one on International Drive. If he’d been decent we’d have never looked elsewhere!

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