I’ve been following a “discussion” on FaceBook and felt like I had to stick my two cents worth in which by today’s standards doesn’t amount to much of anything but here goes anyway!  If I offend you by this I apologize in advance but this just stuck in my craw and I need to get on my soapbox for a  minute.

The “offensive” action was that apparently someone was offended by a FaceBook “game” that is going around in which people are “vaguebooking”.  Now yall know how I feel about vaguebooking but in this case it’s for a good cause.  It seems that every year someone on FaceBook comes up with some “unique” game to play in which you post something that is meant to seem like you posting about something you’re not just to get people to ask you what you are talking about.  I know that made no sense but let me explain.

Over the years I have seen people posting things like “I like mine big and in the bed room” (I’m not sure if I’ve got the exact specifics) which was supposed to refer to what size purse you like and where you keep your purse.  One time you were supposed to post your shoe size with “inches” afterwards (and something else but I can’t remember).  Another time you were supposed to post your bra color and another time your panty color.  This time there was an actual chart that you used by the month you were born which you were supposed to post with “weeks” behind it and then each day 1 – 31 had some weird food combination which you were supposed to post after craving (like 3 weeks and craving pickles) so that you ended up looking like you were pregnant and having weird food cravings.

The point of each of these was to get people talking because it was all for Breast Cancer Awareness.  I think mainly because most of them were  sexually suggestive or shocking that mostly men but sometimes other people would comment on your post and then you would message them  privately and tell them that it was for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Just another way to spread the word and get people talking.  Any time you get people talking it’s a good thing.

Apparently a LOT of people were duped by this one into thinking people who posted this were really pregnant and I guess they got pissed off when they found out they had been duped because today I saw several postings of how people were sick and tired of their news feeds getting clogged up by people “pretending” they were pregnant.  Some of the discussions got quite nasty with each side accusing the other of being stupid or asinine and that it was a foolish way to draw people’s attention to Breast Cancer.

Well, I have to voice my opinion now… IN MY MOST HUMBLE OPINION, (and I realize opinions are like assholes; everybody has got one) ANYTHING THAT BRINGS ATTENTION AND FOCUS TO BREAST CANCER OR ANY OTHER KIND OF CANCER IS NOT STUPID.  Okay, with that said… it is true that maybe posting anything on FaceBook is not going to “cure” breast cancer as one person so succinctly pointed out.  NO…it  won’t, BUT, it might get people talking which in turn might get people donating to breast cancer research which in turn might lead to betterr research which in turn might lead to a cure “someday”.  How is that a BAD thing?

Please, I implore you, if you think playing a game like that is stupid, ask my 28 year old niece who has been battling breast cancer for over 4 years and is steadily losing her battle if she thinks ANYTHING that brings attention to breast cancer is a bad thing?  Please, ask her for 3 children who very soon will most likely lose their mother to breast cancer if they think anything that brings attention and awareness to breast cancer is stupid?  Please, ask her husband, who is most likely very soon going to be a widower if he thinks it’s stupid to pretend to be pregnant IF it gets the word out that we need to find a cure for breast cancer?  It is too late for him for a cure to be found to save his wife and the mother of his children but I can guarantee you that if he thought standing on a corner in a pregnant belly would help, he would do it in a heartbeat!  He would do whatever he  could to bring attention and awareness to people.

And for those of you who railed against those who were posting that (I did not post it so I’m not personally offended by it) by doing so they weren’t “helping” and they should get out there and run a 5K or something, let me tell you, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that makes people more aware whether it be something tiny or HUGE is worthwhile.  Just because I personally raised a good bit of money a couple of years ago and walked 60 miles in three days doesn’t mean I am any better than the person who posted that because in their own way they DID help.   Just the fact that you were all vehemently discussing how stupid it was proved that it wasn’t. Thank you because you proved them right!  There were 20 or more responses to that posting complaining about people posting.  That’s 20 or more people who are thinking more about breast cancer right now than they were yesterday.  And for all those hundreds of people who did post your fake pregnancies …“good on you” as they say!  I, for one, am proud of you.  I might have posted it myself  had it not been for the fact that I am past child bearing age and it would just look ridiculous if I posted something like that.

And for those of you who don’t like that people are posting those things?  There’s something called an IGNORE button.  Or if you are really that  pissed off you can always block or defriend someone who pisses you off.  I’m sure there will be a few who do that to me after this if you’ve read this far.  I’d rather lose a FaceBook “friend” over raising cancer awareness than lose a REAL friend to any kind of cancer.  If making you or anyone else more aware of cancer is a crime, arrest me!  Or just defriend me.  I really don’t care to have small minded people clog my page.  It’s not like it’s actually hurting you. It might be a minor inconvenience to you to have it clog your page but ask people with cancer how convenient that is!

OK… I’ll get off my soapbox now.


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10 Responses to FAKEbooking

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Well, I don’t think when the message goes around it always states that it is for breast cancer. The first one I received didn’t say that it was for Breast Cancer.

    I was sad that the “game” included candy. Why not include vegetables, ya know, things that actually have been proven to/or even thought to actually help with breast cancer. That could have really gotten some QUALITY conversations going.

    I would bet that no one would argue that bringing awareness to a cause is bad, but maybe this one was hurtful to some people. Babies are exciting or can cause a lot of emotions so people might have read a misleading status and had certain reactions and then felt crushed or something when they found out it wasn’t true. Imagine if you would have seen that post for one of your daughters? Wouldn’t you have been crushed to learn it was just a joke? You might not have reacted poorly, but I am sure your heart would have hurt.

    So of course it is not the attention to breast cancer that is the problem it is the way that it was done that could actually have hurt some people. And unfortunately when people get hurt they don’t always act very nice. — Just a thought. —

    • pegbur7 says:

      No it didn’t say it was breast cancer and that was the whole point… to get people to ask questions and talk about it. I just think if you’re drawing attention to it that it can’t be a bad thing.

      • terrepruitt says:

        Yes, I know the POST doesn’t say it is for breast cancer, but the message in my FB messages I received telling me what to do didn’t say it was for breast canger.

        I think that attention to things is good, but not all attention is good, but that is just my opinon. I am not one that believes all/any attention is good. I’d rather be ignored than slapped.

        And I think this particular “awareness campaign” might have hit some sore spots.

  2. SuziCate says:

    I missed all that hoopla! I did get the inbox message to participate. I don’t do all those vaguebook things, but I don’t care if others do it. We both know that cancer is horrid. Truly wish for a cure to be found, and all would have access regardless of finances or insurance.

    • pegbur7 says:

      The hoopla was before the inbox message we got. I had written this post a couple of days before I got the latest request. I’ll tell you about it later. Love you!

  3. Ron says:

    “ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that makes people more aware whether it be something tiny or HUGE is worthwhile.”

    AMEN! You said it, Peg!

    People can NEVER be too aware and informed about cancer.

    This is one of reason why I may be deleting my FB account. Honestly, I’m barely on it, but the stuff I keep hearing from those who do use it as means to communicate, it’s a lot drama.

    Thanks for posting this, dear friend!

    You GO, girl!

    Have a great weekend…….X

    • pegbur7 says:

      You’re right it is full of drama. I sometimes have to sit on my hands to keep from getting dragged in the hoopla but I enjoy being able to keep up with people so I stay on there!

  4. ok- Here’s the issue. I posted “what?” on many of my friends’ fake pregnancy and NO ONE told me it was about Breast cancer. So the stupid part is that people were playing along with the funny trick, but not spreading the word as to what it is about.

    Secondly- and this is going to sound harsh and cynical, but is not intended to be rude- everyone knows about breast cancer. It’s constantly being talked about, pink ribbons sold for, etc etc. Yes- it is is horrid. I had someone I love dearly go through it, and I fear it for myself. A little blurp on fakebook is just for fun, and is not educating anyone about anything.

    I used to do speeches on childhood cancers. I did the MARCH in Washington DC a couple of years in a row. I attended fairs, bake sales, etc- and ran a booth for my non-profit- all in the name of childhood cancer. Issue? everyone else there was in the name of childhood cancer. No one gives a crap until it happens to them or a loved one. September is childhood cancer awareness month. People should be wearing gold ribbons. I should be wearing a gold ribbon. but I’ll bet you there are pink ribbons everywhere for next month’s breast cancer awareness month. Why? Susan Koemann foundation is a genius. breast cancer is one disease. men and women get it. Children’s cancer takes many forms.

    Off my soapbox- and didn’t intend to go all basketcase on you. sorry. But I’m still pushing “comment”
    said with love and respect……….

    • pegbur7 says:

      No offense taken. That’s the beauty of blogging and facebook and life. We are all entitled to our opinions and I respect that. It’s when people don’t respect people’s right to an opinion that gets me all riled up I guess?

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