Dog Days

The sun is hot and high in the sky and so am I (HOT not high)...

Today’s post is brought to you by the dog days of Summer. And let me tell you they are HOT ones. How hot is it? Let’s just say that the other day I saw a tree standing on the street corner with a sign that said “Will work for shade”.  And instead of those “Keep off the Grass”  signs you see?  Now they say “Please sweat on the grass, it needs the water.”

Our poor pitiful dry and brown grass with an equally dry and brown leaf

Whoever renamed our great city Hotlanta sure knew what they were talking about. Yesterday we had to drive to Gwinnett County (north end of tlanta) and when we were getting off at our exit I happened to glance down at my instrument panel and realized it was 102 degrees outside. 102 people! That is definitely hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

No egg but maybe hot enough to fry a puppy?

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture because I was driving and have promised to quit freaking my sister out by taking pictures while I drive. And I didn’t get to try to fry an egg either because I didn’t have one with me and what with me driving and all I think I’d have made quite a mess. But trust me, it WAS 102. We had to stop and get gas and I was tempted to leave the car running while hubby pumped the gas so I’d have the AC and not have to sweat to death in the few minutes it took to pump the gas. Since my body thermostat doesn’t work correctly and I don’t really sweat I just felt like my blood was boiling in my face. Opening all the windows did no good because there wasn’t even the slightest of breezes blowing.

So hot and dry the pine needles are turning brown on the trees but not enough breeze to blow them off.

Last week when we had Hurricane Irene assault the whole east coast we got nothing. Well, we got a few warm breezes (not even cool ones people!) that felt like someone opened a furnace and a few bursts of hot air blew through. No rain AT ALL. Not even a drop. Which may have been just as weel because everything is so dry it would have probably evaporated before it could even hit the freaking ground.

The leaves are turning already and falling off the trees.

This is supposed to be a photo montage but I had to complain a little about the heat first. It is SO hot (how hot IS it?) that the leaves are already falling off the trees and most of them are brown and shriveled up when they fall off. The pine needles cover the ground in a brown shroud. Our grass (even the monkey grass) is turning brown and crunches when you walk on it.

My poor yard looks like a barren wasteland.

Our nice little plants that we had at the beginning of the summer? All brown and crispy and shriveled up. The spices? I think they are supposed to be crunchy when they are “dried” but they aren’t supposed to be dried and crunchy while they are still in the pots.

This is supposed to be either parseley or oregano. I can't even tell anymore!

This used to be it looks like cat tobacco.

The pets? They don’t even want to go outside for long. The cats usually come in to eat and head right back out. Except LaLa who usually will knock you down to come in and use the bathroom (even when she has the largest kitty box in the world outside) and then runs back out is staying inside almost exclusively. The puppy goes out and barely makes it off the patio before he wants to lay down. They all look at me like “Now what are we doing out here again?”

It's so hot Poe is panting in the shade.

Hellboy trying to decide whether or not he wants to "go to the light".

This post (but not the heat…can’t blame her for that part) was brought to you by Sprite’s Keeper and The Spin Cycle. If you’d like to participate take your pics and bring them on over…just don’t bring the heat with you.

photo montage


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14 Responses to Dog Days

  1. SuziCate says:

    Thank you for not taking a picture while you drive!

  2. Ron says:

    “Let’s just say that the other day I saw a tree standing on the street corner with a sign that said “Will work for shade”.


    It’s funny, because I don’t most people realize that the south (Georgia, Florida, ect.) can be VERY hot in September. Sometimes in Florida it’s one of the HOTTEST months of the year.

    We got a break from the summer heat last week (it was gorgeous). However, this weekend it’s back to HOT – UGH! God, I can’t wait to feel that nice fall chill in the air.

    Great photos! Love the ones of the animals.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday, dear friend!

    Stay cool.


  3. Angelia Sims says:

    We finally had a break. Only 99 yesterday and Monday is supposed to be even better. Yay! I know it will still be hot til end of Oct, but thank goodness not 107 anymore.

    That grand puppy is sooooo cute!!

  4. terrepruitt says:

    I don’t like the heat. Cute little post. I am sorry it is so hot for you, but you post was a “breath of fresh air.” 🙂

    • pegbur7 says:

      Of course the day I post this it cools down considerably and has been raining pretty much non stop for a day and a half! I guess Mother Nature is showing me! LOL

  5. Ack, I can feel the heat just by reading this! Hopefully, your chiweenie wasn’t fully cooked, he’s too cute to to fry up! You’re linked!

  6. MamaBadger says:

    This is why I don’t go South until October. Just when the crappy cold rain hits the NE, you guys have beautiful weather.

    Those poor plants and animals, though. Yuck.

    • pegbur7 says:

      The day I posted this? That afternoon it started raining and hasn’t stopped since! What’s that saying? Be careful what you wish for you just might get it!

  7. Shelby says:

    Oh my gosh, it’s so hot here too! We luckily had a mild summer, but it’s September, people! What’s with the 100+? I deliberately skipped getting gas yesterday because I didn’t think I would survive in the heat. The result being that it’s only slightly cooler today and I had to really wonder if I was going to run out of gas on my way to the station. Oh, our lawn looks like yours too. Stay cool!

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