Call Me Jack

I always tell on hubby when he does something less than stellar so he told me I have to tell on myself now.  I happen to think what I did was rather ingenious.  He begs to differ.

First I have to give the back story which concerns our cookware.  Being a family that likes to cook, we like to use stainless steel pots and pans.  Many years ago (probably at least 20 or more) we invested in what was to us a very expensive set of cookware.  It was called Flavorite or Flavortite by Regalware.  They have these little pressure cooker type seal thingys on the lids where you can open them to let steam escape or close them to seal in the flavors, juices, etc.  I loved these pots and pans and we put them to very good use over the years.  We had the whole kit and caboodle from the sauce pans and pots to the electric skillet with its 3 ply thermal core.  Heck, we even had their manual food processor with all its little gadgets including a meat grinder.

The seal "thingy" on my Regalware

This set has lasted us for years but a few years back we noticed that they were starting to look old and outdated so we decided to “replace” this set with the new stainless steel cookware set that Tupperware came out with.  Yes, if you haven’t checked out Tupperware in a few years they now sell cookware and it’s nice.  I love my Tupperware pots and pans.  They have glass lids not the stainless steel that our Regalware has.  I do still have my Regalware and we use it regularly.

One of my stainless steel Tupperware pans

You know how you get used to using certain large pots or pans for certain dishes?  Well, that’s how I am with my Regalware.  I use their frying pan over the Tupperware one and the pot I use to make my iced tea and the medium saucepan I always use to make rice.  I have “perfected” cooking rice in that saucepan.  I know exactly how to use it to make the rice come out perfect (to me) and I like that the little steam vent allows me to lock out in all the moisture for perfect fluffy rice.

My "perfect" fluffy rice

We used to practically subsist on rice.  We had rice or pasta for pretty much every meal.  The last few years rice has not set well with me.  I pretty much throw up every time I eat it so we have drastically cut down on our rice intake and I had not made it in several years.  Hubby has made it but he uses an entirely different pan than I do.

The other day I made chicken marsala with broccoli and rice.  It has apparently been so long since I made rice that I didn’t realize that the little sealy thingy on the lid was missing.  I already had everything going and it was too far to turn back when I realized it was gone.  Instead of the little sealy thing in the middle of the top there was a gaping hole.  I remember from when the pot I use for tea had a hole in it that we would use w small glass bowl to cover the hole but then it would get too hot and I’d eventually either drop the bowl and break it on the floor or I’d get the bowl off but when I’d try to remove the actual lid I’d end up burning myself.  I should have realized when the top miraculously had one of those little sealy things again that hubby must have taken it from somewhere!  DUH!

My chicken marsala

Anyway, I sitting here trying to figure out how I’m going to make the top work when it had a big gaping hole in it and I definitely didn’t want to burn myself so I quickly looked around the kitchen to see what I could find.  This is what I came up with:

My finagled "thingy"...Necessity IS the mother of invention!

I thought it was brilliant!  I took a wine cork and cut it in two (halfway down the length) and then took one of those halves and cut it down the middle width wise and crammed it all in the hole until I filled it up!  Voila!  I now had something to hold the top without burning myself and covered the hole and my rice turned out fine!  When hubby came home and saw my finagled top sitting on the counter I thought he was going to literally fall in the floor laughing.  I was almost insulted because I thought I was a freakin’ genius to come up with that.

Step 1

Hubby looked at me and said “Why didn’t you just take the top off the one we use for tea and put it on this one?”  Well, if I’d KNOWN that was where it came from it might have entered my feeble little brain but it didn’t.  Then he says… “Don’t you know it probably took you longer to figure that out than it would have to cram those corks in there?  How long did that take you?”  I just looked at him calmly and said “It was done before the rice even started boiling!”  Of course I didn’t mention at that point that I didn’t START cooking the rice until I had the top fixed!  Just call me Jack (of all trades).

TADA!! The finished product!


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12 Responses to Call Me Jack

  1. Ron says:

    “I thought it was brilliant! I took a wine cork and cut it in two (halfway down the length) and then took one of those halves and cut it down the middle width wise and crammed it all in the hole until I filled it up! Voila! ”

    BRA-VA, Peg!


    And btw, that chicken marsala looks BEYOND delicious! I could taste it from here!

    Have a great Friday and holiday weekend, dear friend!


    P.S. omg, can you believe the summer is over?!?!

  2. SuziCate says:

    I wonder if the ability to jimmyrig things is an inherited trait? Of course from one to another, I think we’re brilliant!

  3. terrepruitt says:

    Tupperware has cookware? Wow. I have not looked at Tupperware in a long time. I love when companies do stuff that enables them to keep on being a good company. I mean how long has tupperware been around? Forever, right. Good for them.

    I wonder why rice makes you throw up. Have you tried brown rice? I am really curious about the rice.

    My hubby does not like light and fluffy rice. Really when I first met him I would cook it that way and he didn’t like it. He likes “sticky rice”. So we use a rice cooker.

    I think you are hilarious. I think it is cute that you thought to fix what was broken instead of find a different lid to use on the pan.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, Tupperware cookware is amazing. I LOVE it. It’s a little pricey but what cookware isn’t?

      I didn’t bother to find another lid because I know I don’t have another one that size that would make it “airtight” so I had to finagle!

      • terrepruitt says:

        I believe that if one likes to cook they should splurge on good cookware. My philosophy is: a great set of knives, cookware, and sheet will last you a really long time and give you so much in return!

        I think using corks was pretty ingenious. Really funny too!

      • pegbur7 says:

        I thought I was being crafty so I don’t care if he laughed.

        And yes, we do splurge on cookware and kitchen gadgets because we spend a lot of time in there!

      • terrepruitt says:

        I used to watch cooking shows and wonder how they did what they did. I splurged on a really nice knife and I understood. While I cannot cut, shop, nor slice, like a pro, my good knives do save me a lot of time. So knowing how much your hubby likes to cook he deserves the good stuff!

      • pegbur7 says:

        Yes, he does and far be it from me to get in his way while he’s cooking.

  4. NikNik says:

    I cant believe you did all that when you hadn’t even started cooking the rice yet!!! I would have just used a different pan!

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