Goodbye Irene

Goodnight Irene!  Leave already.  Even though we were not in the direct path of Hurricane Irene and didn’t get any rain and only a little bit of windy weather I am ready for her to be gone.

I feel sorry for my friends and family that live in Virginia.  First part of the week they are hit by an earthquake and now they are in the midst of a hurricane.  What is with all the freaky weather in Virginia?  Is Mother Nature pissed at her for some reason?

I was very surprised when my mom called me the other day and said “We just had an earthquake”.  I thought at first she was kidding, then I thought she was maybe confused and so I turned on the television and then starting getting phone calls and updates on Facebook so it was just strange to me that I lived there until I was 18 and had never heard of there being an earthquake in Virginia or there being any “faults” there  (apparently they ARE on a fault and have had serious earthquakes a long time ago).  My brother jokingly told me yesterday “I thought the only fault Virginia had was that we were born there!”  He’s such a jokester.  And of course they have had several aftershocks, some pretty strong.

Then of course we have Irene churning her way up the East Coast.  I feel bad that #1 and her husband are in New York City celebrating their third anniversary.  They’ve had this planned for a while and probably spent close to $2,000 to pretty much sit in their hotel room for a few days.

They had all these cool plans for her very first visit to New York.  Tickets to a taping of Jimmy Fallon, Cirque de Soliel, Braves vs. Mets tickets, tickets for the Dave Matthews festival that was scheduled this weekend (it has another name but I can’t think of it).  They did get to go to the first day of the festival and everything else has been cancelled or postponed.  She said they tried to go to like three different museums this morning and they were all closed.  Mass transit has been shut down.  Airports closed.

Their hotel room is on the 36th floor.  I heard today on The Weather Channel that anything above the 20th floor adds like an extra ‘category’ to the wind factor so if it’s a category 1 hurricane it will feel as though it’s a category 2.  No bueno.  They also said the risk of the winds blowing out windows was greater the higher the floor.  They also have some sort of wind tunnel effect with all those skyscrapers so close together and they higher the building the worse the effect.  Not to mention if the power goes out they have 36 floors to walk down.

They did get to walk to Central Park and walked around for a while but then it started raining so they walked back to their hotel.  Then they did find a 7 Eleven and bought a few supplies including a flash light (and some food and beer…let’s not forget the necessities) in case the power goes out.  The store was out of bread but they were able to find a few things they could eat if necessary.  They were able to find an open restaurant to hang out in for a while.

I feel worse for this couple I never met that my daughter told me about. They are at the same hotel visiting from Chicago but they didn’t have reservations for tonight (Saturday) because they were supposed to fly out today but their flight got cancelled.  They tried to extend their stay with the hotel but with people being evacuated and moving inland they have no rooms available.  The last she heard they were going to try to find a car rental agency within walking distance to rent a car and drive back to Chicago.  Hopefully all will be safe.

Hubby was supposed to leave tomorrow to drive to Orlando for his yearly conference for work.  They always have their conference from Monday through Thursday afternoon and I always fly down on Thursday evening and we check into another hotel and stay through Sunday.  Yesterday they
cancelled the conference. Not because of weather in Florida but because they have managers coming from all along the East Coast.  Now I know it’s not their fault because they don’t control the weather and they are, with all due respect, just concerned about their managers being with their families but they sure threw a monkey wrench in our plans.

I already had my flight scheduled which I got on one of those super saver deals for like $69 plus tax etc.  The cost to change my reservation is $75 plus whatever the difference in the price is so it’s costing more to change the plane ticket than it cost originally! Hopefully they can reschedule the conference for maybe October and hopefully there won’t be another hurricane bearing down on them or the rest of the country.  Things could be a lot worse but I’m whining because  I’m just disappointed I’m not going get to go spend a few days in sunny Florida with my hubby next week. I know… suck it up.


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5 Responses to Goodbye Irene

  1. Ron says:

    OMG, I had no idea your daughter was in NYC?!?

    So glad to hear they were okay because I kept hearing the Manhattan was going to get hit hard.

    We got a lot of rain and wind here, but it was pretty much over by about 1 a.m. and we didn’t lose power, thank god!

    And yup, my apartment is ABOVE the 20th floor, so I really felt the wind!

    I was on the phone with my family until late last night, and they said that all they got was rain and wind, but nothing huge. I think they were expecting much more. Yes, hopefully they can reschedule your hubby’s conference for October, which is actually one of the best times to go to Florida. The weather flawless.

    Have a great Sunday, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes Ron, they are there celebrating their anniversary and haven’t gotten to do much of anything….except sit in their room as drink! So I guess it’s not ALL bad! LOL

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes Ron, they are there celebrating their 3rd anniversary. They haven’t been able to do much except sit in their room…. and drink! So. I guess it could be worse! LOL

  2. NikNik says:

    At least it wasn’t as bad as it could have been! We still got to see a lot- even if most of the stores were closed!

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