Positive Thoughts and Prayers Please

I am apologizing in advance for my post today.  If you are looking for the happy bright sunshiny me you can quite reading now.  I am typing with a very heavy heart.

I just found out that one of my very best friends in the world’s grandchild has been diagnosed with cancer in his kidney.  He’s three years old. THREE YEARS OLD!  I am beyond shocked.  How do you even prepare yourself as a parent of a toddler for something like that?

What he has is called Wilm’s Tumor Syndrome and is also called nephroblastoma.  It is malignant and is already about 9 cm and is wrapped around his kidney.  They plan to do surgery Tuesday and then he will undergo 6 months of radiation therapy.

According to the research I have done today it most commonly appears around age 3 although it can occur between the ages of 6 month to 20 years.  His mother thought he had appendicitis.  They were going to the hospital worried he was going to have to have an appendectomy.  If only it had been that simple.  Apparently he was feeling considerable pain because the tumor is pressing on his liver.  The journal I read said that most times parents will find the tumor while bathing their child and they will feel the round hardened mass in their abdomen.

I also found in my research that Wilm’s Tumor is caused because the primitive cells in an unborn baby that form into other specialized cells fail to mature and they remain in their original primitive form and after birth these abnormal cells multiply and become malignant.  They are also capable of metastasizing other internal organs most commonly the lungs and brain.  Hopefully they have caught his soon enough that everything will be okay.

I can’t really even think to write about anything else right now so I just ask that you please keep my friend and her daughter and her grandson in your prayers and send good thoughts and positive energy their way.  Cancer SUCKS!
It sucks even worse when there is a small child involved.


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13 Responses to Positive Thoughts and Prayers Please

  1. Oh this is awful. Children should not get sick, it should be law! :(. I am sending my thoughts across the water and I will ask my Angel to pay a silent visit. Xxx

  2. Lord, I lift up this child and their family to You. As we walk outside let us see Your Pennies on the ground, as each penny says, In God we trust. Let this be a reminder that we need to trust in you, and know that all is going to be alright. Know that we need signs and miracles in this life we live to better our testimony for You Lord, I ask that all healing be given to this entire circle. AMEN

  3. Angelia Sims says:

    I’m so sorry Peg. Saying a prayer for that precious babe. It just makes me heartsick. 😦

  4. Oh, this breaks my heart! Sending positive prayers and thoughts, please keep us updated!

  5. Ron says:

    Oh, Peg, my heart just breaks reading this.

    I keep hearing more and more stories about younger and younger people getting cancer.

    Please know that I will be sharing MUCH Reiki and love with your friend’s family and grandchild.

    (((((( family and grandchild ))))))

    X ya, dear friend

  6. Stephanie Hall says:

    Hard to believe it’s my nephew you’re talking about. We love our little man and he’ll get through this. That was very sweet Peggy. Love you

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