Walk the Dog

The last couple of morning hubby and I have been getting up early to go for a walk before it gets hot (okay…TOO hot).  We took Chorizo with us so her could get some exercise since lately he’s had so much pent up energy that he acts like a devil dog.  He chases the cats around and barks at them and at night when we take him out for a potty break he runs around like a crazy dog jumping up and down and running to the end of his leash.

The front of our neighborhood on our walk

Of course while we are walking there is no leaf, or rock, or bug, or blade of grass that gets left unturned or at least unsniffed.  Every car that goes by he tries to “meet” the occupants.  Every time he hears another dog bark he cocks that head to the side and starts pulling toward the sound.

Chorizo on the left and hubby in the background.

Yesterday while we were walking by one neighbor’s house they were outside clipping their hedges or watering something…not sure.  I was too preoccupied with the massive probably 150 Rottweiler (or maybe it was a Mastiff) in their yard, unchained and unleashed.  He was MASSIVE.  Thankfully he was well trained.  He was barking like crazy at us but the owner told him not to move and he didn’t.  Well, he may have taken a few steps in our general direction but he didn’t leave his yard.  Of course Chorizo, all maybe 5 pounds of him, acted like he weighed 500 pounds.  You should have seen him strut like he owned the whole street!  I don’t think he realized that dog could have swallowed him whole!

Today we hadn’t gotten very far when he encountered a black fuzzy caterpillar.  I hate to admit that Mr. Caterpillar became Chorizo’s breakfast but not without quite a bit of effort.  I think it must have gotten stuck in his throat because he kept coughing and acting like he was going to throw up but he’d already gulped him down so there wasn’t much I could do about it. I’m hoping he remembers so that the next time he sees one he won’t go dining al fresco on caterpillar again.

Then when we got a little futher Chorizo was doing his little swagger walk (the one where he acts like he weighs 200 pounds and is the biggest baddest dog on the planet) and a neighbor was out in his yard and said “Man, he really thinks he’s a BIG BAD dog doesn’t he?”  Then he added “What kind is it?”  I told him that he was a Chiweenie and he said “A Chi-WHAT?”  So I explained that he was a chihuahua mixed with a dachshund and he said he’d never heard of that before and I told him we hadn’t either until we got him.  He chuckled and shook his head and went around the corner of his house.

Chorizo continued to swagger down the street.  I’m just glad he wasn’t all blinged out.  He really thought he was something else and he made a point to sniff out almost every inch of sidewalk and yard as far as his leash would take him.

Remember how I’ve said in the past how Suki, our wayward cat, keeps disappearing for weeks and sometimes more than a month at a time?  Well, on our way home we decided to walk through the cul de sac at the beginning of the neighborhood (across the main road) and I was walking behind hubby with Chorizo on the leash when I happened to look at the front porch of the first house in the cul de sac.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  There sat Suki, right on their welcome mat, like she owned the place.  I yelled “Suki!” and she came running right up to me!  We haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks.  Of course then Chorizo tried to chase her so I had to give his leash to hubby to pull him away and then she came right up to me and sure enough it was her.  She has some very distinctive markings.

As I picked her up the woman who lived there came out carrying her camera (in her pajamas) and said “Oh, is this your cat?”  I told her that indeed it was but that she had been gone for a few weeks and that she had a habit of disappearing for weeks at a time.  She said that she had just been on her way back out to take pictures of her to post flyers (hubby thinks they have just been keeping her) to see if anyone had lost a cat.  I told her that she had been neutered and that even though she is supposedly a domestic cat that there really is nothing “domestic” about her.

Then her two kids come outside.  They looked to be maybe 6 and 8 so I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t at school because school has been back in session for at least two weeks.  I know there was another couple living there in the spring with a little baby so it’s a different family so maybe they weren’t aware that school had started yet?  Although they did have Douglas County tags on the car so they must have lived here for at least long enough to get the tags…

The kids starting asking her why I was holding the cat and she explained to them that she had told them that the owners might come for her.  They (the kids) had already named her “Shy” so I wonder how long she’s been hanging around their house? Then the husband comes out and says something about her hanging out in the sewer across the road (after I had just told him her name was Suki – short for Sewer Kitty because we found her in the sewer).  Hubby thinks he made that part up…. I don’t know what to believe.  I’m just glad to have her back.

I carried her back home and I know when I got close to the main road she started pushing against me and trying to get away so I don’t know whether she got clipped by a car crossing the highway the first time when she ran over there or if the sound of the traffic just scared her.  All I know is I had to hold her really tight while I was crossing the road and she didn’t like it at all.

But it’s all good.  Suki is home and I guess I need to find some kind of collar with a name tag that she can’t get off because thus far, every collar we have gotten her, she has somehow gotten off.  She hasn’t gone outside since we got home this morning.  In fact, she hasn’t really left the kitchen!  She has pretty much stayed under the stove or pretty close to hubby and I.  So maybe we have partially solved the mystery of where she goes when she disappears for weeks at a time.  All I know is once we got home she said “Thanks for saving me from the sticky clutches of those kids!”

Suki baby


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14 Responses to Walk the Dog

  1. SuziCate says:

    I know it did your heart good to find Suki safe! Glad they took good care of her. And perhaps the lady homeschools her kids.

  2. Katie says:

    I was thinking homeschool too. Maybe Suki adopts a family everytime she leaves for long times. Maybe she will stick around for a while this time.

  3. Wow, usually when I walk the dogs, they sniff, poop, and want to go home. You have a lot more adventures!

  4. Ron says:

    OMG, Peg…I’m soooooooooooooo happy to hear you found Suki!!!

    And I bet she’s beyond happy to be back home!

    What a little sweety she is!

    (((( Suki )))))

    Have a fabulous Friday, dear friend!


  5. Lisa says:

    So happy you found her, but sad she took off again. Evidently she has a wandering spirit. Maybe she’s back at that house again. Then what will you do?

  6. terrepruitt says:

    Good for you for getting up early and trying to help the pup with his energy! I bet it helps you too when he has gotten some of it out! 🙂

    I think that no matter how long someone has had a “stray” (to them) cat visiting with them it is sad to see them go. Cats are special so when one sees fit to visit with you its a nice thing.

    I think some cats are “polyfamily”. They like to reep the benefits of multi families. I often hear stories of cats that visit multiple houses and get fed.

    At least you kind of have an idea of where she might have gone too.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I’ve often told hubby I thought she had several families and just made her rounds! And you’d be proud… we took him for a long walk this morning and then again this evening after the sun went down.

      • terrepruitt says:

        Yeah, I think a lot of indoor/outdoor cats do that. I bet they think, “Hmmm . . . tonight I feel like fish and it is fish night at the corner house. Or maybe I want meatloaf and I know it is meatloaf night at that house with the kids. Hmmmm . . . decisions, decisions . . . . ”

        I bet the puppy was happy. Did it make a dent in his energy level?

      • pegbur7 says:

        For a ery short while!

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